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Gemini is the male twin.
Gem is the female twin.
"GEMINI!" Gem yelled. Gem ran towards Gemini, her twin. Gemini pulled Gem into a bone-crushing hug. The two started crying tears of joy.
Gem looked up at Gemini. She touched his cheek. "Is it really you?"
"Yes!" Gemini laughed.
Aquarius looked around for Scorpio.
"Hello, there, little one." A voice whispered into her ear.
Aquarius screamed. Scorpio had surprised her from behind.
Aquarius's look of fear had became a look of joy She hugged Scorpio and began sobbing into his chest.
Everyone was full of joy. It was a happy time for everyone. The two best friends, Leo and Capricorn, were back at it, along with Cancer. The twins (Gemini and Gem) were back to their jokes. Aquarius and Scorpio were happy to be together, and would go back to the way they were. Virgo and Aries were whispering about everyone else. Taurus, Libra, and Pisces were all back together, while Sagittarius didn't bother to waste any time and kept watch for the group.
A few days passed, and everyone warmed up to each other again. They always had atleast one group conversation a day, and they were all accompanied by laughter.
"So, Virgo." Taurus said. Virgos head snapped back up, "Which country did you land in?"
"I was with her!" Gemini screamed. "Where's all my recognition?"
Most of the group conversations ended with Gemini screaming.
At last, their week off ended, and it was their time to finally go back to the zodiac realm. The portal was finally ready for 13 people to go into in.
"Alright, guys!" Sagittarius exclaimed. She was awfully cheerful today. "The portals ready!"
The twelve others walked by Sagittarius to the portal. Taurus stopped and whispered to Sagittarius, "You're awfully cheerful today. What's gotten into you?"
"It's nothing." She whispered.
He raised an eyebrow, but still he walked away. Sagittarius followed behind him.
The twelve zodiacs were all surrounding the portal. They went in one by one, the first being Gemini.
"See you later, suckers!" He laughed, and jumped in.
The only thing you could hear was crickets chirping, for the zodiacs were silent so long.
Capricorn went in right after, which brought the zodiacs attention back to the portal. One by one, they all went in.
The zodiac realm was all the same. It had the same pink colored grass, and the trees with green leaves.
Everyone rejoiced over the zodiac realm being stable.
"Guys, what's that?" Scorpio pointed towards the sky.
There was a new star.
There's gonna be an epilogue
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