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"Why in the fuck are you just standing there?" I yelled at Kasey who wasn't doing anything to help my son who looked as though he were dead already from the lack of action taken.

"He's breathing, this sometimes happens." Was all she said placing her hand on his chest to show me that he was breathing again very softly.

"What is wrong with him?" I was stressed from having to see all of that. It was hard to even see him now, he was a pale blue and very slowly regaining color.

"He's passed out, this happens when a baby holds his or her breath we call these breath holding spells or breath holding attacks. They happen in response to pain, fear, frustration, anger or even sometimes surprise. He wasn't holding his breath on purpose, but he turned blue due to the lack of oxygen." Kasey explained to me just as Asher inhaled deeply and opened his eyes waking from the brief unconsciousness.

Quickly taking my baby into my arms he began to whimper out and cry lowly as he coughed a few times. Pressing his head to my shoulder I felt Asher grasp onto my red flannel I was wearing. Rocking him back and forth I held him tightly against me not wanting to let him go.

"You scared me baby..." I told him rubbing his back while I did what I could to soothe him. I had never felt so anxious in my entire life, there was a reason I hated these check ups. I thought for a brief second I had lost my son.

Once I had calmed my own nerves to a manageable state I sat back into the chair that I had been in before and dressed Asher back up in his white hat and black and white jumper with a panda face printed on it. Collecting my diaper bag I walked out of the doctors office with Asher attached to me while I held him on my shoulder.

My nerves were high from my experience and I decided I wasn't going to do that alone ever again. I didn't have the heart to watch something like that happen alone again. The cold fall air brushing against my face while I walked to the car that I parked a few steps away from the clinic. I wanted to go home.


"Aw come here baby!" Gemma held out her arms to Asher once I handed him off to her. I had found Gemma stopped by the apartment when I came home, filling everyone in on what had just happened. "But he's okay right?"

"Yeah he's fine, it just scared the hell out of me!" I stressed to Gemma while Liam and Louis crowded around Gemma. All of them cooing to Asher, and telling him he was brave.

"All I'm saying is, I'm not going and doing that by myself ever again!" I told them as I went to prep a bottle for Asher. It was about time he usually ate even though he didn't seem to carry much of an appetite. Usually he would coo at the sight of someone making his bottle but now he only cuddled into Gemma, careless about the bottle.

"Damn it sounds like something straight out of Grey's Anatomy!" Liam said pulling his homework back out onto the counter. Seeing him do this reminded me that I had a ten page paper in English and a book assignment in biology

"Mate it was!" I shook up the bottle handing it to Gemma so she could feed my little boy.

"I'm making you or Len come with me next time, he has a six month appointment in two months or something like that." I told Liam while he busily wrote away on his paper.

"That sounds like a job for Eleanor." Liam declined while I looked over at Gemma who was struggling to feed Asher. Turning his head as soon as Gemma approached him with the bottle, pushing it away.

"Come on little guy, you gotta eat." Gemma tried as he turned his head once again when she brought the bottle towards him.

"Step aside little Gem, I'll show you how this is done." Louis interjected once Asher pushed away the bottle not wanting anything to do with it.

"Okay I would love to see you try." Gemma handed Louis the bottle and Asher, Louis setting Asher on his arm while he held the bottle in the other.

"Watch and learn my sweet Gem." Louis began to throw the bottle up into the air and do tricks with it for Asher to visibly see. Getting a airy laugh out of him as Louis made different noises while flipping the bottle in his hands.

"Now watch this." Louis went to put the bottle into Asher's mouth but was declined when he turned his head away.

"Failure." Gemma laughed as she saw Asher give Louis the same result. "I watched and I learned nothing." She teased laughing at Louis who tried to prove something to her, which didn't end up working out.

"So what's going on with you and Len?" Gemma turned her attention to me as I pulled my homework out just like Liam.

"What do you mean?" I asked her staring in on my biology that would take up the least amount of time since it was only a book assignment where you had to answer the questions.

"Don't play me for a dumb ass Harry, you know what I mean." Gemma grinned putting her hands on her hips and tilting to the side.

"Eleanor and I are friends, I dot know what you're reading into." I shook my head denying any feelings I may have for Len. I would admit to myself I was developing a crush from seeing her again but she had told me herself that I was her best friend.

"I see them getting together by Thanksgiving." Liam placed his bets looking up from his homework with a grin playing on his lips. Liam had let his scruff grow out and I hadn't noticed until just barely, it was a good look for him.

"Mate that's at the end of the month!" I stressed to him shaking my head. There was no way Len and I would be together by then, I really loved Eleanor but I had issues to work through before I put myself into a real relationship. I didn't want to hurt or complicate things with her because I genuinely cared about her.

"I'm calling it. With as much time we spend with her, I say you are together by Thanksgiving." Liam shook his head at me getting Gemma and Louis to join in and agree with him.

"I'm putting 20 diaper changes on the line." Liam offered just as Louis interjected with another offer.

"I see your 20 diaper changes and I'm raising you 5 more diaper changes." Liam arched a brow as Gemma laughed putting a hand over her mouth.

"You know I'm starting to really like how this is panning out." By this time at the end of the month I wouldn't have to change any of Asher's diapers if I didn't want to.

"Oh it's so on!" Louis told Liam, Gemma not willing to bet anything while she backed out seeing the competition between the two boys.

"Shake on it?" Liam asked Louis as Louis came toward Liam with Asher still in his arms with the bottle.

"Consider it shook!" Louis reached his free hand out to shake with Liam's. All I knew was that there was 25 diaper changes in the line which was only an advantage to me.

note// so Asher is fine! Yay! This actually happened to my brother when he was a baby and it was scary as hell! Do you agree with Liam? When do you think Harry and Len will be a thing?!

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