Chapter 15

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After dinner I walked up to the Common Room with Neville, Seamus, and Dean. I told them about what happened with me and Harry, not about what happened with Fred. I didn't realize what I did until after I saw him walk past me in the Great Hall.

I was sitting in the Common Room, doing homework with Neville, Seamus, and Dean. From behind me, I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ron behind me.

"Can I talk to you Rhea?" He said in an angry tone. I nodded and closed my potions book. I set it down and stood up. I followed Ron out of the tower and down the corridor.

"What do you want?" I said. "I already know you now hate me, and Harry really liked me, we talked if you hadn't figured it out."

Just as I finished, Ron trapped me in a tight hug. I awkwardly hugged him back, not knowing what was happening.

Once he let go an saw my look of confusion, he said. "Fred talked to me. He told me what happened earlier. He made me realized, even though you broke my best friends heart, I should forgive you."

"Alright look," I said. "I appreciate the apology, but I don't think I broke Harry's heart."

"How do you know? Did you read his mind or something."

"No, I could tell by the look on his face, and what he said to me."


"When Harry and I talked earlier, he was saying that even if I said no when he asked me, he still would have been my friend, it would just take time. He said that since I said I didn't like him like that, it was going to take time. And you could see it in his eyes. His eyes were glassy when he first found out. His face was also red, meaning he was a little embarrassed. At the end, his face went back to normal, meaning he was okay. Then his eyes were dry. I think he'll be okay, no matter what he tells you. He likes to hide his emotions."

"Yeah I know." Ron said. After a short pause, he said. "You should be in Divination. You'd have perfect marks!"

I smiled and looked at my feet. I heard footsteps, and I had a hunch on who it was. I slowly looked up, annoyed because I knew it was going to be Fred. I was then shocked, because it wasn't Fred, but I was mad, because it was Malfoy.

He was alone, surprisingly. It looked like he was crying. I looked into his eyes as much as I could, since he was farther away and walking.

I saw a blob of colour as he got closer. It then changed into what I'm assuming was the Slytherin Common room. He was sitting with Crabbe and Goyle. No one else was there.

"I just wish I was nicer to her in the past." Malfoy said. "Maybe she would like me then."

"Malfoy, stop obsessing over her. It's obvious she just doesn't see anything in you." Goyle said.

"But I want her to like me. I know I can't change what I've done before, but maybe I can change her mind now."

"You know how stubborn she is." Crabbe said. "If you wanted her to like you, you'd need to use a love potion."

"I don't want false love. I want more than that. I want her to actually like me." Malfoy said.

"You just need to stop thinking about her." Goyle said. "It'll help. It helped with when I liked Pansy."

"But I can't! She's so beautiful. Her dark, brown, curly hair, her pale skin, her beautiful voice that rings in your ears, and the most beautiful thing about her, her grey eyes."

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