I didn't get enough sleep since last night's events. The image of my nightmare and that DOG is still fresh in my mind. I removed the covers and bright sunlight blinded me. "Oh god." I muttered irritated to the sudden introduction to light. I got off my bed and headed for the bathroom. Oh, bloody hell. I thought as I looked as the mirror. I looked HORRIBLE. I have huge eye bags, my eyes are reddish, and my hair flailing everywhere. I took a quick bath. When I was finished, I dried up, got dressed and fixed myself.

I got down to the common room, got a book for the bookcases and sat on a comfy couch and started to read. I can't read properly because my eyes hurt a lot and some things are quite blurry for me. Sighing, I put down the book and closed my eyes. Oh man, I just want to sleep the entire day, but I can't skip classes. Okay I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit.

When you're asleep everything seems so serene to you, right? Sleep is so peaceful and wonderful and....


I literally jumped at the sound of Katrina's voice. I looked at her bewildered. "Yes? What? What is it? What? What's wrong? The Castle is on fire???!" Katrina started to laugh out loud. "Boy, you look horrible." She giggled. "Good Morning to you too, Katrina" I said sarcastically. "What happened last night?" she asked. "Nothing," I groaned. "I had a nightmare nothing interesting. Come on let's have breakfast."

We got down to the Great Hall. When we got there a lot of students are up and already eating breakfast and chatting happily. "Hi guys!" A voice came up from behind us. We turned around to see Laurence approaching us. "Hi Laurence!" Katrina greeted. "Hey" I said groggily.

"Gosh, Angelica. You look terrible" Laurence pointed out. I slapped my forehead as Katrina laughed. "That's what I told her." She added. "Let's just eat, for crying out loud." I groaned. Katrina nodded and Laurence led us to the Hufflepuff table. Like what Laurence said, the Hufflepuffs are very kind and friendly. "So what really happened last night?" Katrina said suddenly.

"I told you, I had a nightmare" I replied with my mouth full of mashed potatoes. "One nightmare and you stayed up all night?" Laurence asked. "I was really terrifying you know." I reasoned out. "Well what happened?"

I looked around to see if anybody was listening to us. "I dreamt that I was in a room somewhere, I was surrounded with a strong and flaring fire. Then there was a creepy voice. I looked around and guess who I saw? Professor Quirrell. But he wasn't himself. He was in a zombie kind of appearance. His eyes were glassy and his mouth was hanging open. He was trying to persuade me to 'be with him' or something. It was weird. I refused to do so and his eyes turn bloody red then he started to speed towards me and he said: "time to die" and in the background I could see Snape laughing menacingly." I explained.

Katrina and Laurence were listening to my every word. They open their mouth to say something but they would close it when nothing would come out. "Hm," muttered Katrina. "That was... strange" Laurence commented. "It was preternatural" I added. "I mean, why professor Quirrell?"

"Do you think... that he...?"

I looked over at the High Table and observed Professor Quirrell. He was having a bit trouble cutting his chicken. "I don't know..." I answered. "I don't see him as that kind of person" Katrina and Laurence exchanged worried glances. "It's probably nothing" I sighed. "Besides, it's not wise to dwell on your dreams. Even if it's a nightmare" I'm totally lying to myself. The last time I had a peculiar dream it meant something. What if this dream meant something too? What if... What if it means that Voldemort is coming back? I shivered at the thought.

"You must be right" Katrina agreed. After breakfast we stood up and headed for our first class when we bumped into Ron and Harry hurrying off. "We should really need to stop meeting each other by bumping into each other" I joked. Harry laughed too. I noticed a package in his hands. "What's that?" I asked pointing to the package. "It's a broomstick." Harry replied just as Ron exclaimed: "It's a Nimbus Two Thousand!!!" "Who gave you that?" Laurence asked. "Professor McGonagall" both boys answered. "We have to go..." Harry said. "Oh okay." They started to walk away "Uhm Harry?" I called out. Harry turned around to look at me. "Yeah?"

"Can we meet at the library tonight?" I asked hopefully. He smiled and nodded. "Sure."

That evening after dinner I headed straight for the library. I sat on our usual spot took a reference book and waited for Harry. Within a few moments he came. "Hey" I smiled. "Hey!"

"So what's up?"

"Wood and I have been practicing Quidditch outside and he's told me about the balls and everything and how to play." He answered as he took one book from a bookcase. "What about you?"

"Nothing interesting, really." I replied as I scanned the page. "What are you looking for?" he asked. "The usual 'Potter' word search."

"You know what I think we've already checked every book and we didn't see anything" Harry joked. "Well we might've missed something" I shrugged. The night went on and we talked about things like: Quidditch and the broomstick and laughed at how Malfoy must've looked furious and stunned when he found out that Professor McGonagall bought the Nimbus Two Thousand for Harry. I mentioned about my dream to Harry and he said he once had a weird dream about Quirrell too. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe not. But we both agreed that it's probably nothing. We also talked about the events from last night.

