Chapter 40

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I walked back over to Ron and Harry left. He wanted to talk to my father. I helped Hermione hold up Ron and watched as Harry talked to my father.

"You must've missed him huh?" Hermione asked. I looked at her, then nodded.

"I went twelve years of my life without seeing him." I said. "He's my father, of course I missed him."

"I would be shocked if you didn't." Hermione said. Harry and Dad walked back over and Harry took Ron from Hermione.

Just then, I saw the moon peek out from behind a cloud. It was a very pretty full moon, until I realized...

Remus dropped to the ground and I let go of Ron and ran to him. Dad ran over to him too.

"Iris stay back." He said. I backed up and watched. Remus was changing into a werewolf, and I could do about it.

"Remus, Remus have you taken your potion tonight?" Dad asked, putting his arm around Remus. Remus was changing into a werewolf and it was bringing back terrible memories that I hoped to forget.

"We need to get out of here." I said, turning to the three behind me.

"What, why?" Ron asked.

"Because Professor Lupin is turning into a werewolf." I said.

"Children!" Dad said. "Run!"

I looked from my father to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Remus stood and he was now a full werewolf. He sent Dad flying down to the lake.

"Dad!" I shouted, trying to run after him. Ron held me back.

"Don't move Rhea." He said. Remus was hunched over and I felt terrible. Everyone feared him, but he wasn't controlling himself, it wasn't him.

Snape ran out in front of us.

"Stay back." He said. Remus looked over at Snape. He growled and Snape drew his wand. Remus progressively grew closer, and Harry covered Hermione and Ron covered me. Snape stood in front of us all.

Just then, a howl came from the woods. Remus stopped coming closer and looked into the woods behind us. He howled back.

Then, Dad flew out of nowhere in his dog form. He tackled Remus and we ran. We made it past Snape and we're headed towards the castle. I stopped, not wanting to leave my father. I started to run to him, but Harry grabbed me and pulled me off. Remus threw Dad across the path in front of us and over the ledge.

"Dad!" I shouted.

"Sirius!" Harry said.

We both ran after Dad and Ron and Hermione called after us.

"Hey!" I heard Ron's distance voice shout. "He's escaping!"

I looked back to see nothing. I kept running towards the lake with Harry. Dad was lying by the lake, unconscious.

"Dad!" I said. I ran over to him an dropped to his side. Harry dropped to his other side. Dad's eyes were closed and I thought for a second that he was dead.

"Dad," I said, tears streaming down my face. "don't be dead, please! Please I need you!"

Dad's eyes shot open and he shrieked like he was being tortured. Like my boggart.

I looked up as did Harry. Dementors swarmed us and we'd shot up. Dad stayed on the ground, again unconscious.

I drew my wand. "Expecto Patronum!" I said. A large white wisp blew away half the dementors by the lake, but my patronus wasn't strong enough to take the rest. Harry drew his wand.

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