Are you wondering what happened when I got into the orphanage after our trip to diagon alley? Well, the moment I stepped in the orphanage everyone gawked at my things. Especially the owl. When I tried to put all my things in my room everyone was avoiding me and trying to get away from me. To be honest, the next days in the orphanage were a total torture. No one in the place wants to talk to me. It seemed like I'm a dangerous monster in their eyes. No one would accompany me during meals, no one would talk to me, like the usual, no one would even dare to come at least 3 inches close to me.

I mean, what am I like a ferocious cannibal lion? Seriously, this is majorly stupid. I get death glares from Avery and her stupid goons and Miss Audrey won't even look at me! I mean she's still the gentle and loving soul I always help to make breakfast, lunch and dinner but as I said she won't even look at me! I try to get her to look at me but it seemed like she's avoiding me. What, like she's scared of me?

She's my only friend in the orphanage and now I lost her too. I definitely hate this.

One time in the kitchen I tried to start a conversation.

"Miss Audrey... our first day in school will be on September first."

"Hmm-hm?" she mumbled. "I was wondering maybe you could drop me off at King's Cross?" I asked.

"Oh sure dear. I'll ask Miss Azalia to drive us there." She said without even looking at me. I waited if she was going to say anything else but she remained silent. I just sighed and went back to baking.

To pass the time though, I decided to stay in my room and bury my nose in my new school books. I guess I better start studying a bit so that I could be advance in my studies.

It's a thing of mine.

I find the things in the books very interesting, especially our spell book, Standard book of spells. Some of the spells in the book are quite hard to pronounce but hopefully someone will help me with these things. They sound like Latin words or something?

I've been reading Hogwarts, a History and I couldn't keep my eyes off it! I learned a lot about the school and it sounds really fascinating. I finished reading the entire book in just 3 days and I couldn't help but re-read it again.

At the end of August, I started packing all my stuff into a huge pink bag of mine and luckily everything fit inside of it. Gosh! I'm so excited I might burst!

I can't wait to go to Hogwarts!


I woke up at the sound of my very annoying alarm clock. I rubbed my eyes and yawned.

Why do I feel like today is a very important day? I looked around in my room. What's up with today? Why do I feel like I should be very happy today?

I turned to look at my bedside table and checked the date.

September 1.


I stood up quickly, bathed and got dressed. I wore my favorite t-shirt and some jeans and grabbed all of my stuff and went out of my room. Miss Audrey was waiting for me in the kitchen along with Miss Azalia. They were laughing about something, well I'm just glad they're okay but when they saw me they stood up quickly and looking alarmed. "Ready dear?" Miss Audrey asked me and I nodded. "Alright then let's go." Miss Azalia said dryly and we followed her outside of the orphanage. There was a van waiting for us and Miss Audrey helped me load my stuff into the van, when we're all settled we drove off to King's Cross. The drive was awkward and silent. Since no one wanted to talk I decided to stay silent. When we arrived, my stomach was aching so badly and I couldn't breathe properly. I was excited and nervous all at the same time.

I got my stuff from the back of the van. "Have fun at school" Miss Azalia said mockingly. The moment I got all my things from the van, before I knew it they already disappeared in sight.


I have absolutely no idea what to do right now. I placed my hand on my pocket to check if my ticket was there. It was. So all I have to do is find platform nine and three quarters. So I walked around and looked at all the barriers but I couldn't find the one that says platform nine and three quarters. I really look like an idiot because I'm walking around the train station looking for a weird platform and I'm carrying a huge bag and a cage with an owl in it. I've been receiving funny looks since I got here. Then I saw a guard taking down notes on a nearby barrier. "Excuse me, sir" I said as I approach him. "Can you tell me where I might find platform nine and three quarters?"

"Platform nine and three quarters?" he repeated and I nodded. He scoffed at me like I was telling a joke, "Think you're being funny do ya?" he walked off leaving me alone. I sighed and looked around desperately.

Suddenly something caught my eye, it seemed to be a family they all have red hair and I notice one of the children was bringing a trunk as huge as mine and an owl. I decided to follow them but I try not to look like I am. I stayed behind them just followed them. They stopped by a barrier between 9 and 10. A plump woman, probably their mother, called one of her children. A tall one stepped forward in the middle of the barrier and then ran right at it and disappeared. My eyes widened at this, then two other of the children followed and they disappeared and the third child followed and gone.

The youngest was about to go when someone with raven hair approached the plump woman. I inched in a little closer to hear what they are saying. He seemed to be asking how to get into the platform.

"All you have to do is walk straight at the barrier between platforms nine and ten. Don't stop and don't be scared you'll crash into it, that's very important. Best do it at a bit of a run if you're nervous." I listened intently to everything she said. Okay... just run between the barrier. I watched as the raven haired boy pushed his trolley forward. He looks somehow familiar. Who is he?

