Months later

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Yesterday was full of so much drama!" Gem exclaimed. It was Saturday.
"What drama?" Aries asked. She took a sip from her glass of milk. They were eating breakfast.
"About Amos." Gem and Aquarius said at the same time.
Capricorn put down his book. His face was beet red. "Will you please stop talking about that? I didn't want it to happen!"
"Is it about Ariana again?" Aries asked. "I didn't hear about it."
"What a surprise." Aquarius said sarcastically. "You never pay attention to what's happening."
"So basically," Gem began. "Ariana k-"
Capricorn threw his book at Gem's face. "Shut. Up."
Gem was looking down. When she looked up tears were streaming down her face.
Aries looked surprised. Capricorn told her Gem was never weepy. Aquarius shot Capricorn a look.
"It's okay." Aquarius hugged Gem.
Capricorn cursed under his breath and left the room. Aries left due to stress too.
Aquarius made sure none of them were nearby. She then whispered to Gem, "We're clear."
Gem wiped the tears off her face and grinned. "Mission success."
"I didn't expect you to be able to pull that off." Aquarius said, a grin on her face. "You're such a good actor. What's your secret?"
Gem winked. "Not telling."
"Um, Gem?" Capricorn appeared in the doorway.
"Capricorn!!" Aries yelled. "Did you forget to take out of the trash?"
"Do it yourself!" He yelled back from his room. "I'm busy!"
Aries didn't reply. She instead walked over to Gem.
"He's not taking out the trash." Aries sighed.
"Don't take it out. He'll get annoyed and take it out himself." Gem said.
Gem, Aries, and Aquarius had set up a sort of spa in Aries' room.
"What's the latest gossip on Capricorn and Ariana?" Aries asked.
"Do you live under a rock or something?" Aquarius snorted. "We'll tell you anyway. Gem-" She nudged Gem.
"Ariana tried to kiss Capricorn. It was during his class with Mr. Ziang. Someone said Capricorns face was so red, he looked like a tomato!" Gem giggled.
"Well he is the person with the lightest skin out of the zodiacs." Aries pointed out. "He's also the only one with blue eyes. The brightest blue eyes I've ever seen."
Aquarius looked up from her nails. She was painting them pink. "He has dark brown hair. It's wavy."
Gem looked disgusted. "You guys sound like you're talking about someone you admire. But it is true, he is the person somebody would like. A girl in my homeroom likes him."
"Why didn't you guys take out the trash?"  They hadn't noticed Capricorn had walked in. He frowned. "A more productive thing to do would be taking out the trash instead of painting your nails terrible colors."
Aquarius looked insulted. "Pink is my favorite color! And my nails won't be dry until the next ten minutes."
"Mine too!"
He groaned. "I'll take out the trash then."
"Oh helloooo!" A familiar voice rang in Capricorns ears. He was taking out the trash.
Ariana started waving her hand in Capricorns face.
"Ariana, go away."
"But I miss you, boo!" She smiled. "I'd love you for you to go on a date with me!"
"Ariana, I don't like you."
"Yes you do!" She tugged on his shirt sleeve.
"Ariana, I suggest you stop." He said coldly. "Unless you want me to call 911 for harassing me."
"Oh no, you won't!" She sneered. "You won't have time to!"
She knocked Capricorns glasses off his face, (unintentionally) and kissed him.

Capricorn ignored Gem.
"Capricorn and Ariana, sitting in a tree!" Gem squealed. "K-I-S-S-I--"
That shut up Gem. She started crying real tears.
"What's going on here?" Aries questioned. They hadn't noticed she was in the doorway. "Capricorn, stop making Gem cry."
"You can act like Gem is so innocent! But she's an annoying person who doesn't care about anyone except herself. Idiots." He muttered under his breath. He left the room.
Aquarius emerged from the corner she was hiding in. "You really aren't faking it, are you Gem?"
She shook her head no. Aquarius grinned. "Just as I suspected!"
"What?" Aries asked. "What do you suspect?"
"Gem has a crush on Capricorn!" She squealed. "She always talks about Ariana and Capricorn so she can make it seem like she doesn't like him. Or she's trying to lose her crush on Capricorn! Am I right, Gem?"
Gem wiped the tears of her face. She wasn't smiling, but she nodded yes.
It had been a few months since these events had occurred. Capricorns graduation was coming soon. Gem, Aquarius, and Aries were shopping for gifts.
"Let's get a Hallmark." Gem suggested.
"Yeah," Aries smirked. "And buy a card for Gem to confess her to Capricorn in."
Gems face went red.
"Now do you know how Capricorn felt when you teased him?" Aquarius asked. Gem nodded. "Good."
Aries, Gem, and Aquarius went to a crafts store that sold Hallmark cards.
"This ones perfect for Gem!" Aries smirked. It was a red hallmark shaped like a heart, and it said, You're MINE!
"Please don't send that to Capricorn," Gem pleaded.
"I won't," Aries said, as Gem tried to grab it. She held it away from Gem, "but I'm still buying it."
Gem, Aquarius, and Aries continued to look for a card for Capricorn. They finally found one an hour later: A blue card shaped like a graduation cap.

The graduation was about three hours long. After it was over, the graduates and the relatives and whoever else came met up in the schools yard.
"Here you go!" Gem said cheerfully, as she handed him the card.
"Thanks," Capricorn said. He looked at Gem, "Nice dress, by the way."
Gem blushed. Aquarius and Aries nudged her, both giggling.
Capricorn raised an eyebrow. "You guys are weird." He said. He opened the card, "Well that was cheesy."
"It was Aquarius's idea!" Aries blurted.
"Shut up, Aries!"
"Why are you guys calling each other zodiacs?"
All three of them turned around, eyes wide. It was Ariana.
"Anyway," Ariana turned away from Aquarius and Aries, and faced Capricorn, "Why do you hang out with these losers?"
"They're my cousins," He muttered. "And what are you doing here?"
"Trying to persuade you not to hang out with these losers," Ariana snapped. "Maybe you should care about your image for once!" She stormed away.
Aquarius took a deep breath. "We weren't caught. That's all that matters."
Aries nodded in agreement. So did Gem.
"Anyway, I got an email from the university I applied for." Capricorn said, "I got into Sorbonne."
Gem gaped. "That's in France, right?"
Capricorn nodded.
"So you're going all the way to Europe just to study at Sorbonne?" Aries questioned. "Are you sure you want to go there?"
"Yeah, I'm positive."
Gem sighed. "Good luck."

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