Chapter 9

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We reached Hogwarts about an hour after the dementors came on the train. We walked up to the gates of the castle and got into the carriages. I sat next to Harry at the end of the carriage. Ron and Hermione sat across from us. A boy walked up to our carriage and asked. "Can I ride up with you guys?"

"Sure Neville." Hermione said, moving closer to Ron to make more room for the boy named Neville.

"Oh, Neville this is Rhea Lupin." Harry said, putting his arm around me and squeezing me. I smiled awkwardly and said. "Hi Neville."

"Hi." Neville said with an awkward wave. Harry kept his arm around me for the entire carriage ride.

"So, are you two dating or something?" Neville asked after a long silence. I looked at Harry and said. "Oh, no we aren't."

"Then why does Harry have his arm around you?"

I looked at Harry's arm and said. "Yeah, why do you have your arm around me?"

"Oh, I don't know, I guess I just have it there." Harry said. I was wondering if he fancied me, then I remembered that I can read minds. I don't know how I always forget.

I looked at Harry again and thought, I can't just read people's mind just because. I looked away from him and let him keep his arm around me. It felt awkward because if he did fancy me then I would have to tell him that I was his god sister or something. I felt bad and kept looking at the ground.

I didn't talk for the rest of the ride, and Harry kept his arm around me.

We reached the castle and all got out. I snuck out from under Harry's arm and got off after Hermione. We walked up and I tried to stay as far away from Harry as possible, but couldn't.

Once we entered the Great Hall, I was stuck sitting next to Harry. He didn't put his arm around me, but someone did tap me on the back. I shot around and saw Draco Malfoy sitting at the Slytherin table. He tapped Harry on the back and I scowled at him.

"What do you want Malfoy." I said.

"Is it true you two fainted?" Malfoy said. "I mean you actually fainted."

"Shut up Malfoy. No one needs your comments." I said.

"No one wanted to hear your opinion you filthy half-blood."

"I am obviously more pure than you'll ever be."

"Rhea, it's not worth it. Just let it go." Harry said, turning me around. I heard Malfoy and his goonies start laughing. I turned around and pushed Malfoy's head down into the table. Harry, Ron, and Hermione started laughing. Malfoy looked back at me with his hand on his forehead. I grinned at him and turned around.

"That was brilliant Rhea." Ron said, a huge smile on his face.

"Thanks, I tried." I said, an even bigger smile on my face. Harry threw his arm around me and hugged me, then letting go. I went wide eyed at Hermione and she shrugged her shoulders.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Dumbledore stand up. I turned to face him and saw Remus sitting at the front table. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!" Dumbledore said. I looked at him as he started his normal beginning of the year speech.

"As you may have noticed, there are cloaked creatures roaming the outskirts of the grounds. These are dementors. They are here looking for the man Sirius Black. As many of you know, Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban and is on the loose. You do not need to fear because the dementors will not let him enter the castle."

I became very angry. My father is not a murderer, and there was no one I could trust.

"I must warn you to not provoke the dementors. They are not forgiving creatures. But happiness can be found even in the darkest of times," Dumbledore said, waving his hand behind a candle and extinguishing it. "If one only remembers to turn on the light." He then lit the candle by waving his hand behind it. I watched in amazement and grabbed Harry's shoulder. I shook him back and forth and whispered. "He's amazing isn't he?" Harry nodded and ushered me back up front. "I think he's announcing your dad." He whispered.

"I also have one more quick announcement." Dumbledore said. "We have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Professor Lupin." He ushered towards Remus. He stood up and everyone clapped. I clapped and cheered, a huge smile on my face. Harry threw his arm around me and hugged me again. Now I was getting tempted to read his mind.

"And now, let us begin our feast!" Dumbledore said with arms ajar.

Food appeared on large platters and we all started digging in. I grabbed some food and started eating right away. I was so hungry I didn't even care about what had happened today. I didn't think about how strange today was, nor did I care.

I went to bed not even thinking about what happened today. My head hit the pillow and I was out like a light.

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