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I woke to my phone buzzing relentlessly under my pillow. Someone was calling me as I felt the vibrations underneath the padded pillow and the muffled melody of Me, Myself, and I by G- Eazy. I groaned louder then required and slipped my hand under the old under part of the pillow till I felt my phone in reach, grabbing and pulling out from under my pillow I heard the chorus of the song more clearly now that the speakers were covered over by all the padding of the pillow.

Swiping right to answer the phone with my eyes still closed I answered in a rasped out voice as my eyebrows furrowed. "Hello?"

"Did I wake you up?" Her voice was soft as she responded to my tired groggy voice.

"No, I was just getting up." I lied not wanting Eleanor to feel bad about her interrupting my few hours of sleep I had received. Readjusting my head onto my pillow I pulled with my free hand, my comforter up towards my face to burry myself into the bed.

"I'm sorry Haz, I just have been thinking about you and want to you if you and Asher are okay?" Eleanor was concerned about me and Asher and since I had canceled our date on such short notice she deserved somewhat of an explanation.

"We are fine, I think the antibiotics the Doctor gave us are helping him sleep and feel at least decent, we were at the ER for a good half of the day yesterday." I explained to Eleanor giving her a basic run dow of how yesterday went concerning Asher and the reason why I had canceled our date.

"Aw poor baby, do you need me to come over and help out? You sound exhausted." Eleanor picked up as I sat on the line beginning to fall asleep once again. My eyes were droopy and my lids threatened to fall when I yawned out loud.

"No, it's alright... I have a few things going on today." I reassured her, I wasn't ready to tell her that Keira was here in the city again. The less she knew bayou this issue the better, when I knew what the situation was I would bring it up to her. For now I didn't see how she needed to know quite yet.

"Okay... Well text me if you need anything or want to have a night in tonight." She sounded as though she was let down by my answer. I wished that things weren't complicated with my life at the moment. What I would give to have a night in with Len while we watched movies and cuddled on the couch.

"I will, I'll text you later okay?" I told her not wanting to disappoint her completely. I could tell she wanted to spend time with me and I wanted the same, unfortunately I had some things to sort out and it all was bad timing.

"Okay." She concluded as we both said our goodbyes, a beep signaling a dead line played in my ear for a slept second letting me know she had hung up. I sighed deeply and cuddled into my blanket before I heard a knock on my door. This was all expected, it seemed like every time I became comfortable someone would interrupt me and ask something of me.

"Damn it." I groaned rasping out quietly as I heard Louis whisper yell my name, being conscience of the sleeping baby that was only a few feet away from the door. "What is it?"

"It's 10:30AM mate, I wanted to make sure you weren't dead." Louis spoke in a loud whisper.

"I wish I were dead." I muffled into my pillow loud enough for Louis to hear.

"Liam told me that Madison came over late last night, what was that about?" Louis questioned as I groaned and sat up in my bed, rolling to my side before sitting up completely. Rubbing my eyes of the sleep that crusted over the corners I stretched out my limbs.

"She said she needed to talk to me." I told him vaguely as I touched my feet to the floor and stood up on my morning legs. Watching Louis give me a disapproving look, I leaned over to see Asher was still dead in a sleep; clutching onto one of his blankets.

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