To Italy

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Capricorn parked their car in the university parking lot. It took them two hours to get there.
Capricorn passed Aries his keys. "Go to my room, and get a ton of water bottles from it. Get plastic cutlery too."
"Why do you get to stay?!" Gemini pouted.
"Because someone needs to open the car door of this car." Capricorn explained. "Grab your legal documents when you go."
Gemini began to walk to their dorms, fuming.
"Wait up!" Aries called.
Aries began running to Gemini. By the time, she reached her, Aries was panting.
"Jeez, why did you run off like that?" Aries questioned.
"Capricorn is SO annoying sometimes!" Gemini ranted. "He always bosses us around, and he always gets to stay in place! It's completely UNFAIR! Why can't he do something for a change?"
"I'm sure he has his reasons." Aries tried to smooth it out.
"Yeah," Gemini said under her breath. "Some pretty bad reasons."
By that time, the two of them had reached Aries's dorm. Gemini's dorm was right next to Aries's. They went into their separate dorms.
Aries grabbed many things. She grabbed headphones, a phone charger, and her legal documents, along with clothes that would last her two days.
On the other hand, Gemini grabbed clothes that would last her three days, water, her credit card, bank card, all her paper money, her phone charger, and her legal documents.
Aries left her room before Gemini did because she took less items.
Aries checked her phone. She had one text from Capricorn.
Come quick. We're on the news.
She slid her phone back into her pocket. Conveniently, Gemini had exited her room.
"Let's go to Capricorn's room now. Quick." Aries said, and started speed-walking.
They headed into the boys dorm and into Capricorn's dorm. They grabbed his legal documents, and the plastic cutlery and water bottles he asked for.
The police had entered the boys dorm and noticed the two.
"STOP!" One officer yelled, and held his gun out.
"Aries, come on!" Gemini yelled, and began to run.  "Back exit!"
The officers froze. They were literally frozen. Capricorn came in from behind them.
"This way!" Capricorn yelled. "They're coming in from the back.
Aries was hesitating, but Gemini grabbed her wrist. Capricorn opened the door for them.
They began running with the police no longer in their pursuit. The police who had come in the back were staring at the officers who were frozen, and were confused.
"How did you do that?!" Aries blurted.
Capricorn shrugged. He opened the front door of the university for Gemini and Aries.
"Open door of the car that we stole!" Capricorn yelled.
Aries touched the door handle and the door opened somehow. It seemed like magic.
Gemini tossed Capricorn's car keys to Capricorn while Gemini and Aries grabbed the things they needed that was in the car that they stole.
"Get inside!" Capricorn motioned to them.
The two ran into the car that they owned, and began to drive away.
The car was silent.
"Now all we need to do," Capricorn said, breaking the silence, "is to get to the French border against Italy. Gemini, could you check the golden ball to see if a reply was sent?"
Gemini nodded, and took the golden ball out of her bag. There was a reply.
We'll help you get over! Go in the part of Nice that borders Italy. You'll see us. If you don't see us, we'll come to you.
Send us updates whenever you have a problem.
- Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer
When Libra comes from New Zealand, we'll just be waiting on you three. Everyone else is here.
"Virgo, Sagittarius, and Cancer are coming to help us." Gemini said. "They'll be near the border that we're heading to."
"What day do we need to be at the zodiac portal?" Capricorn asked.
"March 17th."
"Today's the 15th." Aries added.
"That means we need to make it into Monte Carlo by tonight. We're almost in Monaco. Since it's 16:09 (4:09PM), we need to make at by around 20:00 (8:00PM)." Capricorn planned. "After that, we'll sleep in the car and take turns for standing on watch. All of us will be awake by 07:00 (7:00AM). From Monte Carlo, we'll get to the border. Virgo, Sagittarius, and Cancer will assist us the rest of the way."
"What happens if the police are coming?" Aries questioned.
"We'll find a way."
Gemini's phone vibrated in her phone. It was a notification from a news channel app.
University Students on the Run
Gemini's eyes widened. They had been discovered.
