After our little conversation in the garden we headed back to the kitchen and served breakfast to the children. What surprises me the most is that they all remembered it was my birthday. They usually forget about it, but now every person I pass through greets me with a 'Happy Birthday'. This kind of act makes me smile

Avery and her friends seemed to stay out of my way since I haven't seen them anywhere.


Maybe Miss Audrey is right. This might be the best birthday I'll ever have

It was already lunch time when Miss Audrey and Miss Madeleine finally showed me what that pink box contains. For the first time I actually had a cake on my birthday. I had to hug them both at the same time for my gratefulness. I have never been so happy.


Oh well let's start this story when we're about to have lunch.


So I was in my room reading some of my books when someone knocked on my door. "Yes?" I said keeping my eyes on the page. "Lunchtime!" Miss Audrey voice said from outside. As much as I hated it I put the book down and placed a bookmark. I stood up and opened the door and that when everybody shouted: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

And there was this large banner across the dining hall and confetti flying everywhere. I was rooted to the ground and I don't even know say. Next thing I knew Miss Audrey and Miss Madeleine we're dragging me to the center table. As I sat down the huge pink box is placed in front of me. Miss Audrey opened it and inside was a chocolate cake!!

I mouth shaped a perfect-O. "I thought you said we can't afford to buy cakes?" I asked as she lights up the candles. "Yes, but this is a special day for you." She said and grinned. Then everyone started singing "Happy Birthday". I was looking at the cake with a huge smile on my face.

Meanwhile, I'm fighting tears from falling from my eyes. I was just so happy; I was crying tears of joy. But I can't cry now, I hate crying in front of so many people. In fact, I hate crying. Sometimes when people just hurt me too bad (*Coughs* Avery *coughs*) I am forced to cry.

But long story short, I just hate crying...

Back to the story: I just smiled at everybody present at the moment. After singing, I closed my eyes, made a wish and blew the candles, and then everybody applauded. "Alright then, let's eat!" Miss Madeleine said and the little kids cheered. I rolled my eyes although I was laughing. Well what can you expect from kids? They just love eating!!

Miss Audrey gave me the knife and I cut the cake in pieces and helped serve the food, even though Miss Audrey and Madeleine insisted I should just sit down, I still helped them. That's just me! (Haha!) Soon, when everyone has their share of the cake we all sat down and ate and just chatted happily.

I sat in the middle table with Miss Audrey and Miss Madeleine and some of their friends. Miss Azalia was also there and she was chatting with Miss Madeleine. Everything just seemed to perfect. Just the way I wanted it. When suddenly a door slammed against the wall loudly, everybody goes quiet to see who just came and here comes...

"Avery! Good you're back" Miss Azalia said. Oh no... I thought. And what is so good about her being here?! Miss Azalia is pretty fond of Avery. She thinks Avery is a sweet, innocent and "cute" little girl.

Pfft... only because Avery acts all angelic when she's around. When Miss Azalia is nowhere to be seen... well your life begins to look like a living hell.

"Come and join us" Miss Azalia said.

Oh no, not here... anywhere but here on our table...

Well bad luck because she sat... beside me and she seems to be in a bad mood.

Well this isn't good.

"What's with the celebration?" she asked. I made sure my hair was covering my face so she didn't see that I rolled my eyes. It's my birthday, duh? Did you miss the banner? I thought.

"Why it's Angelica's birthday dear" Miss Azalia answered.


"Oh right..." Avery said then she turned to me.

"Happy birthday, Harriet" she said. I swear when she said the word Harriet some of her spit landed on my face. Gross.

I tried to hide my shudder, "Thanks." I muttered and ate my cake, quietly.

Our noisy and happy group suddenly got quiet when Avery arrived. She's somehow a joy killer. Whenever she's around, it's like all the happiness is gone out of you.

What kind of monster is this?!

Expected, she was so angelic and sweet at the moment. Well, Miss Azalia is sitting across from her.

Why can't she just adopt her so that my hell days are over?

Okay, as long as Miss Azalia is here, I'm harm-free. I just hope she stays here for 4... 6 hours? Or the entire day just so Avery stay behaved.

I am so wrong.

She checked her wristwatch and she gave us an apologetic smile. Oh no... Don't say you're... "I'm sorry, but I have to go now".


I tried my best to stop her from leaving. "But Miss Azalia, you've only been here for an hour, can't you stay for another hour or two?"

Or three? Or the entire day?!

