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"Harry why aren't you taking Asher out trick or treating? It's his first Halloween with you!" My mum nagged as I unbuckled and picked him up. Eleanor had bought him a Dalmatian puppy costume that she insisted I dress him in before I took him to my parents house.

My parents had agreed to take Asher for the night while the boys and Eleanor and I went out. It was the first night I had away from the baby and I wasn't going to lie, I was excited to go out. I had gone from going out most nights to going out once in a blue moon which happened to be tonight.

"He doesn't even know what that is, and trust me he's not missing out much." I told my mum kissing Asher's head as he looked around the room curious about his new setting.

"So what are the plans for tonight than?" My mum asked me as I held Asher in one arm.

"The boys and I are going out with Len. We aren't sure what we are doing yet. We are still deciding on a party or haunted house." I said looking down at Asher who had his hands fastened to my t-shirt. I knew this would be a little tricky since Asher was still warming up to my parents.

"Just please be safe! And also could you not hook up? Although Eleanor is going to be with you so I trust her to keep you all in line." My mum nodded looking over at my father who sat slouched in his lazy boy chair watching football.

"I'm not who I was, you won't have to worry about police calls this year." I winked at her as she shook her head at the memory of Halloweens past. My mum often worries about Halloween since I had a history with the holiday ever since I was a freshman in high school.

"I have Asher's schedule in the bag and if you have any questions you can call me, but try not to have any questions." I smirked at her seeing her roll her eyes at me with a slanted smile.

"Harry you know I've raised two babies, I think I know what am doing." My mum responded while I then looked at Asher who still held tight to my t-shirt.

"Alright little guy, daddy's gotta go, okay?" I looked down at him to see he was unbothered even though that would change in a blink of an eye. "Have fun with Nan okay?"

Pulling him away from my body I felt his fingers slowly lose their grip. His face contorting into that of discomfort when his little hands were pulled away from my shirt. Handing him to my mum he began to wail out for me once I had let go.

"He will be just fine." My mum assured me as she held the wiggling baby that only wished to be back in my arms.

"I love you! I'll be back I promise!" I came back in kissing his cheek for the last time before leaving him with my parents.


"So what are we deciding on?" Louis asked finishing up his costume. We were all doing a group theme that Eleanor begged to pick out which happened to be hippies.

"I say we hit up the haunted house!" Eleanor said from the backseat while Liam drove through the city. The lights were all about as parties raged all throughout the night. Little kids running around in their costumes trying to get cast from others.

"What are we all thinking? Haunted house?" Liam asked among the group waiting for a unanimous answer.

"Yeah, I heard Blood Manor was good!" Louis said putting on a few beaded necklaces to finish off his look.

"Blood Manor it is than! I hope you brought an extra pair of panties Len, Blood Manor is supposed to be the scariest in the city." Liam warned as I looked back at her expression which happened to be confident.

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