Chapter 22

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I walked to the Gryffindor tower. I walked in the portrait and saw the others sitting in the armchairs. They looked at me with a smile as I sat down next to Harry on the floor.

"Rhea! You're out of the Hospital!" Hermione said, walking over to me. She gave me a hug as Ron walked over. He hugged me and said. "It's good to see you."

The two sat down and looked at each other. Harry looked at them, trying to tell them something.

"We were just about to leave." Hermione said. "Right Ron?"

He nodded and the two left the tower. I looked at Harry, who was starring into the blazing fire. He looked over at me with his bright green eyes.

"Hey Rhea." He said.

"I haven't heard that voice in a while." I said, a smile growing on my face.

"What happened, why were you in the hospital?"

"Oh, I fainted, that's all."

"There's more to it, I can tell."

There was a short pause. It was hard coming up with a lie.

"I got a vision. Someone is trying to kill me. I don't know who and I don't know why. I screamed and went unconscious."

"But who would want to kill you? You've done nothing wrong. And it's not like your father is Sirius Black or something."

A wave of panic hit me. I shook my head and said. "Yeah, it's not like he's my dad."

"But that's not important." Harry said. "I'm just glad you're alright."

I nodded, then said. "Look, Harry, I still feel awful about what happen the first trip to Hogsmeade. I want you to know that I should've said no in the first place. I was just scared to loose you, but I think you would've gotten over it."

"You're right. I got over that a long time ago. But it's in the past, so let's not talk about it."

"Right." I said.

We sat there for a few minutes in silence. I looked at the blazing fire, seeing my dad's face within the flames.

Just then, the portrait opened and we looked back to see who it was. Professor McGonagall walked in quickly. We stood up and walked over to her.

"Professor, what's wrong?" I asked, walking along side her.

"We need to get to the Great Hall. Iris Black is in the castle."

My heart started racing. Sweat rolled down my face.

"Iris Black? Who's that?" Harry asked.

"No time for explaining. Professor Dumbledore will explain everything. Now go!"

We nodded and quickly walked out of the tower.


People filled in the Great Hall, panicked looks on their faces.

Once everyone filled the Great Hall, Dumbledore stood up from his seat at the front table.

"You all must be wondering why we are here." He said. "Just before our holiday break, Sirius Black was in the castle. Now, there is a rumor that Iris Black is in the castle."

Murmurs of confusion and panic filled the hall. Harry looked across the table at Hermione and said. "Who is Iris Black?"

"She's the daughter of Sirius Black. She's supposed to be dead."

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