"Aww, that so sweet of you Angelica dear but I still have a meeting to attend. I'm sorry But I'll make it up to you tomorrow" she smiled at me. You'll make it up to me? Okay then, adopt Avery. I wanted to say but that was quite impolite. In the corner of my eye, I can see Avery's mischievous and evil grin. This is not good.

She stood up and bid goodbye to all of us. Miss Audrey and Miss Madeleine stood up and accompanied Miss Azalia outside of the orphanage.

Great, Miss Azalia is gone, Miss Audrey is gone, and Miss Madeleine is gone. I'm in the danger zone right now. Avery looked at me when the three adults are nowhere to be seen. I ate faster and I stood up. "Okay, I'm done. I'll wash my plate in the kitchen" I excused myself and tried to walk away from the table as quickly as possible but Avery gripped my shoulder.

Oh no.

I turned around and Avery was smiling down as me. It was an evil smile. I can see the mischief in her eyes. I know that beneath that smile was a horrible and scary glare.

Seriously, is this person human?!

"I...I..." I stammered, I cleared my throat and spoke again "I need to wash my plate Avery, excuse me." I tried to turn back to the kitchen but her grip on my shoulder started tightened.

"What's the rush, Angelica? I still haven't given you my gift" Avery's grin widened. I have a big gulp. "Uh...well, whatever is it just... send it to my room!" I said, I turned around and walked away quickly but I should have known Avery would catch up to me.

She placed her huge arm around my shoulder; now I'm trapped.

"Well, I prefer to give this to you now." She said through gritted teeth and she led me outside.

"You're going to love this." She added, putting emphasis on the word 'love'.

Outside we met 5 of her other ugly friends. And they we're all grinning at me. I HAVE TO GET AWAY QUICKLY. "Uh, guys I appreciate the preparation for this gift but I need to wash my plate..." I started but Avery took the plate in my hand and threw it and it crashed somewhere.

"Okay, now your stupid plate is not your problem anymore. So just shut up, okay?" she said. "Ave, chill. It's her birthday be nice" one of the girls said in a mock sweet tone.

"Yeah but she cares a lot about that stupid plate and it irritates me" Avery frowned.

The others laughed. What's so funny?

"Oh well, let's just show her the surprise." Avery said and the girls nodded.

"Okay, we know how much you loved lilies." One of the girls started and at this they started laughing again. Then she continued, "And since this is your special day. We decided to do this for you."

They stepped aside and...

Oh, how could they...

The lilies...

They we're picked and thrown everywhere and were torn apart. I pushed them aside and ran to the garden and kneeled beside my ruined lilies.

No... this is the only piece of happiness I have in this orphanage and it's ruined.

"Now your beautiful flowers are dead. Just like your weak dead parents Avery said harshly. I was shocked at first, how did they know...?

As if they know what's on my mind, "What makes you think we don't know?"

I remained silent.

"We we're there when that old lady left you here. I stole the note she gave Audrey. Such a pity. You're all alone in this cruel world aren't you, Potter?"

"Poor stupid Potter. Her parents we're murdered and they failed to protect their own daughter."

I broke into tears and I balled my hands into fists. "They didn't fail to protect me, they died to protect me!" I said loudly and angrily. I don't even know if that's true. "And don't say a word against them!"

"They may have but they're weak." Another girl spat. "If they're strong enough they wouldn't have let themselves to be killed and send you here!"

Anger welled up inside me. Without thinking, I stood up from the garden and grabbed that girl's collar; "CAN YOU AVOID BEING MURDERED?! HUH?! DO YOU THINK YOU'RE STRONG ENOUGH TO DEFEND YOURSELF WHEN YOU'RE MINUTES AWAY FROM DEATH?!" I screamed.

Then Avery slapped me very hard and I fell on the ground. The girls laughed. I took a handful of mud and threw it in Avery's ugly face. She seemed startled at first then she turned tomato red and she ran at me and grabbed my hair. I started screaming and kicking. I hit her stomach and she groaned loudly. I punched her, hard in the face. The girls took a hold of my arms. I started struggling but they we're too strong. Avery slapped me repeatedly. Left... right... left... right.


At the word again she punched me straight in the nose. The girls let me go and I crashed on the ground. My nose bleeding and I am too weak to stand up.

"Get it in your stupid thin little brain, Potter" she said slowly. I can't see her face but I can feel the rage in her voice.

"Your parents are dead and they're weak. They failed to protect you, Potter. They don't love you." She spat. Every word burned through my ears, like she was carving them into my brain.

