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Pen Your Pride

My life--- or should I say 'our lives'--- couldn't have gotten any worse, particularly Harry's life. The Gryffindors we're all mad---ah wait, FURIOUS--- at him because they just lost 150 points. The Ravenclaws were annoyed at me but not really 'that' furious, like the Gryffindors. Some Ravenclaws are, also, furious with Harry because everyone was expecting the Gryffindors would beat the Slytherins this year with the House Cup Tournament, but all of that is gone now. The Slytherins aren't helping either, whenever Harry passes by any student from Slytherin they would snicker and say: "Hey thanks a lot Potter!

"Ignore them, okay? They're not worth it!" I told him one time but he wouldn't listen, "how? they're everywhere!" he protested. Ron and Hermione tried their best to cheer him up or at least to relive him from the stress but he wouldn't budge. One time Harry told me about his plan to resign from their Quidditch team, I tried to talk him out of it and tell him that resigning won't do anything good but rather it will make things even worse for the Gryffindors, but the boy is a little hard-headed. But that evening in the library he told me Wood wouldn't let him resign. Thank Goodness.

The exams are coming closer and I still couldn't focus. I need to study hard but things in my surroundings are distracting me. Plus there's me worrying about our detention. Professor McGonagall never told us what or where our detention would be. If she asked us to like, clean some things or something like that, that would be incredibly fine with me. I mean. I'm so used to cleaning back when I was in the orphanage. But I highly doubt that, that is the kind of detention we're getting besides, Professor McGonagall still looked horribly angry with us.

Back to the 'people-furious-at-Harry' topic, I'm kind of glad Laurence and Katrina aren't a part of those jerks hating on Harry. In fact they felt sorry for him with all the hates he's getting. I'm just glad they're concerned. Luigi's different though, I mean he wouldn't stop bragging how his house is at the top, which is incredibly annoying. Remind me again why I'm crushing on him?

"I can't believe it! Slytherin by a hundred points ahead of Gryffindor this is just awesome!" he would say. "Yeah but Ravenclaws are just points ahead of Slytherins!" Katrina argued, "we have the slightest chance we'll beat Slytherin!" but he wasn't listening, "And to think we got to the top just because Harry and the other Gryffindors were all so careless! I mean really, we wouldn't have gotten to the top without them" then he would laugh and I would pretend to cough loudly. He'd notice, blush furiously and look down on his plate. "Right....uh...sorry?" he apologized sheepishly.

I'd just jerk my head and continue to play with my meal.

I've have had enough of all these ridiculous hates, Harry's getting. Of course I would feel his pain, I'm his bloody sister for goodness sake. (The sad thing is he doesn't know I'm his sister and sometimes I wish he would actually feel what I'm feeling, but he can't because he doesn't know!)

"I'm worried about you." I told him one evening we were alone in the library. He chuckled dryly, "Worried about what?"

"About everything that's happening to you. Everyone's being a jerk to you. I hate each and everyone of them." I told him. He looked up at me and smiled a bit, I can sense he's just forcing himself to smile. I honestly can't blame him. "Ignore them, they're not worth it." he told me. I rolled my eyes at him, "don't throw my words back at me!". He laughed dryly and paid his attention back to what he was reading. "But really, if I could only do something to keep you away from all this criticism, I would." I told him. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Harry."

"Why are you so concerned about me?"

Because you're my brother was what I wanted to say at the moment. Starting to want to cry again but I managed to blink the tears back. "Because you're my best friend." He smiled again, a real one. "Thanks Angelica."

I smiled back at him. "Always welcome."

I realized how beautiful my relationship is with Harry, he's such a sweetheart, a caring, a great friend. Sometimes I couldn't help but wonder if he would be a lot sweeter if he finally found out he's my brother. Would he like hug me or something? Would he say something worth crying? I don't know about any of you, but I'm pretty sure it's something unexpected.

I was so right.


One day while chatting with Laurence and Katrina on the way to the Great Hall, I couldn't help but notice people keep on staring at us or basically whispering whenever we pass by. "Ugh, ignore them Angelica" Katrina told me. "Okay..." I said but I felt slightly uneasy. When we entered the Great Hall, the entire student body's eyes were on me. "Okay what is going on?" I hissed on Katrina, but she and Laurence just shrugged. "You're a big fat liar, eh Potter?" some Slytherin girl said when she walked past me. "Wait what?"

"You're one stinking liar, Potter!" another boy from Slytherin shouted. I turned to the Slytherins and they were all smirking and snickering at me. "What are you talking about?" I demanded. Pansy Parkinson stood up from her seat, approached me, and shoved some kind of photocopied paper in my chest. "Don't pretend you don't know, Potter. The whole school's buzzing." she smirked.

I cautiously held the paper and turned my attention from her, ugly, face to it. My hands started shaking when I realized what it was.

It was a photocopy of the page of the book where I found the article of me and Harry stating we're related as siblings.

Tears started streaming down from my eyes as I looked up from the paper to every expecting face in the Great Hall. Everyone was gawking, some were just shaking their heads at me and there's the Slytherins---- enjoying the moment.

I felt Katrina snatch the paper from my hands. "Oh my god....." I heard her moments later.

"What's wrong Potter? Oh let me guess you haven't told Harry yet haven't you? Or should I say your brother?" Pansy's mischievous grin widened. "I wonder what his reaction will be when he sees this?"

My eyes widened in horror. "Oh no----y-y-you wouldn't!"

"We already did" she grins. "As far as I'm concerned, Harry 'brainless' Potter is reading this article right about now!"

But I was already running out of the Great Hall. I have to find him, I have to explain. But what will I say? How will I explain to him the whole keeping the entire thing? How would he react? I'm not ready for this but I need to face him now. I rounded every corner of the castle. I was running everywhere, practically shoving people aside. I can hear the whispers from every student.

"She's Harry's sister"

"Does Harry know?"

"No, she never told him"

"I can't believe she didn't tell him"

"She made him look like a fool"

"They're both stupid"

"They're both failures"

"No wonder they're related"

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP" I screamed inside my head. Harry where are you?!

When I got to the corridor leading to the Gryffindor Common Room I saw a familiar raven-haired boy. His back was turned on me. I stopped in my tracks and just stayed where I was. My heart was beating horribly fast, it's almost bursting out of my insides. Okay, here we go. I took a deep breath and slowly approached him. "Harry...?"

He turned to look at me. I held my breath.

His expression was unreadable for a moment. I waited for his reaction.

Would he hug me?

Would he say something sweet?

Would he be glad?

The answer to all those three: is a big FAT----------NO.

What did he do? He frowned at me. His frown was so deep it scared me.

"Is this true?" he hissed. I gulped. "W-w-what's true?" I asked nervously, stalling.

"Don't play games with me Angelica. You know exactly what I mean!" he said. He sounded really really angry at me. My entire body was shaking in fear.

"Is it true that I'm your brother??!"

this is definitely NOT how I expected it would be.

(A/N: DO YOU HATE ME? DO YOU HATE ME? DO YOU HATE ME? DO YOU HATE ME? xD Sorry for the long delay I was busy with school works and if the chapter did not satisfy you, again I'M SORRY. I'm doing my best? xD If you guys are disappointed with how Harry knew, I'm sorry guys but once again, I'm trying. But even if this chapter didn't please some of you I hope you keep reading :) thanks for getting the story to 4K i love you guys so much :)xx)

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