Chapter 37

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It was getting close to sundown, Buckbeak's execution was getting close. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I were walking down to Hagrid's hut; a place I had only been once before.

We walked out of the castle to see Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle standing and watching Buckbeak's every move. He turned around and his goons followed.

"Ah," he said. "come to see the show?"

"You," Hermione said angrily. "you foul, loathsome, evil, little cockroach!"

She drew her wand and stuck it up to Malfoy's throat. Harry, Ron, and I ran down to catch up to her. We stood behind her and it was like watching a dramatic television program.

Malfoy cowered in fear that Hermione would hurt him.

"Come on Hermione," Ron said. "he's not worth it."

Hermione lowered her wand slowly and went to walk off. Malfoy and his goons were laughing and she quickly turned around and punched Malfoy in the nose. He dropped and Crabbe and Goyle helped him up. They ran off and Hermione looked back at us.

"That felt good." She said, a smirk on her face.

"Good?" Ron said. "That was brilliant!"

The smile on Hermione's face grew, and we went back to walking to Hagrid's.

We quickly walked to up Hagrid's hut to see Buckbeak outside chained up to a wooden post. We knocked on the door and the tall, half giant Hagrid stood in the doorway.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione, Rhea, come in." Hagrid said, letting us through. "What brings you four here?"

"We wanted to be with you," Hermione said. "when they kill Buckbeak."

"No, you shouldn't stay." Hagrid said. "I don't want you seeing a thing like that. Now, do you want some tea?"

"I would like some."  Hermione said.

"Me too please." Ron said.

"No thank you." Harry and I said in unison. We looked at each other again uncomfortably and sat down in the windowsill of the hut.

The sun fell quickly. Harry and I sat silent while Hagrid, Hermione, and Ron all talked. I just felt like something was going to happen, I didn't know what, but I wanted to know. I was completely zoned out and wasn't listening to a thing they were talking about.

All of a sudden, something flew at Harry and he jumped off the windowsill.

"Ow!" He said, holding the back of his head. I jumped down and put my arm around him.

"What happened?" I asked, trying to see if it was still in his hair.

"I dunno." Harry replied.

Just then, a shell flew in the open window and broke a vase on the table. I walked over to it and picked it up as Harry went to see who threw it.

I fiddled with the shell as Harry turned to us and said. "The Minister and Professor Dumbledore are coming."

"You four better go," Hagrid said. "it's getting late, and none of you should be out, especially you Harry."

"But Hagrid," Hermione said. "we want to stay with you."

"Like I said before, I don't want you seeing a thing like that."

There was a knock on the door.

"Just a moment!" Hagrid shouted. He pushed us along out towards the back door.

"Be careful and sneak out the back." He whispered. "Don't let 'em see you."

There was another knock.

"I'll be right there!" Hagrid said.

Ron forced Hermione and I out the door, and I heard Harry say. "It'll be alright Hagrid."

He quickly followed and we ducked behind Hagrid's pumpkin patch.

The Minister for Magic, Professor Dumbledore, and the executioner stood at the door of Hagrid's hut. Hagrid opened the door and let them in.

"Let's go." I said. Ron led us as we ran up the hill and to an open field. The executioner walked out with Dumbledore and the Minister.

"Harry, they're going to kill Buckbeak." I said quietly, taking a step closer to him.

The executioner took a step up to Buckbeak, who was lying on the ground. I took Harry's arm and pulled myself in. We went closer to Ron and Hermione as she moved closer to Ron.

The executioner raised his axe high above his head. I grabbed Harry's arm tighter as he quickly lowered it. He slammed the axe down and cut Buckbeak's head clean off. I tucked my head into Harry's shoulder, not wanting to look up. I felt tears rolled down my cheeks as Harry wrapped his other arm around me. I heard Hermione crying into Ron's shoulder.

"Ow!" Ron said. I looked up and Hermione did too. Ron's hand was bleeding and I saw his rat, Scabbers, running from his hands.

"He bit me." Ron said, looking for Scabbers. "Scabbers. Scabbers!"

Ron started running after Scabbers, and we all followed.

"Ron!" Harry said. "Come back!"

Ron picked up Scabbers and tripped and fell. We noticed that he was sitting in front of a tree.

"Harry, you know what tree that is, don't you?" Hermione said nervously.

"Ron! Run!" Harry shouted.

Ron pointed behind us and gave a look of panic.

"Rhea, Harry, Hermione run!" He shouted. "It's the grim!"

We shot around and saw a black dog running at us. It jumped over us and went for Ron.

"Ron!" Harry, Hermione, and I shouted in unison.

We ran after him as the dog dragged him off by the leg.

"Harry!" Ron said, reaching for Harry's arm. Harry held it out and was just about to grab it, when the dog went down a hole near the tree. I ran as fast as I could and slid down the steep mud ramp. I got up and chased after Ron and the dog.

"Ron!" I shouted, not being able to see and hoping Ron would shot back.

"Rhea!" Ron shouted.

"I'm coming!" I said. I ran down the dark hall, then found an old, creaky door. I went inside in search of Ron.

Ron sat in a dirty couch, his leg propped up on a footstool.

"Rhea," he said. "get out of here. It's him. Save the others, I'll be fine."

"Who are you talking about?" I asked. "Who's him?"

"I'm him." A voice said. I shot around and saw my father walk out behind the door.


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