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"Hello is this Harry Styles?" The voice on the other side of the phone sounded familiar.

"This is him." I said picking up my phone and tilting my head to the side so I could continue solving the math problem at hand.

"Hi Harry! This is Kasey from the Pediatric Clinic!" That was who it was! The nurse from the clinic who hit on me.

"Oh hi!" I responded only paying half attention seeing at the problem I solved was wrong. Going back and erasing the entire problem I went to redo it once again.

"We are just calling about your test results. They just came in and we would like to go over them with you." Kasey explained as I began to figure out the logarithm. Quickly shooting my gaze up and over to Asher who was laying in his swing just a few feet away in the living room I became more alert to the conversation.

"Oh yes! That would be great! What did they come back saying?" I wondered standing up and biting my bent finger awaiting the results. Not that I was going to be surprised if it was positive, I have been told multiple times Asher is a spitting image of me.

"It says here that the test was positive, he is in fact your baby!" Kasey said with expression, none of this really surprising me much. "We also got his medical records in and it says here he was born August 17th at 2:35AM which does makes him 2 months old. We would also like to schedule you another appointment for when he is three months for a check up."

"Okay... Umm you wouldn't happen to have his birth certificate do you?" I asked wonder if the mothers name would be on that. It would be easy for me to track down the girl if I only had her name. Working off of one letter wasn't really helping comb through the women I could suspect.

"We do." Kasey paused pulling it up most likely.

"What are the names on the birth certificate?"

"We have the father as you and the mother as Valerie Clement." Kasey read off causing me to reel back into my mind. I had a last name to work with and it was time for me to think real long and hard. The only issue was I didn't know a Valerie! Plus the note had read K!

"Okay, thank you."

"Does October 25th at 12:15PM work for you regarding the three month check up?" Kasey asked me as I became more distracted now trying to come up with a first name.

"Yeah that works fine thank you!" I answered Kasey looking back at Asher with one hand on my hip. He was busily sucking on his passie and wiggling about in his swing.

"Okay see you then!" Kasey hung up causing me to do the same.

Going back to sit at the kitchen counter to finished up my piling math homework I couldn't help but go through all the Valerie's I knew. In my time I had come across a lot of girls with the last name Clements, it was a pretty common last name. Although I didn't know a Valerie, that didn't sound remotely familiar.

Making noises in his swing to try and get my attention I felt bad ignoring the baby who wanted me to give him my full attention. I had other things like homework, I couldn't give him what he wanted as he talked and babbled a little louder to attract my attention.

"What are you talking about baby?" I asked him still keeping my eyes and attention on my math homework that I was trying to speed through.

Replying to my little question he squealed out, happy that I responded to him. Making more baby sounds I heard the door open with a "Hey mate!"

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