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"Len came over last night?" Liam asked me as I scribbled down answers on my homework I had procrastinated on. I had put my school life on hold ever since Asher came into my life. I couldn't find the time to get started on it but now with Liam home from class I thought I could get some of it done.

Asher had been acting very cranky ever since he had gotten his shots done. He had been very restless when he was awake and didn't have much of an appetite. He was whinny and cranky whenever I wasn't holding him or cradling him. It was nice to have Liam home to help me out and give me a much needed break.

"Louis called her last night after Asher had his fit. She came over to help us." I told him still doing what I could to concentrate on my homework that needed to be finished.

"I haven't seen her in ages, how is she?" Liam asked me while patting Asher's back and bouncing him to maybe get him to fall asleep. "Oh and by the way, the baby stinks. I think he needs a bath, we haven't bathed him once since he's been here."

"I think she's alright, she's coming to practice tonight. Liam I need help, I don't know how to bathe him!" I confessed putting down my pencil and seeing Asher laying on Liam's shoulder calmly. I wouldn't be surprised if he were tired from him being a bit of a devil today. He had been restless and crying, I had done everything I could and even check if he had has but nothing seemed to soothe him.

"No way! I'm guessing she is watching this little fella? And mate, how hard can it be? You put some soap on him and like rinse it off and bam done!" Liam rubbed Asher's back as his breathing became more steady and he shut his eyes, fluttering his eyelashes to try and fight the sleep.

"Well he's basically asleep now. Why don't we do it tonight?" I asked Liam stressed out by all this homework and the fact that I was going to have to bathe Asher for the first time. I had never bathed a baby before and I didn't know what was in store for me now.

"Harry he needs to be bathed before practice and that's in three hours. He can sleep durning practice with Len!" Liam suggested stopping his bouncing just as Asher nuzzled himself into Liam's neck.

"He has been awake and crying all day. I would like some peace and quiet for an hour before we wake him up again." I told him running a hand through my hair thinking about the day we had together. I understood that maybe the baby didn't feel well from his shots but this was all wearing on my body. Maybe this is what my mum meant when she said my life would change and that I needed to make sacrifices.

"Well he needs to be bathed, you never know; maybe a bath is what he wants." Liam shrugged pulling Asher away from his body and causing Asher to stir and begin to cry once he was disturbed from his sleep.

"Liam..." I said defeated and utterly tired from hearing the same crying coming from Asher all day long.

"Harry..." Liam imitated me as I rubbed my face stressed out from everything that was going on now. "Come on once he is in the water he will feel so much better."

"Hey buddy, hey your fine. You're golden!" Liam stood up walking into the bathroom where I followed behind him. "Here go undress him and I'll get the water going." Liam said handing me the baby who wasn't thrilled to be woken up.

"Did uncle Liam wake you up?" I asked the upset baby as I stripped off his clothing until he was completely naked. "I know, he isn't very nice. No he isn't." I rubbed Asher's back as we came into the bathroom with the baby chair full of warm water.

"Do I just set him in there?" I looked at Liam who nodded and began to wet a washcloth with soap.

"I've seen my mum do this with my sisters a lot over the years when they were babies." Liam assured me as I bent down and submerged him slowly into the chair filled with water.

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