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"I'm so scared.." Keira's sky blue eyes were clouded over as we looked at her childhood home. Standing and staring at the front door I turned to face her before even knocking. "I feel like I need to vomit..."

"Take a few deep breaths for me." I took both her hands and began to do deep breathing exercises to bring down her nervousness. Closing her eyes she copied my same breathing pattern as I did my best to calm my own nerves that were building up.

"Everything is going to be okay, you just need to breathe." I reassured her as her dark straightened strands fell down over her shoulders. Her dark almost raven hair drew contrast to her crystal blue eyes, the same eyes she shared with Asher. Her skin was painted pale the longer she thought about what we were about to do, I could visibly see the sickness her body was feeling under all the pressure and fear.

"God, I feel sick..." Keira trailed when her pale blue eyes opened up to me once again after trying to breathe and regain some control over her raging mind and body.

"I'm right here. I'll be here the entire time." Again I assured her as I went to knock my fist against the door. Keira was frozen, eyes trained on a spot on the front door.

Footsteps clicked on the the other side of the door leading me to believe it was the sound of heels clicking against the tile. My nerves were pricking against my skin as I saw and heard the twist of the knob, my breath temporarily hitching in my throats when the door was swung open.

Another pair of familiar blue eyes trained on me, the same eyes that Asher and Kiera shared. The women was dressed in a navy blue pencil skirt with a matching blazer with a white too underneath. With her dark layer bob, it gave off she was a women of luxury and power, her appearance alone was enough to put you into your place.

"Keira?" Her voice spoke as she changed her gaze to Keira who seemed to be completely paralyzed.

"Mom." Keira pushed out after a few seconds of her staring. I could see her hands shaking from the fear of her parental figure.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" She folded her arms and slanted her hips to the side. Everything about her gave off an intimidating vibe and I could see Keira being smashed under her.

"Mrs. Clements, can we come in?" I asked trying my best to speak up and help Keira who was struggling to hold herself together. She was frozen in place and non responsive.

"You must be Harry, I've heard a lot about you. Not from my daughter I'm sure you can assume." Her mothers eyes were as cold as ice when she looked me up and down. Out stretching my hand I met hers in a handshake before she welcomed us into neatly decorated home. Art pieces that must cost more then my future lined the walls to match the decor.

"George? We have company!" The woman shouted to which I still had. I clue as to what her name was. Once we are seated on the couch across from Keira's mother, I felt her scoot closer to me for comfort.

"It feels like just yesterday I was living here." Keira whispered as a man I assumed was her father came into the room to take a seat next to his wife.

The man was dressed in a black suit, his presence presenting that of importance. He had a strong stature and a pair of dark brown eyes that were used for intimidation to get what he wanted. His salt and pepper hair styled neatly in a professional manner.

"Hello there darling, missing home already I see." He greeted with snake like eyes as Keira's hand again began to tremble as I looked down.

"Not exactly..." Keira's voice shook and was unsteady talking to her parental authority figures.

"You've been away for a long time. Tricky to find might I say." Her mothers eyes narrowing in on her daughter that was trembling inside her skin.

"Maybe I didn't want to be found." Keira replied swallowing hard as her voice gain a little more volume.

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