I was in the kitchen helping Miss Audrey with dinner. I've been running the ladle around the casserole without paying much attention to it. The dream...the information about my past... every time I try to focus on something else, those two kept going back to my head. I know it's not wise to dwell on dreams... but... is it a coincidence that the person who brought me here keeps appearing in my dreams? EVERY NIGHT?


"Yes? What?" I say snapping back to reality. "I said don't just stir there, add some Worcestershire" Miss Audrey said patiently. "Right... sorry" I mumbled and added some Worcestershire on the roast beef. "You've been staring into space since I told you about your brother..." Miss Audrey said. "I can't stop thinking about him... where can I find him?" I asked more to myself than to Miss Audrey. I don't need to look at her for her respond because I know she doesn't know.

"Alright let's serve this to the children..." she said a few moments later. We served dinner, ate and head straight to bed.

I couldn't sleep...

Maybe it was the excitement of going to the zoo tomorrow or I still can't get over from the fact I have a brother. I stayed up until 1:00 in the morning. Just sitting on my bed and stared into space. If anybody was in the room with me they'd think I'm creepy but they can't blame me.

Oh brother where art thou? I repeated in my thoughts.

There came a time where everything started swirling and my eyelids felt heavy, then I just fell asleep.

It wasn't surprising when two people with long cloaks and a giant carrying a baby visited my dreams again tonight.


I stared out on the window of our bus, ignoring all the mess the noisy kids are doing. We're on our way to the zoo and Miss Audrey is doing her best to discipline the children. Once we got to the zoo the children finally calmed down as Miss Audrey lead us inside. No one was really paying attention to what Marissa, the lady who was touring us, is saying about the animals we've passed through. Some are just pretending to listen. I was listening intently to what she was saying. "Now this is an owl..." she said showing us a very cute brown owl which is currently asleep.

"Owls are usually nocturnal." Marissa continues. A little girl beside me raised her hand. Marissa called her and the girl asked: "What is nocturnal?" Marissa gave the little girl a small smile--- probably relieved that someone was actually listening to her--- "Good question..." she said then she turned to the rest of us. "Who knows the meaning of nocturnal?" She asked then my hand shot right up. Marissa called me and I answered:

"Nocturnal means being more active in the night than in the day." Marissa smiled at me. "That is correct!" She said. I was smiling widely then I heard Avery scoff behind me.

Be jealous I thought.

"Yes, owls are nocturnal but there are recent reports about owls' weird activities lately. That they have been spotted flying around Bristol during daytime!" Marissa continues. I raised my eyebrows. Flying around Bristol during daytime? That is weird. Why would owls do such a thing?

"No one knows why owls have been behaving like this. It's all a big mystery." Marissa said. "Have scientists been doing some researches on that fact?" I asked. "Yes, they have. But no one could really figure out why." She answered. "Are all owls nocturnal?" Someone from behind me asked. I looked around. It looks like everybody started to listen after Marissa mentioned the weird behavior of the owls.

"As of I know, yes." She answered. "There is also a fact that owls could carry letters back and forth"

Now that is certainly interesting. The children suddenly said a chorus of "whoa" and I smiled to myself and I'm sure Marissa is too.

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