Trouble & Safety

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Gemini and Aries were led to the receptionist by the security guard.
"Hannah, did these two check in?" He motioned to Gemini and Aries.
The receptionist looked up. "No."
"Yes we did!" Aries gaped.
Gemini was fuming. "We did! Don't you have a record of who checked in?!"
"Oh yes! That reminds me, you do have one." The security guard said. "Take it out."
The receptionist's face went pale. "Nate.."
He raised an eyebrow. "What?"
"I didn't write it down." She sighed. "I should've.."
Like Gemini, the security guard was now angry. "That's part of your job!" He screamed. People began to stare. "You're supposed to!"
"I'm sorry!" She cried. "We can just ask for their names!"
The security guard looked towards Aries and Gemini. "What are your names?"
"I'm Jennifer Rivera, and she's Gemma Rivera." Aries replies coolly.
"I remember you two!" The receptionist exclaimed. "Let me rewrite your pass—"
"Code red in room 314. I repeat, code RED."
The security guard ran for the stairs. The receptionist gasped.
"We haven't had one of those in months!" She sighed. "I hope he's safe."
Aries and Gemini's face went pale. The receptionist looked up and noticed this change. "What's wrong?"
"We're visiting the patient in room 314!" Aries cried. She was scared. Afraid for Capricorn.
The receptionist gasped. Again. "I suggest you sit here until we confirm that he's safe."
Aries and Gemini took a seat. They were both worried and scared. What if Capricorn's condition worsened?
"Exit..." I mumbled. I felt drowsy. Although it was better to stay in the room, I felt the strong urge to exit.
I felt people chasing after me behind me. I didn't care. I want to exit.
"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Someone screamed from behind. They seemed to have picked up speed. I did too. I ran in front of the elevator and stepped inside.
I pressed one of the buttons for a floor.
NO, NO! My mind screamed. FLOOR ONE!!
The elevator closed and I regained focus.
I was heading to floor five. I pressed the button for the first floor.
And then suddenly, I felt like I wanted to throw up.
I did.
It didn't look like vomit though. It was red. Just red.
Am I vomiting blood?
I reached the first floor and I quickly exited the elevator. It closed behind me.
"Patient Amos Rivera is suspected to be on the first floor. Block all exits."
I still ran for the exit, but I fainted midway.
Aries and Gemini
Twenty minutes after Capricorn was suspected to be on the first floor, no update had been issued.
Gemini began to think Capricorn might've died. Aries thought Capricorn would be fine, because he was tough.
They began to lose hope for Capricorn's life. They both sat in silence. What if he's already dead? And if he isn't, what would happen him? Would he slowly die overtime, or would he suffer the rest of his life due to his injuries, driving him mad? These type of questions began to go through their minds, their fear escalating by every second.
"Excuse me," The receptionist said to the two. "We have an update on patient Amos Rivera's condition."
Gemini suddenly began to sit up in her seat. Aries looked up.
"The security found Amos." The receptionist seemed happy at this news. "You can't visit him now though. Come back tomorrow."
Gemini didn't really care anymore about visiting Capricorn. A smile had broken her face in half.
The dark thoughts that had entered Aries mind had left her. She had started crying tears of joy, and hugged Gemini.
Im so glad he's safe.
Finished after like 20 days. I was busy.
The next chapter is not a follow up.

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