We promised never to look for that mirror again, we obeyed but it was quite difficult. I was having terrible nightmares all over again that keep me up all night. I get dreams like I'm a baby and there's a baby boy beside me and a flash of green light blasting from somewhere followed by a high toned evil cackle and then the baby was missing.

"You see, Dumbledore was right, that mirror could drive you mad!" Ron told us both one morning. Harry was also having nightmares about what he saw on the mirror. "Gosh, I envy you for not getting nightmares" I told Ron desperately. My eyelids feel so heavy and I have bigger eye bags than before.

The students who left came back the day before term started. I was so glad Laurence and Katrina are back. I hugged them tightly and said thank you for the gifts. "I didn't get you anything!" I flushed of embarrassment. "That's okay!" "No worries!" they reassured me. I just smiled at Luigi and thanked him for the hairclip though I wanted to hug him but... no!!!!

I was very happy to have my friends back but on Harry's side it's a bit opposite. Hermione was disappointed with Harry all over because one: he's been staying up and wandering around the school three nights in a row and two: no new info on Flamel. We are all tired of looking for Flamel. We looked everywhere and NOTHING.

But Harry was so sure that he read that name somewhere and he just couldn't remember.

I've been telling Katrina and Laurence about the mirror of erised but I made them promise not to tell another living soul.

"Gosh! I wonder what I would see if I looked into it?" Katrina said thinking.

"Hm, what is my deepest desire?" Laurence added also thinking.

I giggled at the both of them. Well me, I certainly know what my deepest desire is.

That's not all though the second Quidditch match is coming and the Gryffndors are really working hard. I'm really hoping that nothing horrible and nothing bad will happen to Harry again. I just hope that greasy haired and long nose man won't try and jinx Harry's broom again.

But things got... so much worst.

One breakfast, Harry called me over to the Gryffindor table one time. "I need to tell you something" he said looking a bit pale.

"What's wrong Harry you look terrible!" I exclaimed when I sat beside him. He looks like he's going to vomit anytime soon. Harry looked from me to Ron and Hermione. "Wood just told us today at practice that..." he gulped. I'm getting really nervous of what he's going to say, the look on his face was just horrible he was paper white! "Snape's refereeing our game."

I nearly fell off from my seat as he said that. "WHAT?!" Ron exclaimed catching a few stares. "Just told him a corny joke! Carry on!" I waved them off. They looked at us suspiciously and weirdly and they just went back to their business. "WHY. IS SNAPE.REFEREEING?!" I said through gritted teeth. Harry shook his head gulping. "Okay, okay, okay, okay, calm down alright?" I tried to rub his back to calm him down he look really terrible. "Drink!"

I handed him a glass of water and he drank it all on one gulp.

"Don't play." Hermione said quickly.

"Say you're ill." Ron added.

"You have a horrible fever!" I suggested.

"Pretend you break your leg." Hermione suggested.

"Or your arm!" I insisted.

"NO. Really break your arm and your leg." Ron said.

I suddenly laughed out loud at that but Hermione didn't find that funny at all. "I can't," Harry said. "There isn't a reserve Seeker, if I back out, Gryffndor can't play at all."

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