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Finishing the first game of the season strong the crowd erupted into cheers. Putting my arms up in victory our team assembled a line to give the opposing team high fives. I forgot how much I love being out here on the field after the long summer break. I forgot the roar of the crowd when you won a game, the entire summer I worked away at a job as a waiter.

In the summers when school and lacrosse wasn't a factor I worked away. I worked for every penny so that I could quit and be able to get myself by for the rest of the year. There was no way between lacrosse and school I could hold down a job. Now I had a new addition along with those two factors and that happened to be Asher.

Gathering as a team in a circle we all raised our sticks and did our chant before breaking after the coach gave us a speech about how well we played tonight. I was hyped up from the win running up into the bleachers to find Eleanor sitting with my family and Asher. I couldn't imagine he liked the loud chanting and screaming very much, loud studded noises scared him most often. He would fling his arms and legs out and start to cry.

"Congrats!" Eleanor stood up as I picked her up in my sweaty uniform, spinning her around until she squealed.

"Harry stop! You stink!" She called laughing once I put her down to hug both my parents.

"You did great out there tonight!" My dad said hugging me as I let go to see Asher sucking on his binkie staring at me.

"Thanks, I feel great!" Normally after a win like this the boys and I would head out to the bar and celebrate with booze and girls but this time was different. This time there was no booze because I had responsibilities and priorities and the girls mixed in with booze was not on that list.

"Was he alright with the crowd?" I asked my mum who took the car seat into her hand as we all walked to the parking lot to retrieve our cars.

"He wasn't the biggest fan but once your dad played patty cake with him he was fine." My mum responded to me as I walked along side Eleanor.

"You should come by and celebrate with me tonight!" I thought telling Eleanor and hoping she would respond with an "okay".

"What did you have in mind?" Len asked with a smile as she looked down at the ground. Her brown straightened had curtailing her smile while her eyes down casted.

"Movies, hot coco, tea, a traditional night in." I smiled as Eleanor and I walked a little in front of my parents. I wanted to catch up with Len since it had been so long since we actually got to talk.

"Okay, I'll meet you at your apartment then!" Len looked up pushing hair from her face to reveal her rosy cheeks that rose from the chilly air of a fall night. Her nose turning a little pink as well when her brown eyes faced my own.

"Okay! I'll see you in a minute!" I waved to her once we walked a short distance longer to her car. Her legs defined in those skinny jeans driving me crazy, she was even more beautiful than I remembered.

"It was nice seeing Eleanor again! She's so lovely, you could use someone like her in your life again, she's good for you." My mum told me handing me the baby carrier, taking it into my free hand I held it.

"Yeah, I've really missed her. I think she's coming over for a night in."

"That's a good idea. you know it's only been a few weeks but I'm proud of you, you have managed to shape up nicely for the baby." My mum went in for another hug, kissing my cheeks as she patted my back leaving.


"Come on bud, you need to go to sleep." I told Asher after I had changed his diaper and dressed him in his blue pajamas.

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