Chapter 39

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"He's dead." Harry said, looking at Sirius. "You killed him."

"No he did not." Remus said. "Peter was on the map."

"What map?" Ron asked.

"The Marauders Map." Remus said. "The map showed him in the halls."

"That's not possible." Harry said. "The map only tells people in the school. He's dead."

Just then, Snape burst in the door. His wand was raised high, pointing straight at my father.

"Expelliarmus!" He said, disarming my father.

"Children, it's not safe here." He said. "Follow me out, and we'll leave him for the dementors."

"Oh why don't you run along and play with your chemistry set!" Dad said.

"I see you haven't changed a bit since school Black." Snape said. "Still tormenting others I see."

Snape walked over to Ron to mend to his leg. I never left Ron's side.

"Expelliarmus!" Harry's voice shouted. Snape went flying to the back of the room, hit the wall, and slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Harry!" Hermione said. "You attacked a teacher!"

"Tell me about Pettigrew." Harry said, pointing his wand at Dad and Remus.

"We went to school with him," Remus said. "We thought he was our friend."

"He's an animagus." Sirius said. "And he's a rat. Ron's rat."

"That's not possible." Ron said. "He's been in my family for twelve years!"

"That's an abnormally long life for a common garden rat." Dad said. "He's missing a toe isn't he?"

"That's nothing!" Ron said.

"All that was left of Pettigrew-" Harry mumbled.

"Was a finger!" Dad finished. "He cut his finger off! Now, give me the rat!"

Dad jumped at Ron.

"Dad!" I shouted, stopping him. Scabbers jumped from Ron's pocket and ran across the room. Dad and Remus went after the rat.

"Scabbers!" Ron said, standing up. "Leave him alone!"

I grabbed Ron's arm and put mine around him to keep him up.

Dad pointed his wand at Scabbers as he tried to escape the room. Scabbers then went from a small rat, to a plump man.

"Scabbers?" Ron whispered. He looked at me with a look of panic. I gave the same look back.

Dad and Remus pulled the man from the door and stood him up. They threw him in front of them and pointed their wands at the man. I grabbed mine from my back pocket with my free hand.

"Rhea!" Ron snapped. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not Rhea." I said. "I'm Iris, and let's keep it that way."

"Remus, Sirius!" The man said. "We were the best of friends. Us and James. We were so close!"

The man tried escaping, but Remus kept him back.

"You sold Lily and James out to Voldemort didn't you?" Remus said.

"I didn't mean to." The man whimpered. "He was going to kill me if I didn't tell him! Sirius, what would you have done?" He again tried to escape. Dad stopped him.

"I would've died!" Dad shouted at him. "I would've died rather then betray my friends!"

The man eventually got over to Harry. I sat Ron down and ran up to them. I stood in between them and said. "Don't you dare lay your filthy paws on Harry!"

The man pushed me out of the way and I fell to the ground.

"Rhea!" Ron , Harry, and Hermione shouted in unison. The man dropped to his knees in from of Harry as Hermione ran over to me.

"Are you alright?" She asked, helping me up.

"I'm fine." I said angrily. I held my wand tighter and looked at the man.

"You look to much like your father, like James! We were the best of friends!"

"Don't you dare talk about James in front of him like that!" Dad said. He tried to stand Pettigrew up, but he wouldn't budge.

"Your father would spare me! He would show me mercy!" Pettigrew said as they dragged him off.

"Let him go!" Harry said.

"Harry, what are you doing?" I asked.

"We'll take him back to the castle." Harry said, ignoring me.

"Bless you boy," Pettigrew said, taking Harry's shoulders. "Bless you!"

"Get off!" Harry said, brushing Pettigrew off. "We'll take you to the castle, then the dementors can have you."

Pettigrew starts whimpering and dropped to his knees.

"Let's go Pettigrew." Dad said. I walked over to Ron on the couch and helped him up. Harry got on the other side and Dad and Remus held their wands up to Pettigrew. Hermione walked out behind us all.

We walked out to the dark field. The sky was half cloudy and half clear, depending on where you looked. It was beautiful.

I looked over the waves on the lake. I saw Remus take Pettigrew and sit him down near the lake. Dad walked over to us and said. "Iris, can I have a word?"

I looked at Ron and Harry and they nodded. Hermione came up behind me and took Ron's other arm. I followed Dad over to a landing on a hill nearby. The view of the castle was beautiful.

"How have you been?" Dad asked. "I know I haven't lived with you for most of your life, but I want to hear all of it."

"Oh," I said with a small chuckle. "It's been quite hectic. It'll take more than just a minute."

Dad turned me to face him and grabbed my shoulders.

"I have missed you so much, my little pup." He said. I smiled at my childhood nickname Dad always called me. I hugged him tight and never wanted to let go.

"I missed you too Daddy." I said into Dad's shoulder. We finally let go of the right embrace and I looked at his scar-covered face. It made me sad. Everything was going to get better though, I could feel it.

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