He took a deep breath and ran through the barrier and disappeared. I waited as the plump woman and her two other children disappeared into the platform. The moment I was alone, I pushed my trolley and now I'm standing in front of the scarily solid barrier. I took a deep breath and reminded myself not to be scared. Just clear all the fright out of me. I pushed my trolley and paced into a run and then...

When I opened my eyes a red steam engine flashed right before my eyes. There was a sign saying: Hogwarts Express. I suddenly had the urge to smile. I'm finally in the world where I belong.

I pushed my cart off down to the platform to find an empty seat. I looked around at a crowd of people. Some are bringing brooms and some are carrying different pets like cat and huge toads, which scared me. I walked around until I finally found an empty compartment. I lifted my trunk up the steps and surprisingly it was quite light and I put my owl inside the compartment last. I looked out of the window and saw the red-haired family on the platform. I suddenly felt sad and a bit jealous. I wish I have a family like that. Big and happy. I watched as they converse with each other. Laughing and smiling. How I envy them so much.

Then I felt the train starting to move, the red haired clambered up to the train and waved to their mother. I watched as the people disappeared as the train rounded on the corner. I took a deep breath and leaned on the back of my seat. I smiled as I start imagining what things at Hogwarts will be like. Magic and wizards and witches like me. I propped myself on one elbow and looked out on the window and I watch the scene go by. I jumped when I heard the compartment door open. "Can I join you? Everywhere else is full" said a girl with straight long black hair. She was wearing glasses, much better than mine and she had chocolate brown eyes, she smiled shyly at me. I returned the smile; "Sure. I'm glad I can have some company."

Her smile widened and she took the seat opposite me. "I'm Laurence, by the way. Laurence Saunders."

"I'm Harriet Angelica Potter" I said with a friendly smile then Laurence's eyes widened. "Y-y-you're her? You're Harriet Potter?" she stammered.

"Ah, yes." I said awkwardly. "But please call me Angelica. I hate my first name" I said half-laughing and Laurence nodded. "Angelica then" she said and we shook hands. "So do you have the... uhm... scar?" she asked. I just smiled again and pushed my bangs and showed her my scar. "Wow" she said as she looked at my scar.

"Do you know that everybody in the wizarding world thinks you're dead?" she said. I raised my eyebrows, what a weird question. "Yes actually. Professor McGonagall explained that to me." I replied. "It's really awkward though. We thought only your brother survived." My eyes widened at her statement. "My brother?" I repeated and she nodded. Before I could say anything else an old woman, pushing a trolley full of candies passed our compartment. "Anything of the trolley dears?" she asked kindly. Laurence stood up and bought something, I decided to follow her.

"One chocolate frog please..." Laurence said politely. "Is that all you're going to buy?" I asked and she blushed suddenly. "I don't have much money actually..." she said quietly. I watched her as she took her chocolate frog from the lady. Then she turned to look at me, "Are you going to buy anything?" she asked. I turned my attention to the trolley full of very delicious candies and to the single chocolate in her hand. I got a small bag, containing everything I got from Gringotts, from my pocket. "One of everything please" I said and I handed the lady a bunch of galleons. As expected, Laurence's jaw dropped and I just grinned at her. "I didn't eat breakfast" I shrug.

"Oh dear, first years are a hungry bunch." I heard the lady mutter. "Two boys from another compartment also bought a lot from the trolley! First years like you!" she told us. Laurence and I looked at each other and shrugged. Soon enough our compartment was filled with candies and chocolates and sweets!!! I couldn't stop myself from eating. I just ate a chocolate frog and now I know why Laurence likes them. They are DELICIOUS! Then I ate some licorice wands and oh gosh, I just stuffed everything in my mouth. "When you said you're hungry, you're not kidding" Laurence joked and I laughed. Then I saw her a box from the pile and she grinned. "Wassat?" I managed to say through my mouth full of chocolate. "Bertie Botts every flavored beans" she replied. "And trust me, when I say every flavor, I mean every flavor! From the decent flavors like chocolate, caramel and vanilla to ear wax and boogers"

"Ew!" I said shuddering. "Here try some!" she offered the box and I got one bean. I popped one on my mouth and I nearly spat it out, "What did you get?" she asked amused at my scrunched up face. "Soap!" I said nearly choking. "Hey you're lucky!" she told me. "One time my brother ate a lotion flavored bean"

"Ugh. This is really...something" I said. I watched as she got one and popped one into her mouth. I waited for her reaction and I laughed out loud when she spat it on the floor. "What did you get??!" I asked curiously. "V-V-Vomit" she said. "EW! They actually include vomit in there?" I exclaimed. "It could get worst. Like dirt, rotten egg or even an earthworm." She said and I shuddered. "Next candy."

Then someone knocked on the door of our compartment. Laurence and I looked up and... oh my gosh. There stood a very handsome guy. Light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Laurence made a gesture and the guy came in. "Hi" he greeted us kindly.

