Chapter 2

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I was awoken from my nap by the sound of knocking on my door. I got up reluctantly and opened the door. Remus stood in the doorway.

"Iris, come downstairs. I have someone I want you to meet." He whispered. I nodded. I fixed my hair in the mirror and walked with Remus.

"Remember, you're my daughter and your name is Rhea Lupin." Remus whispered as we walked down the corridor. I nodded and rubbed my eyes, still tired.

Remus led me downstairs. I slowly walked down the stairs and followed him. Remus led me to a red haired man standing with another red haired boy.

"Arthur, it's nice to see you." Remus said, shaking hands with the red haired man.

"It's nice to see you too." The man said. "So, who's this lovely young lady?"

"This is my daughter." Remus said, looking at me.

"I'm Rhea." I said, holding out my hand. He took it and shook my hand.

"I'm Arthur Weasley. I study muggle artifacts for the Ministry." The red haired man said. He looked over at the boy standing next to him. "This is my son."

The boy half smiled at me and I did the same.

"Well, you two run off. Get to know each other a little." Remus said. I nodded and followed the boy over to a table.

"So, what's your name?" I asked quietly.

"I'm Ron." He said. "You go to Hogwarts don't you?"

I nodded. Just then, a girl walked over. She had brown messy hair, and she was holding a cat.

"Ron, they just put up the wanted posters. Come look." She said. She looked at me strangely and said. "Who are you?"

"I'm Rhea Lupin. I'm in your house at Hogwarts." I said. She nodded, then said. "You come too."

I followed the girl to a post towards the back of the pub. There was a wanted poster of Dad, he looked insane. I read the poster and it said Dad had broken out of Azkaban. A grin broke out across my face, then immediately went away, not wanting to give myself away.

"So, what's your name?" I asked the girl.

"I'm Hermione Granger." She said, setting her cat down and holding out her hand. I shook her hand. Her cat ran off and up the stairs. I looked back at the poster. I felt a surge of happiness as I now knew my father was out of prison.

I followed the two back to the table. I saw two boys, twins I assumed, sit down across from us.

"Now who's this? Ron's new girlfriend." One of the boys said. Ron rolled his eyes at the two.

"Shut up George. We only just met." He said.

"Even better! We can approve of her before you two start dating." The other said.

"Will you two shut it? I do not fancy her."

I blushed and looked down. This has gotten really awkward.

"So, who are you then?" The one I thought was George asked. I looked up at him. "My name is Rhea Lupin. I'm Remus Lupin's daughter."

"Oh are you now?" The other boy said. "So, what do you think of our brother?"

"I mean, I don't know. We did just meet." I said. The boys nodded in sequence.

"So, you two are twins, right?" I asked.

"Yeah." They said together. "I'm Fred." One said. "I'm George." Said the other.

"Well this has got to be the most confusing meeting in my life." I said. The twins chuckled.

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