I groaned when I heard that annoying ring of my alarm clock. I slapped my palm in the snooze button, stretched and got up. I noticed it's still dark outside; I scratched my head irritated thinking my alarm clock malfunctioned again. I grabbed the clock while muttering stupid worthless clock. I was planning on throwing it across the room when I noticed the time.

11: 50 pm

It didn't malfunction; it just woke me up right on time. I was planning to stay up until 12:00 to welcome my birthday. I do that since I was 7 years old. It was a habit of mine.

I wore my slippers and quietly sneaked outside of my room. I went to the huge room we call the "reading room". It's where we usually get comfy and read books to spend the time. I love to read books, but I have to be honest, the books in this room are quite boring and uninteresting.

So I usually just go here to spend some time alone.

I lit up some lights to enlighten the room and I sat on one of the red velvet couches in the room. Every July 30 I always go here and wait for July 31 to come and make a wish.

11:52 pm...

I lay down on the couch, big enough for me. I closed my eyes briefly and waited for time to pass.

Tick tock... tick tock...

I opened my eyes and looked directly at the mattress. It was sort of dusty and I had an idea to pass the time. I ran my fingers around the mattress, drawing lines and a circle. I was actually drawing a cake. I'm not an artist so my "drawing" kind of sucks.

11:55 pm...

Inside the circle I wrote the words: Happy Birthday Angelica and added a smile beneath the words. I stared at it. I never had a cake on my birthday, ever. Miss Audrey told me we don't have enough ingredients to make one and there not enough budget.

11: 57 pm...

I thought I heard a noise outside. My heart started to pound. What could that be?! I never believed in ghosts... until now. I stood up and looked out of the window and saw a tabby, grey cat sitting beside a trash can which looked like it was knocked over. I sighed with relief. It must probably be the cat that made the noise.

Then another thought came to me. Why would a cat be up in this time of the day? That's not all. It seemed to be staring at me, intently. I tried to scare it away but its eyes remained on me. I just left the window and lay back on the couch

11:59 pm...

One minute left...

20 seconds...










"Make a wish Angel" I tell myself. I closed my eyes and only one thing came to my mind: "I wish I would be able to find my twin brother"

I opened my eyes and blew the cake I drew, imagining it was a real cake and I'm blowing real candles. The dust flew everywhere and I started coughing. I pressed my face on the soft... comfy... couch. I feel sleepy... my eyelids feel heavy...

Before I knew it... I was already sleeping soundly.


I felt someone shaking me awake. "Huh? What?" I mumbled.

"Angelica, wake up dear. Today is a big day" I hear the sweet voice of Miss Audrey. I slowly opened my eyes to see her smiling at me. "Happy Birthday!" she said. I tried to say thank you but my throat aches, like always when I wake up in the morning. She smiled to say she understands.

I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes. The bright sunlight is blinding me. "Why are you sleeping here?" Miss Audrey asked sitting beside me. "I..." I started and tried to remember what I did last night.

Oh right...

"It's nothing...really... I just sleep walked I guess." I said and Miss Audrey nodded. Then she helped me stand up, I felt kind of dizzy but I tried to steady myself. We went down the kitchen and all the people there greeted me.

"Thank you" I said politely, smiling at all of them. Miss Madeleine smiled at me and then tucked the loose strands of my hair back behind my ear. "This the birthday you will never forget, dear" she said smiling at me. I just smiled back at her. In case you're wondering Miss Madeleine is one of the oldest people working here in the orphanage. You could say she's in her sixties or seventies. Miss Audrey is in her early forties, though. Sometimes I don't really like spending time with Miss Madeleine because she could be really scary, especially when she's mad.

She usually yells at the children and her voice can get really loud and hoarse and she uses a huge ladle when she wants to hit some kids in the head. But Miss Audrey said she's very kind.

I really shouldn't judge people if I don't know them well.

For me that's stupid.

But what can we do?

We judge and we get judged.

That's life.

Miss Madeleine took something out of the refrigerator. It's some sort of a pink box and it's huge!

"Don't spoil it Madeleine!" Miss Audrey said sternly.

"I know that but of course we need to put this out there!" Miss Madeleine replied. "What was that?" I asked Miss Audrey, "Nothing! Nothing!" Miss Madeleine said which caused me to raise my eyebrows. "Come on, help me with breakfast and then let's talk out on the garden, okay?" Miss Audrey said and I just nodded.

So as she said and as usual I helped her out with breakfast and as soon as we finished we went out to the garden.

We we're quiet at first, just standing there and observing the flowers (my eyes stayed on the lilies) then she broke the silence--- "11 years old... you're a lady now." she said and I gave a small laugh. "You always say that!" I replied with a smile. "Well it's true!" she chuckling.

I smiled and then sat beside the lilies and took one and smelled it.


"This will be the best birthday you'll ever have, I guarantee you that" Miss Audrey said and I nodded. "Too bad birthdays only last a day." I said. Miss Audrey sat beside me and I looked at her. "It feels like it's only been yesterday you we're brought here in the orphanage" she said.

"It feels like it's only been yesterday when my brother was beside me." I muttered but not quiet enough for Miss Audrey to hear. I regret nothing.

"Do you think I'll ever find him?" I asked. "My brother?"

It took a moment before she answered: "We can never tell."

"But I have a feeling you will, someday."

I hope so I thought. "What is your birthday wish?" Miss Audrey asked me. "You can't say what you wish for. Or else it won't come true!" I said. "That's just an old wife's tale. It's not true" she said smiling a bit.

"So what is it?"

Then I remember last night. The 'dust cake' I have drawn and my wish. I gave a sigh and looked at the beautiful flower in my hand longingly.

"I wish I would be able to find my brother" I said



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