"Hello" I said shyly. "Angelica, this is Luigi he's my brother" Laurence introduced. "Hello" I repeated. "Pleased to meet you" Luigi said, he held out his hand and I shook it. "Same here, I'm Angelica Potter" I introduced myself. Unlike Laurence he didn't stutter or gotten nervous, although his eyes widened and he stared at me. "Uhm, Luigi?" Laurence said breaking the awkward tension. He blinked and then flashed a smile. "Very pleased to meet the Angelica Potter" he said with a melting smile.

I turned away before I could blush even more. HONESTLY?! I haven't even gone to Hogwarts and I'm already crushing on someone! "Is it okay if I stay here for a while?" he asked. "Sharing a compartment with giggly fourth-years is very awkward" Laurence laughed at his statement. "Of course" I gave him and friendly smile and he returned the gesture. "Hey can I have some of those?" Luigi asked. "Sure, dig in!" I said before biting a green lollipop. He took a chocolate and he ate with us. "Laurence did you buy all of this?" he asked. "No actually, Angelica did" she answered.

"All of these?" he asked turning to me. "You cannot deny hunger" I said still licking my lollipop. "You should've seen him when he was hungry!" Laurence said. "I mean one time our mom cooked a bunch of chickens and he ate it all by himself"


"Yes! It was funny but kinda scary at the same time"

"One time I ate a cake all by myself" I shared and Luigi laughed. "You have a very interesting appetite" he joked and I giggled. "I just love eating" I said before I bit the last piece of my lollipop.

Soon the sweets that filled our compartment turned into empty wrappers. "Ugh, I'm so full." I said and the other two nodded. I looked out of the window; we've been travelling for hours now it's getting dark. "Are we nearing Hogwarts yet?" I asked excitedly. "I think we're getting close" Laurence said and Luigi nodded. "We should get into our robes" he suggested and Laurence and I nodded. They both went out of the compartment to give me some privacy to change into my robes, when I'm done I went out and Laurence changed and then Luigi. When we're all wearing our robes we all sat back on our seats and I was jumping from excitement. Within a few minutes the train stopped moving and a voice echoed through the train: "Please leave your luggage on the train, it will be taken to the school separately." Then everyone was getting out of their compartments. "We're here!" Laurence declared. I stood bolt right up and left the compartment quickly. "Hey Angelica, wait for us!" Luigi called. "Sorry I'm just so excited!!!" I squealed. "Oh my gosh, me too!!!" Laurence said and we both started squealing. Luigi shook his head at us. Laurence and I laughed and we followed him out of the train and on a dark platform where a lot of expecting students are waiting. I can see a small light illuminating over the students and I heard a voice. "Firs' years! Firs' years over here!"

The three of us followed all the first years heading towards the direction of the voice. "Oh my gosh" I exclaimed as I looked up to a very big man calling all the first years. "Is he a giant?" Laurence asked curiously. "Half-giant." Luigi corrected. The giant called more first years until everyone was present. "Firs' years! Follow me" he ordered and we all followed him to a narrow path. It was very quiet and it scared me a bit. I guess most of the first years are a bit frightened or shy.

Then a great black lake came into view and my gawked at the beautiful, dazzling castle in a high mountain. "Is that it? Is that Hogwarts?!" Laurence asked. "Yes... it's beautiful" Luigi said but I was too fascinated with the castle to pay attention to them. The giant pointed to a bunch of small boats by the shore. "No more'n four to a boat!" he called. I nodded to the other two and we got a boat of our own. We got our seats someone came up to us. "C-can I j-join you?" a boy stammered. "No boats left for me"

"Oh sure" I said pointing to a vacant seat. He grinned at us and sat beside Luigi. "FORWARD!" I can hear the giant bellow. I was so startled that he scared me to death and I nearly fell off from the boat because of my jump. Then, like magic (well duh?), the boats moved, gliding across the lake. None of us we're talking. Like me, everyone was too busy staring at the beautiful castle to speak.

The boats carried us to a dark tunnel, probably heading us underneath the castle. The giant was saying something to a student but I didn't really listen to them because my stomach was aching from excitement.

In a few moments we got off from the boats and under the shadow of the gigantic castle. My stomach was aching terribly and I'm having a hard time breathing just thinking about what to expect in this castle. We all ascended a stone staircase that led us to a big oak door. "Everyone here? You there, still got yer toad?" Huh?

The giant knocked on the door three times. I took a deep breath and the door opened.

(A/N: HOORAY! ANGELICA'S FINALLY AT HOGWARTS! You know what that means?! she's finally going to see Harry! And she's finally going to know that she's his brother.................... NOT! of course we cannot rush things right? :) Let the two be friends before they find out about each other. :) OH AND HEYYYY ANGELICA'S ALREADY GOT A CRUSH. XD Just an addition to the story ;) hey guys thanks for being patient I hope you like my story :) Feel free to tell me if it sucks or not. xoxo)

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