She spat at the ground, blood.

"Come on girls. Let's leave the birthday girl with her stupid flowers" she muttered and they left.

Why do they do this to me?

What did I ever do to deserve this?

I started crying hard because of the pain.

Pain from what Avery told me.

Pain from the slaps and punches she gave me.

Pain from the fact that my perfect day was ruined.

I know what Avery told me wasn't true, but the way she said it was hurtful. My parents are not weak. They love me. They sent me here because they know I'll find comfort in here. Avery was wrong. She's lying.

My hands balled up into fists once again.

I heard a soft voice inside my head; it was a boy's voice. "Don't worry, Angel. I'm here for you. I love you."

No, it wasn't my imagination. It was as if somebody is talking to me. It was my brother. How did that happen? I'm not crazy. I heard him. My heart pounded faster. I forced myself to stand up, ignore the pain that strikes in my body. Somehow, I felt stronger.

I love you too. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. I hope we see each other. I thought, I hope he heard my message like I heard his.

I started walking back towards the orphanage. I wiped any visible blood and mud on my face.

I'll teach Avery and her stupid friends a lesson.

As I got to the dining room, I looked everywhere for them. I found them on one table, laughing and chatting. I walked over to their table.

"Avery, look who's here." One of the girls said when I got closer.

Avery gave me a crooked grin. "Oh, it's looks like Potter wants more"

The girls sitting with her laughed. Avery stood up and cracked her fingers. 'You have a choice, punch or slap?" she asked and I spat at her face. Her friends got shocked and Avery started shaking from rage. "I'll take that as a punch" she said through gritted teeth. She was about to punch me when I got a hold of her fist. She tried her other fist and I caught it too. She looked startled and I threw her fists. "OW!" she exclaimed which caught the attention of some.

I grabbed her collar and twisted it. "Somebody took their bravery pills today. Good for you Potter" Avery said.

"You're wrong, Avery" I said.

"Excuse me?"

"You're wrong about my parents."

"Are we still on that topic?" she yawned. "You really have a thin brain don't you? Why don't you just accept that they don't lo----"

I slapped her hard.

"You talk as if your parents are so great but what about you, huh? What makes you think they love you?" I spat angrily. "Do you think someone would actually love someone as ugly and stupid as you?!"

She punched me hard in the stomach, I fell on the floor but I forced myself to stand.

"You think you're so great because you're so strong and big. Where do you get them from? Oh that's right your mother who's locked in jail!" I screamed.

Her friends got even more shocked. Avery stood there as shocked as they were.

"What makes you think I don't know?" I mimicked her. "Miss Audrey told me once. She explained that you're one of most pitiful orphans in this place. My parents may have died, but they died to protect me. Your mother on the other hand sold you to this place because she needed money for her drugs!" I screamed. "PATHETIC!"

Avery ran at me, knocked me down, and slapped me again repeatedly. Kids started to cry and scream. Like what I did a while ago I kicked her somewhere and she groaned and I pushed her away from me.

"Yes, I know all this things, Collins. So don't you ever tell me my parents don't love me, without looking at your own mother." I said calmly. I stood up and headed for my room when she grabbed my hair and punched me again and again.

"Avery stop!!" a girl screamed.

"Take it back, Potter! Take everything back!" Avery screamed.

"Afraid of the truth, Collins?" I screamed and she punched me harder. I kicked her again and again but she wasn't affected this time. Some boys grabbed her arms and pulled her away from me. She was struggling to get me again but the boys held her tightly. Kids we're crying really hard. "Let go of me!!!!" Avery screamed the boys. I stood up even though every inch of my body ached. I glared down at her. "Let her go." I muttered and Avery crashed on the floor. "You'll pay for this, Potter" she said.

"Shut up!" I said.

She stood up; the boys behind her looked alarmed and was about to grab her arms again but she pushed them away. Avery slowly walked towards me. I took a step backwards. She was glaring at me, her eyes we're flaring, her face was completely red, and it looks like she wanted to murder me.

Avery spat in my face, it wasn't spit actually.

Blood. She grabbed my shoulders and squeezed them. I wanted to scream, I feel like she's breaking my clavicle.

"So what if my mother is in jail?" she said. "At least I have a mother. Yours is dead"

"At least I can still visit and see her. Yours is in buried in dirt and you will never ever see her ever again." she spat.