"Hermione said that the dog was standing on a trapdoor." Harry whispered. No one could know that we actually went to the 3rd Corridor. "A trapdoor?" I repeated. "Yes. And she said the dog must be guarding something."

"That's weird." I muttered. "What could it be guarding?"

"I know...."

"My life hasn't been this complicated since I went here" I joked. Harry laughed and nodded. "Agree."

Happy Halloween morning!

For the first time in days since I had that horrible dream I had the best sleep ever! Today I woke up with a wide smile. I have a feeling that nothing wrong is ever going to happen today. It also makes me feel happy to know that I've already spend like 2 months in the castle. And every day that I spend here is so much better than when I was in the orphanage.

At present, we're at Charms class with the Gryffindors. We're learning the levitating spell today. Yipee! At least were doing something aside from lectures. Everyone else in the room is as excited as I was. Professor Flitwick set the class in pairs. I was up paired with A girl from Gryffindor, her name is Marjorie Bailey. "Hi" I greeted her friendly. "Hi." She greeted back.

"Now don't forget that nice wrist movement we've been practicing!" Professor Flitwick reminded us. "Swish and Flick, yes" I nodded remembering the hand movement. He gave each pair a feather and each pair should try to get it levitated. Out in the corner of my eye, Harry was desperately trying to get it to fly. "Wingardium Leviosa!" Marjorie exclaimed. The feather barely even moved. "Uhm, Marjorie I think you're brandishing your wand too much." I commented. "Hm..." Marjorie muttered. "Can I try?" I asked and she nodded.

I did the hand movement and muttered: "Wingardium Leviosa!" guess what? GUESS WHAAAAAT!?!?!? The feather actually flew from the table and up, up, up to the ceiling. Everyone stared at my feather as it floated above everyone's heads. I was guiding the feather with my wand. Then to my surprise another feather joined mine. I looked over and saw that Hermione also got it correctly. "See there everyone!!! Miss Potter and Miss Granger have done it!" Professor Flitwick squeaked, clapping. My attention was on Ron who was frowning very deeply. Hmmm...?

"That was really awesome, Harriet" Marjorie smiled at me when class ended. "Thanks but can you please do me a favor?"


"Don't call me Harriet, please" I begged, she laughed and nodded. "Angelica?" "Better!"

"Okay then, thank you for helping me with the charm. I couldn't have done it with your help you know" Marjorie said. "Oh come on, I just helped you with the hand movement. You did it all by yourself. Frankly you levitated that feather better than I did" I laughed. "But still, thank you" I smiled again and nodded. "I'll see you later, maybe?" I asked. "See you later" she agreed. She went off along with the other Gryffindors. "You're getting pretty good along with Gryffindors..." Katrina said coming up from behind me. "I have a charm" I winked. She rolled her eyes and we proceeded to our next subject.

On the way we saw Harry and Ron. "Hey boys" I said. "Oh hey Angelica" Harry said. Ron was still frowning on the floor. "What's up Ron?"

"It's Hermione! It's Levi-OH-sah not Levio-SAH" he mimicked her "It's no wonder that no one could stand her! She's a nightmare, honestly!" he complained. Then someone knocked into Harry and hurried past us. It was Hermione. "I think she heard you"

"Oh dear" I muttered nervously.

"So? She must've noticed she's got no friends." Ron said quite uncomfortably.

I don't know about any of you but I'm worried.

That night, when it was time for the Halloween feast everything looked absolutely fantastic! There were actual bats flying around the ceiling and the candles were in pumpkins. It was absolutely magical (because we're in a wizard school. No freaking duh). While eating some goodies, I overheard Padma Patil say that Hermione has been in the girls' bathroom all afternoon, crying. Katrina and I exchanged glances. "I better go there and talk to her." I told Katrina. She nodded. I got up from my seat and went to the girls' bathroom. The moment I entered, there was a sound of sobbing and sniffing. "Hermione...?" I called. "W-w-who's there?" she sniffed. "It's me. Angelica."

The door to the first cubicle opened and Hermione came out looking horrible. Her hair was bushier and her eyes were red and puffy from crying. "What do you want?"

"Look, I know you overheard Ron's ranting. I'm sorry about that, Hermione. I will say sorry on his behalf."

"Angelica, he has a point." Hermione said more tears falling form her eyes. "I have no friends! I'm too bossy and too smart. Ever since I was in elementary school, kids bully me because I'm so smart. I never had any real friends."