"What are you looking at?" Aries asked. She leaned over to take a glance. "Capricorn, we've been discovered. The police will probably be at the EZ pass."
Capricorn cursed under his breath.
As Aries mentioned the EZ pass, the three of them arrived at an EZ pass.
"Listen guys," Capricorn turned around. "Get a blanket, Gemini. Cover yourself and act like you're sleeping. Aries, cover your face."
"How?" Aries inquired.
"I don't know."
Capricorn put a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. Aries laughed.
"Smart." She said sarcastically.
Gemini was already in her blanket, eyes closed. It was their turn to pay to get through.
Capricorn paid.
"Sir, we'd like to check your car." The employee said.
"Why?" Capricorn was confused.
"You see, three university students are trying to flee France. We have to check your ID's to see if you're them. We also have to see your faces."
Capricorn took off his sunglasses. The employee recognized him at once.
"Done." Capricorn put his sunglasses back on, and began to drive away.
Gemini took off her blanket in fury.
"Real smooth, Capricorn." Gemini screamed.
"Now we've got police cars after us!" Aries looked out the window frantically. "They're already here!"
Capricorn began speeding.
"Write an update on the golden ball!" He yelled.
Gemini took the ball out of her bag frantically, and it dropped on the floor of the car.
"Sharpie!" Aries motioned. She then proceeded to pick the ball up.
Gemini passed her the sharpie. Aries began writing as fast as she could.
We're in Monaco, and the police are after us. We might not make it out!
"Stop being so gloomy!" Gemini grabbed the sharpie from Aries hand.
"Stop arguing!" Capricorn yelled.
"But it's true!"
Gemini began writing.
We'll try making it into Monte Carlo by 20:00 (8:00PM). Hourly updates will be sent.
Gemini capped the sharpie and shoved it back into her bag along with the golden ball.
Gunshots were fired.
Instead going for the straight path they were aiming for, Capricorn made a sharp turn to the right.
"Why would you do that?!" Gemini screamed. "How are we supposed to get to Monte Carlo?!"
Gemini started throwing things to break the window, while Aries was frozen.
Aries had realized what Capricorn had been doing the whole time. While she and Gemini were complaining, he was going through with his plan to protect them. This was all about protecting them.
"ARIES, DO SOMETHING!" Capricorn screamed.
Aries was brought back to reality by his screams.
The police car was gaining up on them, and Aries had no hope. She looked around the car. She grabbed her drink.
Goodbye, beautiful thing that I'll never taste.
She aimed for the car and threw it.
The drink first smashed into the cars front glass, it's whipped cream being stuck in the middle of it. The drinks liquid contents then went all over the cars front glass.
"Great idea, ARIES!" Gemini rolled her eyes. "You wasted a nice drink on something that's never going to work!"
An officer turned the windscreen wiper on, and that proceeded to spread the whipped cream all over the cars front glass.
"I take that back!"
The police car began to slow down, and slowly, the car began to fade from their sight.
"Great job, Aries! We've been saved because of you!" Capricorn was beaming, but it quickly turned to a frown. "And now, we've got another problem. Gas."
"There's a gas station right there." Gemini pointed.
"I think he means that we'll get recognized." Aries said. "And more police cars will get dispatched."
Capricorn started filling the car up with gas.
"No, but, this is the middle of nowhere. How is the police supposed to reach us?" Gemini asked.
Capricorn finished filling the car up with gas and went back inside to drive.
"Gemini's right. More police cars won't come. But tomorrow we'll have to start going by foot." Capricorn said.
"Why?!" Aries exclaimed.
"There's definitely going to be helicopters out there tomorrow. They know what our car looks like, so they'd most likely shoot the tires. Then, they'd be able to spot us leaving the car. After that, more police cars will be dispatched, the helicopters will still be after us, and then we'll be caught." Capricorn finished. He was out of breath. "Could you two start preparing the backpacks?"
Gemini and Aries quickly went to work. Tomorrow could either go bad, or good.

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