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Pen Your Pride

I'm on my way to the forbidden corridor. I don't really fancy having to see that dog again. But this is Harry's life we're talking about. With my wand in my hand and nothing else to defend myself with, I'm pretty sure I'm just walking towards my death. What do we know, maybe when Harry gets back he would just wonder why the dog looks well-fed all of a sudden and then he'll notice I'm missing, then he'll realize I did try to go after him then he'll get all angry at me again.
These thoughts may have urged me to just go back and wait for him but I'm already here.

There's no turning back


Retracing my steps from where I've been before, it's hard to keep quiet and hide knowing that Filch or Peeves may be roaming around. But luckily, for me, I haven't encountered anyone... Yet.
I slowly walked around the corridors, not making a sound, oh what I wouldn't give for an invisibility cloak right now!!
Then a heard a "meow" nearby. Oh no that's got to be Mrs. Norris, if she's here then surely Filch is just somewhere. Luckily the little cat was sleepy and it decided to sleep near a statue. I, VERY CAREFULLY, walked past her. I thought I saw the cat open it's eyes to catch an intruder but lucky for me the castle is quite dark, so I was able to hide within the shadows. And the cat just went back to sleep.
I didn't meet anyone up to the forbidden corridor, thank goodness. But just as I thought of that, I came to the conclusion that I'm getting nearer to the dog. Just a few more steps and I'm there.
My heart feels like it wants to get out of me once I was just outside the corridor, and the door was already unlocked.

They've been here.
I slowly walked in and noticed that the dog was asleep. I was afraid my rapid heartbeat would wake the monster up. I couldn't help but notice a harp playing just near the dog. It was probably Snape's idea, meaning he already got there too. I wonder who got in there first. I slowly crept toward the trap door. My hand was shaking in fear, I might mess up, I might wake up the dog so I tried to steady my hands. I could feel the dogs' hot breath while I got closer. I pulled the ring of the trapdoor and it swung open. It was pitch black and I could barely see anything. I heard the dog growl, I have no choice left. I quickly but carefully slipped in, before the dog wakes up and eats me.
I fell on something soft, I squinted my eyes and looked at my surroundings, I was on some sort of plant.
And it looks familiar. I probably saw this plant somewhere in my school books...
I breathe a sigh of relief, I was about to think of a way to where this thing leads but turns out I have bigger problems. The plant started moving and it twisted snakelike tendrils around my ankles. I tried to kick them off but it held me tighter. More surrounded my arms and my chest. I almost couldn't breathe. I tried to remember what this thing is. I was already gasping for air, I'm nearly choking to death.
Then like a flash I remember what it is!
It's a Devil's Snare. I stopped moving and steadied myself. As much as I want to kick and fight, holding still is the only way to stop this plant from killing me. And slowly the plant loosens it's grip around me. I could breathe freely again. The plant, not so gently, lowered me down to another dark room. I put a hand on my chest, gasping desperately for oxygen. I feel like my bones have been crushed. But I continued on my way. I proceeded on a stone passageway. It was dark in there and freezing cold. I pulled out my wand and whispered 'lumos' and the tip of my wand lightened. It was cold in here, wherever I was.
I wonder how deep I am in the school...
Then I heard a strange sound. What is....
It sounds like... Wings?
I continued to walk forward and I could already see a hint of light. As I got nearer to the light. The sound gets louder.
There were keys.... Flying keys decorated with different jewels and diamonds and colorful wings. I noticed that some keys seemed to be stuck on a heavy wooden door at the end of the passageway and a small key with a wounded wing on the lock.
I slowly went over and I was about to turn the knob, but as soon as my hand touches the knob the keys suddenly started flying everywhere around me. Hitting my face and I could feel myself getting scratched. I held on to the knob and turned it and ran inside. Closing the door tightly behind me. Then I could hear another batch of keys hitting the door. I turned around I was in another dark chamber.
I officially hate dark chambers now.
I cautiously continued my way forward. I could not see anything, it was pitch black. I was taking small steps and as I go forward I see another light. But this one was orange and sparking. FIRE. I ran toward to where it is and when I got there what I saw dumbfounded me. It was a room, it wasn't just an ordinary room. The room was a HUGE CHESS BOARD and there were even gigantic chess pieces, most were on fire and broken into pieces, as if someone recently played in here. As if my question was heard I saw Hermione crouching down to an injured Ron, Harry was no where in sight. "Hermione!" I called her and she looked at me shocked. "Angelica! W-what are you doing here?! I thought you---" she started but I waved her off.
"No time, what happened?" I asked crouching down next to her, Ron has many scratches on his face. "We played this gigantic wizard chess and Ron sacrificed himself to let Harry through." Hermione explained. "Where is he now?" I asked and Hermione pointed to a door at the end of the room. "I'll go after him." I said i was about to stand up when Hermione grabbed my hand. "Hermione you can't stop me, I am doing this no matter what you tell me." I told her, she bit her lip and slowly loosen her grip in my hand. "I'll be back before you know it, with Harry and we'll get out of here." I reassured her. She nodded and I proceeded to the door. I looked at Hermione one last time, she nodded at me and I did the same, before I opened the door and went inside. I was in another room and this time, it looked strangely familiar.
Where am I? Where have I seen this before??
I proceeded inside and once I looked around and the people inside, I realized where I was.
I saw this.
In a dream.
Standing in the middle was Harry and he was facing the man in my nightmare.
The one that kept me up all night.
The one that scared me and drove me into confusion.
It was not Snape.
It was not Voldemort.

It was Professor Quirrell.

(A/N: hey guysssss!!! Hope you like this chapter!! I'm nearing the end of this book. Awwwww :( but i hope many will still read this :) and I hope you like this chapter!!! Chapter 29 on progress!)

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