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"Don't you have a meeting with coach?" Louis asked as I cradled Asher. I was so exhausted from last night since Asher barely even slept, constantly waking up because he was sick.

"Yeah, but I can't go. Asher is sick and I don't want to leave him, plus I'm exhausted." I ran my free hand down my face while the other occupied Asher whose eyes were droopy. He had a runny nose that I was constantly wiping, trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. Once his fever had come down from yesterday a cough developed in his throat.

"Harry, you have Liam and I. Coach doesn't call meeting to individual players very often. You have to go." Louis told me as Asher went into a coughing fit.

"I'm not leaving Asher." I shook my head looking down at my sick little boy who was tired but unable to sleep. He was restless from feeling ill and I wished I could do more for him.

"What if we call Eleanor over here to help?" Louis asked me, he was going to go through any length to get me to go and talk to coach but it just wasn't my priority. I had skipped class today due to Asher and also canceled Len and I's night out.

"We were supposed to go out tonight but I canceled, I don't want to leave Asher when he's sick." I shook my head explaining myself while Asher coughed and sniffled from being unable to breath properly.

"Harry, you don't have to cancel your date because the baby is sick, Liam and I have it handled." Louis told me trying to help out even though I wasn't totally comfortable. With Asher sick, I wasn't too excited to leave him alone.

"It's fine, I'm exhausted anyways. I'm going to see if I can lay him down for a bit." I said to Louis walking back to my bedroom with my sick little boy in arm. Asher was tired and was falling asleep in my arms as I walked to the bedroom, I was just as tired, hoping I could get a little sleep.

Moving him into his crib I laid a blanket over him and crawled onto my own bed where I cuddled up into my pillows. I was so tired from getting zero sleep last night and instantly fell asleep once my head hit the pillow.

Shooting up from being engulfed in my bed I heard a struggled gurgle come from Asher. Averting my eyes to the crib a few inches away I saw Asher struggling. Picking myself up I picked up Asher and saw him immediately blow out vomit he was gurgling while laying on his back. Shortly after cries followed as the vomit spilled out of his mouth.

Stripping off his clothes that now were newly vomited on I quickly took off his diaper to double check his temperature. He had felt warm as I took off his clothing and that worried me, leading me to believe he was getting worse instead of better. Again checking his temperature I heard Asher cry out even worse as I waited for that beep from the thermometer.

102.4. Widening my eyes and taking action I found the nearest piece of clothing I could and dressed him lightly. Taking him into my arms I barged out of the bedroom to see Liam sitting up to the counter doing homework while Louis played on his phone.

"What's wrong with the little man?" Liam asked once he heard Asher screaming from having a high fever and being sick. We hadn't been asleep for very long until had heard him struggling in his crib.

"We have to get to the ER now!" I shouted sweating as I buckled Asher into his car seat. Asher was even more upset that I wasn't holding him as I strapped him into his seat.

"What? Why? What's happening?" Liam sat  up dropping his pencil. Louis also standing up from the couch worried about what was happening.

"We need to get to the hospital! Asher has a fever of 102.4!" I informed swinging the car seat over my arm and opened up the front door just to have Liam and Louis follow behind me at a quick pace.

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