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"Iris, you can't stay. It's too dangerous." Dad said.

"Daddy?" I asked. I was a year old, and I did my fully understand what was happening.

"I don't want you coming to Azkaban with me. There is someone I'm sending you with, and you have to keep your identity a secret to others. The only person who can know is the wizard I'm sending you with."

I was scared. I didn't know what was going on, or who I was going with. I barely understood what my father was telling me.

Then, a man walked into the room. I had seen him before, but I couldn't remember who it was.

"Remus." Dad said, hugging the man. "Thank you so much for this."

Dad let go and walked over to me. He picked me up and walked me over to the man.

"Iris, you remember Uncle Remus right? He'll be taking care of you until I get my name cleared. Remus, take good care of my daughter or else." Dad said. He set me on the ground. He took a knee in front of me.

"Iris, everything is going to be alright, I promise. I'll be back for you, I promise." Dad said, he hugged me tight and I tried to wrap my arms around him as much as my little arms could reach. I smiled since my father was giving me a hug. I didn't realize that it would be the last time I was going to see him.

Just then, another man walked in the room. Dad let go of me as the man grabbed him.

"Daddy!" I shouted as the man I thought was Remus took me in his arms.

"Iris! No, I need to be with her! Let me go!" Dad said, struggling to break the man's grip. "Iris! I love you! Daddy'll be out soon! I promise!" Dad said as he was dragged out by the man.

"Daddy!" I said. I started bawling as Remus carried me out the other exit.

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