Gossip Girls

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When Gemini and Aries got back to the university, they checked Capricorn's mailbox immediately. There was nothing.
"What do you think is going to come?" Gemini wondered.
Aries shrugged. "Who knows. Probably some basketball. Let's get back to our dorms."
While Gemini and Aries were walking to their dorm rooms, almost everyone was talking about John and Capricorn.
Aries stiffened up when she heard a girl she'd never met before insult Capricorn.
Gemini was disgusted at the whole school- especially Capricorn's friends who were talking about him behind his back.
Really, the two zodiacs were extremely disappointed at those around them.
"Gemini?" Aries waved her hand in front of Gemini's face. "We're at your dorm room."
Gemini jumped back into reality. "Yeah. Sorry. I was lost in thought. Bye, Aries!"
Before Gemini could unlock her own door, Aries grabbed Gemini's  shoulder.
"Are you stupid!?" Aries hissed in Gemini's ear. "You said that really loudly! Someone could've heard!"
Aries let go of Gemini's shoulder, unintentionally scratching her in the process.
Gemini stared at Aries as she walked to her dorm room, and then continued to unlock her own dorm room door when she heard the slam of Aries door.
Gemini slammed her own door, and then flopped onto her own bed. She sighed.
When would this nightmare of living on Earth end? And the other current nightmare: Capricorn's condition. When would that ever end?
Thoughts like these had always distracted Gemini from reality. Always stuck in her head.
Before long, a large amount of time had passed, and Gemini realized she needed to her homework.
On the other hand, Aries had been doing her homework since she had entered her dorm room. Aries had finally finished her homework, and closed her binder. She had planned to sleep for the rest of the day, maybe order pizza. Instead of doing this, girls from her science class barged in.
"Jennifer!" A girl named Sharon said, panting. She was with four other girls Aries recognized. They were Riley, Beth, Alexandra, and Laura.
All five of them walked in and Laura closed the door behind them.
Aries raised an eyebrow. "My door is locked! How did you get in?!"
"It was unlocked," Beth replied coolly. The four of them sat down on Aries's bed, "We want the lowdown. Amos and John."
"Why me?" Aries asked, irritated. These girls are ruined all of her plans! "I wasn't on the trip!"
"Yeah, but you're related to Amos. We saw you and some other girl coming back from your visit to him." Riley pointed out.
"I didn't ask him anything about the trip! I don't know! I just wanted to make sure he was okay!" Aries exclaimed. As she said this, she remembered that she actually did know.

Gemini groaned. "He literally kicked us out!"
Aries sighed. "What are you thinking of? Eavesdropping?"
Gemini snapped her fingers. "Exactly! Come on!"
Gemini pressed her ear against the door. Her eyes widened.
"Join in!" Gemini hissed.
Reluctantly, Aries pressed her ear against the door along with Gemini.
"—dare you into going into that cave. It's all my fault—"
"It's fine. I already know. Those two girls that were just in here showed me a video of you talking about it, and they advised me not to go on the trip. I just didn't believe it, so I went."
Gemini pulled Aries from the door. Aries was so intent on listening after Gemini told her, she hadn't even noticed Gemini pulled back from the door.
"So it was true," Gemini gaped. "What was in there?"
Aries shrugged. "Something dangerous. He might be lucky that he lived."
"Yeah, but—"
"Gemma and Jennifer, you can come back in now!"

"Hello!?" Alexandra waved her hand in Aries's gave. She was clearly angry.
"You just zoomed out in space!" Laura said. "Come on girls! She's no use for us! She's just going to keep all of it to herself. Let's ask the other girl."
The five girls stood up to exit. Aries muttered a string of curses under her breath.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Riley asked, smiling. It was more of a glare. She was the last girl in the room, halfway out the door.
Aries ignored her.
"Are you mute!?" Riley exploded.
Aries finally looked up. "No."
"Then what's wrong with you?!"
"I don't want to talk to you." Aries said with a blank face, unreadable. "Aren't your friends waiting for you?"
Riley groaned and slammed the door behind her.
Aries sighed. Gemini was the gossip girl. She would spill the beans. Every. Single. Little. Thing.
Aries changed into her pajamas and sat down on her bed.
She had a bad feeling about what would be in store for the three of them for the future.

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