I clenched my fists as I glared at her. My mind was blank; all I can think of is my anger towards this stupid girl. All I want is to pulverize her with my fists. I was shaking, shaking with rage. Suddenly, kids we're screaming and shouting. The boys and the girls looked startled and then terrified. Avery turned to looked at the chaos and she was as terrified as the people behind her. I twisted and pulled myself free from her grasp.

I saw what terrified them, and to be honest it scared me too.

Forks, Spoons, Plates and glasses were flying everywhere. The tables we're being knocked over and the chairs we're being thrown everywhere. The strangest thing is, no one is moving the things. They we're moving by themselves. Like... magic.

The forks, spoons and plates were chasing the little kids and they were running around the room.

A chair knocked over Avery and she fell on the floor. A large table got at least 5 teens cornered and a girl, one of Avery's friends, was pinned on the wall.

I was completely unharmed; I was standing in the middle looking horrified by what I was witnessing.

Avery looked at me. "What the hell are you doing?!" she asked. I gaped at her, "I'm not doing anything!"

I was just standing there in the middle, how could she say I'm doing something? But she looked at me suspiciously.


Suddenly the door flew open; everything stopped moving, the forks and spoons and plates dropped on the floor. The tables and chairs fell lifeless. Miss Audrey, Miss Madeleine and Miss Azalia entered. They noticed the kids crying and my and Avery's bloody face and all the mess and the people looking horrified. "What is going on in here?" Miss Azalia exclaimed. Avery stood up and ran to Miss Azalia. "Angelica hurt me Miss Azalia!" she whined and she started crying. "She kicked and punched and slapped me just because I picked some lilies for her birthday!!"

Miss Azalia looked at me horrified. "That's not true! She ruined my lilies! She was the one who was punching and slapping me! She called me a bitch and said words against my parents!" I protested.

"I just said you could give those lilies to your dead parents and that was my condolences!!" Avery screamed crying. "She was the one who said words against my mom. She said she sold me here to get drugs! She called her pathetic!!!" and she started crying.

Or... "Crying".

Miss Azalia wrapped her arms around Avery and she hugged her and she frowned at me. "I came here to get a piece of cake and this is what I saw?!" she exclaimed.

"SHE STARTED THE WHOLE THING!" I protested. "I don't care who started it! I can't believe you, Angelica. I thought you're better than this." She said.

"Miss Azalia, with all due respect. I know Angelica will never do such a thing." Miss Audrey spoke up.

"Audrey look! Avery's face is bleeding and she has scars and bruises on her face! How can you say she didn't do this?" Miss Azalia said.

"It's called self-defense" I said angrily.

"Don't you dare talk back to me, young lady!" Miss Azalia told me.

I can't believe this! I can't believe she's falling for Avery's lies! Sure I did kick her and say those things about her mom. But what she did to me was worst! It was clearly self defense!

"With all due respect, Miss Azalia but I'm also bleeding!" I added.

"That's fake blood; she only put that on her face so that she'll look innocent!" Avery cried out.

"Said the one who's feeding her lies!" I screamed.

"ENOUGH!" Miss Azalia scolded.

One of the boys who held Avery stepped in. "Angelica is telling the truth, Miss. Avery was the one who punched and slapped her."

The rest of the boys agreed.

"Stay out of this, boys" Miss Azalia said firmly.

She took a deep breath; "Everybody go to your rooms. NOW!" she ordered and everybody did what she said. As soon as the only people present are the five of us Miss Azalia turned to me.

"And as for you young lady, just because it's your birthday you don't get to act like the queen of England" she said.


"SHUT UP!" Miss Azalia scolded.

"Miss Audrey! Tell her!!" I said turning to her.

"It's true, Miss Azalia. Don't be blinded by Avery's actions. She's not a sweet as you think" she said cautiously.

"That's it! I've had enough of your lies." Miss Azalia started. "Audrey, you're suspended for 2 months."

Then she turned to me, "And as for you, you can start packing up your things. You're leaving tomorrow"

Miss Audrey started stammering and I was too shocked to move. "But where will I live?!" I exclaimed.

"Anywhere but here!" Miss Azalia replied. "We don't tolerate violent children, like you. Come on Avery..." and she left with Avery. When they got out I can see Avery grinning at me. Told you, you'd pay she mouthed. My hands balled into fists.

I turned to Miss Audrey and Miss Madeleine.

Miss Madeleine was rubbing Miss Audrey's back as she cried.

I ran to my room crying. My perfect birthday is ruined.

So what's the lesson I learned in this event? Never ever expect too much, because that too much can hurt you... so much.

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