I took another stroll around the garden. I can’t get stop thinking about him… about my brother. What’s he like? Is he another pain in the ass like Avery or a sweet caring person? How am I supposed to find him when I don’t even know his name? I sat on the grass beside the beautiful lilies.

Oh brother where art thou? I thought then I giggled after I just realized what I thought. Is he smart like me? Does he get good grades like I do? Then another thought came to me…

There was this old lady wearing a pointed hat and a long green cloak” I remember Miss Audrey saying. An old lady wearing a green cloak and a pointed hat…

She kind of dresses like a witch if you ask me.

Maybe it’s the fashion of old people back then.

Wait! Miss Audrey said she left a note before she left me here! Maybe she wrote her name on the note! WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE?!  I ran back to the kitchen and looked for Miss Audrey. I found her talking to Miss Azalia Jeanette, the owner of the orphanage. I stood there waiting for their conversation to end. I can hear them talking about some kind of zoo or something.

“Alright Audrey you’re in charge of this trip. I trust you fully” Miss Azalia said.

“Yes Miss Azalia, you can count on me. I shall tell the children right after dinner. I’m sure they will be quite delighted.” Miss Audrey said. Miss Audrey caught a sight of me and I gave her a small smile. “Ah Miss Azalia, I’d like you to meet Harriet (I shuddered) Angelica Potter, she’s a very good girl.”Miss Audrey said with her arm around me.

“Pleased to meet you” I say giving a small curtsey. It’s a thing of mine, to curtsey when I meet someone. Miss Azalia seemed to like what I did since she smiled at me. “Well hello Harriet, you can call me Jeanette” she said. “And if you don’t mind I’d like to be called Angelica instead of Harriet” I said and Jeanette laughed.

“Sure Angelica. I was just talking to Miss Audrey here. And I told her I’m treating all the children here in the orphanage to a trip to the zoo. Although I can’t come she will take over” Jeanette said. “Ohhh! That sounds exciting” I said with a smile. “I know right? I do wish the children will behave well tomorrow” Jeanette said. “Of course, if Miss Audrey is in charge” I said smiling at Miss Audrey who smiled back at me. “She’s a very charming child isn’t she?” Jeanette told Miss Audrey and she laughed. “Well I better get going; I still have parents to talk to for adoption. Nice to meet you Angelica” Jeanette said before she left.

“Well wish me luck tomorrow.” Miss Audrey said. “Oh you can do it!” I said. Then I remember…

“Miss Audrey, I’ve been wondering” I started. “You told me that an old lady with a pointed hat brought me here and left you a note right? Did she sign it or did she leave a name or anything?” I asked. Miss Audrey thought for a while. “If I remember correctly, the old lady’s name is Professor McGonagall”  she replied.

Professor McGonagall?” I repeated. “She must be some kind of teacher. “

“Maybe, but what school requires teachers to wear that kind of clothing?” Miss Audrey said. She’s got a point. This riddle is becoming really confusing.