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Pen Your Pride

The boy I met in the zoo never left my mind.

If my long lost brother invaded my thoughts the whole day the other day, then this boy did the same thing today.

I've been wondering if he's my brother but I can't be sure. Because...

He looked just like me.

Okay, let's be honest. He looks exactly like me.

But if I wasn't stupid enough I could've asked his name or if he has a sister.

All I know is that we look the same and we both have no parents.

And he's under the.... "Care" of his aunt and uncle and here I am in the "magical" orphanage.

But since I have no contact with my other relatives or I have absolutely no information about any of them, I can't conclude if he is my brother.

But I wish he is.


I was so comfortable when I was talking to him. Like what you would normally feel when you're around your sibling right?

I felt happier when I was with him. I don't remember smiling that wide the last 10 years here in the orphanage. He is certainly fun to be with.

I haven't met a lot of boys but I just felt like a connection between us. If I could choose from a billion boys around the world I would choose him as my brother. But we all know that's impossible.

But... what if he is my brother?

I guess I could die happy, then.

Because I finally found someone I could consider my family.


Nothing much happened the day after we had our field trip. It's just the usual routines I've been doing everyday.

Help Miss Audrey with breakfast Eat Nothing Help Miss Audrey with Lunch Eat Nothing Help Miss Audrey with dinner Eat Nothing Sleep Repeat.

But I have been spending my free time in my room just reading or lying down or just staring at my reflection in the mirror.

I'm not ugly...

But I'm not beautiful either.

I have a messy raven hair, with almond-shaped and emerald green eyes.

I'm kind of pale but my cheeks are rosy like I'm blushing.

My lips are pinkish and lastly...

The one thing that I hate about my look is that lightning scar in my forehead. I don't know how I got this, even Miss Audrey doesn't know. She said I already have this scar when I was brought here. I feel like I look hideous with it.

Because of this scar, I got the nickname: Scarhead from Avery. I try to conceal the scar with my hair as possible.

I really hate it as much as I hate my first name.

If only my name was just Angelica Potter. Why did it have to be Harriet Angelica Potter?

When I get older, I swear I will legally change my name. The only mistake my parents did is my first name. I guess...

Sometimes I wonder; who gave me my name. Was it my dad or my mum?

Sometimes I wonder...

What if they never died? My life would be perfect. I miss them yet I don't know who they are. I wish they're here with me and explain everything to me. But I'm going to find my brother, and we'll figure this out together.

Then the image of that boy in the zoo came in my thoughts again. If only I knew his name. If only I had more time with him.

If only...

Anyway... a smile crept its way on my face when I remembered something.

I'm wishing no bad things would happen tomorrow, just happy and great things and blessings. Miss Audrey did promise to make tomorrow the best day ever.

Well... Tomorrow should be the best day ever.

No wait...

It will be the best day ever.

It's my 11th birthday after all...

---End of Chapter 4---

(Author's Notes: It's too short I guess. Sorry xD)

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