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The roar of the crowd encouraged me further as I cradled the ball in my stick. Dodging players of the opposite team I kept my focus on the goal as my feet carried me to the goalie who's sole job was to block my shots.

We had been training so hard these past few weeks to better prepare us for our opponents. The coach had cracked down on us and turned up the heat with our conditioning and stick skill, we needed to be the best. I had put my body to the test and it had was withstanding more then I had imagined. Not only had it been withstanding caring for a baby, but it also endured daily lacrosse practice as well as the pressures and stress of college.

Swiftly dodging a stick that had been struck against my stick I managed to keep the ball cradled in the head of it. Keeping my movements quick and precise I swung my stick sideways in hopes I made an unblock-able shot for the goalie.

The rowdy crowd became distant as my heart beat loudly in my ears. My eyes glued to the ball that flew straight into the goal where I had aimed for it to go. Within seconds my teammates rose me up and revved me up, bringing me to a realization that we had won the game.

Screaming out in victory I slid off my helmet and held it in the fall air. The stadium lights lighting the crowd and field under the dark star scattered sky. The cool hair feeling nice against my sweaty forehead that had been trapped under my helmet. The rush a win gives you almost ignited your entire soul. Looking out into the mass of people cheering in the crowd I located my family as well as Eleanor who say next to Gemma.

My heart knocked against my ribs as I saw her cheering out for me. The support I had was unimaginable and I was realizing this all as the team and I chanted our team song. I had so many people in my life that gave me all the support I could ever need. This all made me think about Keira, I wondered if she had the same support I did. Could that be a potential reason why she had left Asher with me? Did Keira have anyone to support her?

Walking back into the lockers rooms I was met with the cheer team. I had been with most of the girls on the squad since all were way too easy. They were all so desperate for my attention that they fell under my spell with a snap of my fingers. Being caught by the collar of my jersey I was pulled lightly back out onto the field. To the sideline I turned to see who was the one wanting my attention.

"It was a great game out there! You were amazing!" A girl with tanned skin and hair Raven black hair bit her pink lips.

Her cheer uniform exposing her rock hard toned stomach that she worked on due to cheer. I noticed she had a little faux diamond belly button ring pierced to her navel. Her face was pretty with the nicely structured cheeks bones and flawless skin, her dark brown eyes complimenting her overall look.

"You were too!" I said to her looking into the crowd to see Eleanor talking to Gemma and my parents.

"I've heard from the grapevine your not only amazing on the field but, you're also amazing in other fields..." She trailed flipping her long ponytail off her shoulder until it flowed down her back. It was tied on a big purple bow that I could help but find highly attractive.

"Look, you are beautiful and all but-" as soon as I tried to explain myself I was met with a pair of lips. The girl's lips attacking mine, I was completely caught off guard by this girl.

Her lips holding my captive as she continued to force herself on me. Pushing her away gently I furrowed my brow and shook my head at her. Disappointed that this had even happened in the first place.

"Why don't we take this back to your place?" The tanned skinned girl with long black hair asked giving me an innocent expression.

My only hope was that Eleanor didn't see that little mistake I had made. The nameless girl had come into me even though I was about to explain I wasn't the same guy anymore. She was making me feel uncomfortable since I was more serious with Eleanor whether she knew that or not. I didn't know if Eleanor felt the same ways out me as I did her but I only hoped the feeling was mutual.

"I'm with someone, I'm sorry." I rejected hoping that would be the end of this uncomfortable situation I found myself in.

"That hasn't stopped you before." I felt her rub her body up against mine causing my nerves to prick from being put into a situation like this. Back a few months ago you wouldn't have to ask me twice to get with a pretty girl like her, but my priorities and mind set had changed.

"I was never with anyone else before, I'm sorry; I just can't." I told her backing away just to see her face drop. I didn't want her to think I was a douche bag for rejecting her but things were different now. I didn't want to be with anyone else and nor did I feel the need tone with someone else.

"Whatever." The girl rolled her eyes tossing her ponytail whilst turning her attention away from me. I walked towards the locker rooms once again finding myself under the covered area before reaching for the door handle.

It didn't take long for me to gather my things and head back out to where I would meet my family. Slinging my blue Nike bag strap over my right shoulder I went on my way to the parking lot where I knew my family and Len would be waiting for me.

"You did so good out there!" My mum embraced me as soon as I came in a close enough proximity. Exchanging hugs with my mum my dad patted my back with pride once I pulled away from my mother.

"Thanks for coming!" I thanked doing our little detect handshake Gemma and I had made up when we were kids. Asher's car seat sat right below her feet and to my surprise he didn't make a peep.

"I would miss your games for a world!" Gemma told me back as I looked around at the group to see Eleanor absent.

"Where's Len?" I asked around our group hoping that they knew her whereabouts, or at least when she had left.

"She said she wasn't feeling well but said to tell you, you did great out there." My mum informed causing my brow to furrow. Even if Len was sick she wasn't the type to leave without saying her own goodbye.

"Did she seem upset?" I asked wondering if she did actually see the kiss between me and the cheerleader who came up fast on me.

"I didn't seem to notice much." My mum shook her head over Eleanor's demeanor.

Looking down into the car seat o saw Asher begin to stir and rub his eyes signaling he was tired and in need of a bed. Making little cranky sounds he looked up at me and began whine softly from needing some sleep.

"I better get home, it's past Asher's bedtime." I told my family as Asher reaches for me to hold him. Asher was a cuddle bug and liked to nuzzle up onto my chest before he fell asleep.

"Alright, well I love you!" My mum said as I exchanged hugs with everyone and thanked them for coming out to see me play.


"Alright bud, I know life is hard..." I said as I strapped the tabs to his new diaper. I had woken him up from taking him out of the car seat and he didn't take liking to that at all. Crying tiredly as I found some PJ's I slipped them on as he cried from being tired.

Once I had managed to get him dressed in some pajamas I picked him immediately and laid him until his head rested on my shoulder, walking over to his crib where I retrieved a blanket to lay over him I then went to switch off the harsh light of our bedroom.

Rocking back and forth I noticed his crying calmed until sooner or later his breathing patterned steadied out. He was limp as I laid against my shoulder, something that helped to let me know he was asleep. Laying him down in the crib and covering him with another blanket I pulled my phone from my sweatpants pocket, I needed to check in with Eleanor.

I needed confirmation that she didn't leave due to seeing the accident on the field. I didn't want her to think I wasn't serious about her, I didn't want her to think that I was regressing back into the old me when that wasn't the case at all. I had worked too hard to go back to who I was now.

Harry: Hey, I missed you at the end of the game. Are you okay?

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Eleanor: I'm sorry, I was feeling sick:/ congrats on the win.

Harry: Do you need me to bring you anything?

Eleanor: No, but thank you. I'm going to get some sleep. Goodnight Harry.

Harry: Goodnight Len:)

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note// Oops! Do you think Len knows? Thoughts? Predictions?

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