Chapter 11

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I was awaken by a light tapping on my shoulder. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that I was resting on Fred's shoulder. I shot up and looked at Fred with wide eyes. He slowly stood up from the windowsill.

"What just happened?" I said, panicking. "You fell asleep on my shoulder." Fred said. "Don't worry, it was only five minutes."

"What! I can't believe this." I said.

"Why are you panicking? It's not that big of a deal. You slept on my shoulder, what's the problem with that?"

"Look, I know you don't think this is a big deal, but I do. I'm thirteen! It's insane to do that!"

"No it's not. Why don't you go find Harry, Ron, and Hermione and get to class. I'll go to my class and we'll forget all about this ok?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna go." I said, grabbing my bag and walking off. I walked towards the History of Magic classroom, were our next class was. I walked into the classroom and saw Harry, Ron, and Hermione sitting in the front corner of the classroom. I walked over to them, and before I could do any explaining, Harry started talking.

"What happened back there Rhea?" He asked. I sat down next to Hermione and faced the front, leaving Harry hanging.

"Rhea, are you alright?" Hermione asked. I didn't want to talk to Harry because I was so nervous. I felt my eyes become glassy as I got up and grabbed my bag. I moved to a seat in the back of the room, hopefully not having to sit with anyone. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked back at me, and I put my head down.

The door opened and I heard more and more people walking in. I went to look up and my head was pushed back down into the table. I shot up and saw Malfoy standing behind me. I pushed him back  into the wall, since he goonies weren't behind him for once.

"Lupin, you weak little half blood. You can't do anything." Malfoy said. I stared at him cold and hard.

"Says the one who couldn't punch me. Too scared Malfoy? It's obvious that I'm more of a pure blood than you'll ever be." I said, crossing my arms. Malfoy scowled at me and walked off. I love smiled at sat back down. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked back and I mouthed. "I'm sorry."


After History of Magic I walked alone to Defense Against the Dark Arts. I was the first one there, since I needed to talk to Remus. I walked up to his office and opened the door. Remus looked up from his work and stood up.

"Remus, I'm in a tight situation." I said. I felt myself shaking, panic and fear filling my lungs with every breath.

"What's the matter?" Remus asked. I felt light headed and I sat down, hand holding my head.

Remus dropped on his knee next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. I shuttered. I am really uncomfortable when people touch me. When I was taken away from Dad, Remus dragged me away from him. I was also picked up by werewolf Remus as a small child. It wasn't his fault, he couldn't control himself then, but to this day it scares me. It also wasn't just him, anyone who touched me I became scared. Remus went wide eyed and let go of my shoulder.

"Sorry Iris." He said quietly, looking down in self disappointment.

"I overheard you and Professor McGonagall talking, and you said that my dad is Harry Potter's godfather, and I think Harry may fancy me. I can't date him because he's like, my god brother or something!" I explained.

"Well, he probably wouldn't fancy you Iris. I mean, he most likely wouldn't fancy someone who's the daughter of Sirius Black."

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