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Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson  [Ageplay] by hisoopsforhishi
Boots & Booty - Larry Stylinson [ Pastel Pink
One where Harry wears boots and Louis has booty. . . . Ageplay (DDLB) Little!Louis Daddy!Harry This book may contain triggering content for some people. So please, rea...
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desire || h.s.  by ffilms-
desire || h.s. by eve
In which a family friend falls for the budding daughter he's known all her life. **WARNING: contains smut, cursing, alcohol, legal age gap, read at own risk!!**
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lolly {h.s. daddy kink!} by daddyharrystyless
lolly {h.s. daddy kink!}by daddyharrystyless
"Hey babygirl, want a lolly?" in which a 26-year-old man gives lollipops to a pure 17-year-old girl. ! mature ! 14+ !
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Devils Little Angel -  A Larry AU by prettylouistommo
Devils Little Angel - A Larry AUby prettylouistommo
"Well Louis, I'm the devil and you are in Hell." or, Louis, an angel, is dragged to hell from heaven in the after life. A hot tempered devil awaits his arriva...
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MADEMOISELLE ✧ H.S AU by minuteforminute
MADEMOISELLE ✧ H.S AUby harrys gyal
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My little baby - a Drarry ff by Yoonglesxchimchim
My little baby - a Drarry ffby Yoonglesxchimchim
Draco Malfoy is known because of his evilness, but deep inside he's just a little cute baby. This evilness is only a facade that his father makes him wear... ...
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I Hate You (Larry Stylinson) ✅ by larry_love_ED
I Hate You (Larry Stylinson) ✅by larry_love_ED
Good looks mean nothing if you're an asshole. When Louis, a struggling writer, meets Harry, a world-renowned poet, he learns exactly that. Harry's hurtful words and tor...
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BABY PINK| h.s. d a d d y by styles_lmao
BABY PINK| h.s. d a d d yby 🔆
Pink roses were her favorite. So he bought her white. ** "God didn't give you that beautiful mouth so you would fucking cry all the time. Be a brat, see what happen...
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White Ribbon by 5sosfangirltexts
White Ribbonby 5sosfangirltexts
"We shouldn't be doing this." Harry whispers. "That makes me want to do it even more, daddy." A story in...
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BabyGirl || h.s  by givenchymalik
BabyGirl || h.s by aspireful 🌿
❝You'll always be my babygirl.❞ BabyGirl Published: December 26, 2015 Completed: August 14, 2016 Runaway Published: May 4, 2017
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Lady Killer [h.s] by BritishxStyles
Lady Killer [h.s]by BritishxStyles
♰ His hands were tainted and sinned He'd done unspoken things with his very own bare hands They were deleterious yet those same hands belonged to the tainted man whose...
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between the sheets (h.s) by -captainsbucky
between the sheets (h.s)by B
Love is madness and lust is poison.
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Uncle's best friend (h.s) by babyxbites
Uncle's best friend (h.s)by 💜 amethyst 💜
🚫WARNING🚫 This story contains mature content, such as sex, daddy kink, age gap, kidnapping, ect. Please do not read if this things could be triggering to you. xxxxxxxx...
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•Be My Baby• ~l.s, bdsm, mpreg. by littlelouisstyles
•Be My Baby• ~l.s, bdsm, littlelouisstyles
When Harry absolutely knows he doesn't want a submissive anytime soon, he meets innocent, blue eyed, curvy little Louis. Will Harry keep Louis? Or will his feelings once...
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Locked Away by HesAFoolForHim
Locked Awayby M
Louis is an innocent 16 year old who has had a horrible life his entire life and when he meets what he thinks is his Prince Charming, he gets accused of selling drugs. ...
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Lolita {l.s} by larryx4life
Lolita {l.s}by larryx4life
Lo•li•ta noun A precocious young girl.. Or in this case, a young boy who lusts after older men and has older men lusting after him.
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Troublemaker  by angelwingslarry
Troublemaker by Hannah and Riley
Louis just loves being punished
Little Louis by thelarrieswriting
Little Louisby thelarrieswriting
Harry Styles has always been that odd ball out when it came to taking care of people. While all of his friends were out getting drunk and fucking people just for the fun...
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Little Louis by gooniesneversaydie1
Little Louisby gooniesneversaydie1
Louis has a past full of saddness and abuse. He's classified a "little" but has been taught not to regress. Harry and Edward are carers, they've been looking f...
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Model Material- Larry Stylinson by rainbow_hersh
Model Material- Larry Stylinsonby Court x
My parents always warned me about drugs on the street, but not about the one with big green eyes, soft curly hair, and a heart beat.
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