"Hermione, I too was bullied because I was smart. I too was cold and bossy before. But Hermione you just need to lose the attitude" I told her. "That's easy for you to say when half the school is friends with you!" she said miserably. I sighed. "Hermione, I came in this school all alone without any company. When I was in the orphanage no one even wanted to be my friend. I know how you feel. If you want a friend you just need to be friendly. Hermione, I can help you lose that bossy attitude!" Hermione looked down on the floor wiping the tears in her eyes. "And Ron was wrong. You do have a friend." I added. She looked up to me puzzled. "W-Who..?"



"Of course, just because we aren't from the same house doesn't mean we can't be friends!" I walked over to her and handed her a handkerchief. She hesitated before taking it and wiping her eyes. "Thank you, Angelica." She said. "You made me feel much better" "And how about the handkerchief? Aren't you going to thank me for that?" I joked. She choked a laugh and nodded. "And for the handkerchief." I smiled at her and gave her a brief hug. Then a loud noise from outside made us both jump. "What on earth was that?"

Guess what happened next? The door opened. Oh does that sound normal to you? Let me add the other thing. A bloody TROLL entered the bathroom. We both gawked at the troll and the troll stared at us. And in 5...4...3...2... "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" we both scurried into one cubicle. BIG MISTAKE. We locked our selves in and the next thing we knew his big wooden club smashed all of the cubicles. Hermione and I ducked down just in time. I heard the door open; we pushed the pieces of broken cubicles parts away to see our savior. It was... "Hermione, Angelica MOVE!!!!" Harry screamed. I grabbed Hermione's hand and we crawled away from our spot. "Quickly!" I told her. We desperately tried to crawl away from the troll who was being distracted by Harry and Ron. "Under the sinks!" I whispered. She nodded and we crawled under the sinks. Unfortunately, the troll saw us in time. He lifted his club, ready to smash us. "Ahhhhhhhh!" Hermione screamed but I pulled her away. "Oh god, Hermione are you okay???!" she nodded but she was shaking terribly. "HELP!!!" she screamed. The troll was ready to hit us again with his club. He lifted the club high and...

What the bloody----?! Harry ran toward the troll grabbed the club and he lifted from the ground and up to the troll's head. The troll started to wave and shakes his head to get rid of Harry. Guess what Harry did next? He stuck his wand into... the troll's nose hole. "Yuck!" "Ugh." "Ewww"

Then the troll was starting to get angry. He shook his head more forcefully. Oh Harry, please hold on! Then----oh dear---- the troll pulled Harry's right leg and now he was hanging upside down from the troll's hands. "DO SOMETHING!" He yelled just as the troll swung his club to hit him, Harry avoided it, thankfully. "What???!" Ron exclaimed. "ANYTHING!!!" Harry and I said at the same time. Another swing, another duck. "Hurry up!!!!!"

Ron took out his wand and pointed it at the troll's club. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" Ron exclaimed. It worked! The club was floating above the troll's head. The troll was confused for a moment. Then BOOM it fell right on top of its head. The troll dropped Harry; he scooted away from the troll quickly. The troll started swaying then he fell on the ground, flat on his face. Hermione and I stepped away from the sinks and slowly approached the boys. "I-Is it... dead?" she asked. "I don't think so. Probably just knocked out." Harry answered. He went over and retrieved his wand, covered in troll bogeys. "Ew" Ron and I said at the same time. Then Professors McGonagall, Quirrell and Snape came running into the room. McGonagall gave a loud terrified groan at the sight of the knocked out troll. Clutching her heart, she looked at the four of us in the room. "E-e-explain yourselves!!!" Harry, Ron and I started stammering trying to explain but Hermione interrupted us. "It's my fault professor McGonagall" We all, as in all of us gawked at her. "M-miss Granger?"

"I went looking for the troll, I've read all about them and thought I could handle them." She explained. McGonagall exchanged glances with Harry and me. "But I was wrong," she continued. "If Harry, Ron and Angelica hadn't come and found me... I'd probably be dead." The three of us we're still in the state of shock. Miss Righteous is actually telling the Professors a fault she didn't do???! "Such foolishness!" McGonagall exclaimed. "I would've expected a more rational behavior from you! I'm very disappointed from you Miss Granger! 5 points will be taken from Gryffindor!" I can see Hermione sigh sadly "For your serious lack of judgment!" Then McGonagall turned to the three of us.

"As for you three. I just hope you realize how fortunate you are. Not many first year students could take down a troll. 5 points---!" Will be taken away from you... I expected her to say, but she said something else "---will be rewarded for each of you" The three of us exchanged grins. "For sheer dumb luck!" McGonagall exclaimed before leaving the room with Snape behind her. The four of us looked at each other and slowly left the room. When we are far from the bathroom, I sighed loudly of relief. "I thought I would never come out alive!" I exclaimed. "Thank you for coming for us." Hermione thanked quietly.

"Hey? What are friends for?" Ron smiled.

Then Hermione smiled, so did Harry and so did I. This is going to be a start of a beautiful friendship.

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