The Border

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"Gemini, wake up!" Aries shook Gemini. "We've been waiting for you for a long time! We're going to be late!"
"What time is it?" Gemini muttered. She rolled over.
"7:30. You were supposed to be up 30 minutes ago! Capricorn and I are already ready!"
"Five more minutes." Gemini mumbled.
"Move over, Aries," Capricorn said to Aries. They switched places. "Wake up, Gemini."
Gemini didn't respond.
"WAKE UP!" He screamed.
Gemini jumped up from her car seat. "Woah! I actually was going to get up in five minutes! I'll get ready now, impatient BRAT!"
Capricorn groaned. "We have to go by eight."
"I know, I know! Give me ten minutes."
After ten minutes, Capricorn checked on Gemini.
"You're good to go now!" Capricorn grabbed Gemini's arm and pulled her outside.
"What do you mean?! My hair is terrible!"
Gemini looked towards Aries. "You let Aries do her hair! Why not me?!"
"That's because she actually woke up on time."
"So?! It's not like we're that late!"
"We were supposed to leave when you woke up."
Silence reigned.
"Fine." Gemini sighed. "Let's go."
Gemini, Capricorn, and Aries began to walk. They were on the road in the middle of nowhere.
"How many miles do we have to walk?" Gemini asked.
"Twenty." Capricorn replied.
"Can't we just take a car?!" Aries exclaimed. "That's too far of a walk!"
"If we use the car, we'll get attention." Capricorn looked behind. "Come on guys, catch up."
"How long will that take?" Gemini questioned.
"Five hours. We should arrive at around twelve." Capricorn explained. "It might take longer due to the police."
Gemini stopped paying attention to Capricorn.
"Come on, we need to walk."
"I know," Gemini said, looking around. "But where's Aries?"
Capricorn realized the Aries was no longer with them.
"ARIES!" Capricorn screamed.
"I'm over here!" Aries waved. She was keying a car. Gemini and Capricorn ran over.
"What are you doing?!" Capricorn yelled.
"We need to drive!" Aries said. The car door opened. "At least to a city!"
"But then we'll draw attention!" Gemini raised an eyebrow. "Are you making a plan to go without us?"
"Gemini, I cant drive."
"What if you learned how to drive in secret?"
"Why would I?! I would've told you—"
"Stop bickering and get in the car," Capricorn sighed. "We'll drive to the nearest city. It'll look weird to cars that are passing by that we're walking."
"This is why you don't make all the plans by yourself!" Aries exclaimed.
"I ask for what you think. You guys just nod and agree with my plan, with no thought." Capricorn said while closing the car door. "Let's go."
Capricorn began to drive.
"The nearest city is ten miles away." Gemini said, looking up from her phone. "That'll take around an hour."
Capricorn nodded.
The three of them began doing their own thing. Capricorn was focused on driving, Aries was looking out the window, and Gemini was doing her hair.
"How many minutes are left?" Gemini asked.
"It's only been five minutes." Aries laughed. "You're like a kid asking, 'Are we there yet?'"
"She's always been like this, Aries." Capricorn replied. "Ever since we were young."
"Have you two been on road trips together?" Aries asked.
"Of course we have! Why else does Capricorn know this?" Gemini exclaimed. "You guys made me mess up my bun! I lost focus!"
Capricorn turned around to see Gemini's bun, and Aries looked towards her bun too. Gemini was trying to make a bun with braids around it. She messed up the braid part of the bun.
"You don't have to do such a hard hairstyle." Capricorn said. "It's going to get messed up when we start walking."
"Capricorn, there's a green light." Aries pointed.
Capricorn turned back to the road. Gemini quit doing her bun, and just tied her into a ponytail.
"How many minutes has it been?" Gemini asked.
Aries checked the time. "Thirty. We have twenty-five minutes left, unless something happens."
"What time is it, then?" Capricorn asked.
"8:10." Aries replied.
"So we'll be there by 8:35?" Gemini questioned.
"Approximately 8:35." Capricorn corrected Gemini.
She rolled her eyes. "Still 8:35."
"Something is bound to go wrong, Gemini." Aries rolled her eyes. "And there you have it! A helicopter!"
There indeed was a helicopter in the sky.
Capricorn groaned and put his sunglasses on.
"Think about the bright side of this," Gemini said. "They won't be able to recognize us as easily as they did before. We're in a different car."
"We're close to the city anyway." Aries pointed out. "We have five minutes left."
They spent the next five minutes riding in silence. Capricorn stopped the car.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Aries screamed.
"We're here," Capricorn replied. "Haven't you noticed?"
The three of them got out of the car and began to walk to the border.
"This is too good to be true," Gemini sighed. "No police officers are here!"
"It's a blessing." Aries smiled.
"The police are going to reach us at some point." Capricorn pointed out.
"Thanks for ruining the mood." Aries replied.
Capricorn laughed. "I'll race you both to there." Capricorn pointed at a building that was five blocks away.
"That's too far!" Gemini pouted.
"Too bad, you're running!" Capricorn yelled while he was running. Aries and Gemini ran after him.
A few people gave the three of them looks. After Capricorn reached the building, he was waiting for Aries and Gemini. But when he looked behind him towards Aries and Gemini, there was a police officer questioning them. He ran back to them.
"Have you seen these two young woman?" The officer showed a picture of Gemini and Aries.
The two stared at the picture.
The officer raised an eyebrow. "Well?"
"No, officer. I haven't seen those two ever in my life." Aries replied.
"Me neither. Like they're totally not—" Aries kicked Gemini's foot.
The officer looked at them suspiciously. "Well then," The officer took out a picture of Capricorn. "Have you seen this young man?"
"Nope." Gemini answered quickly.
"I think I've seen him," Aries said.
"He was in Monaco," Aries replied. "At a bar."
"Thank you for giving us this information." He turned to Capricorn. "And why have you been standing here for the past few minutes?"
"Sir, these two are my friends. We were racing to that building," He pointed to the building they were racing to. "I reached it, and I looked behind to find them. I saw you with them, and I ran here."
"Do you have any information regarding those three people?"
"What's your name?"
"Andrew." Capricorn replied.
Gemini and Aries looked at Capricorn
The police officer turned to Gemini and Aries. "And what are your names?"
"I'm Lisa." Aries said.
"I'm Alana." Gemini muttered.
"Alright." The officer wrote down their names and took a picture of the three of them. He thanked them and walked away.
Capricorn laughed.
"What?" Aries questioned.
"I find it hilarious they couldn't recognize us. They even had a picture."
"Okay, that was funny," Gemini replied. "But the thing is, we should keep using a car."
"You should've said it earlier if you wanted to!" Aries screamed. People began to stare. "Sorry.."
"But using a car is going to get attention. We'll have to steal one again." Capricorn said.
"We'll be able to get to Italy earlier! Then, we can go home earlier, and then we can never ever deal with this again!" Gemini argued.
"Gemini, since we have to steal a car, it will draw attention. Then, people will report us—"
"And then there's a whole police chase." Gemini rolled her eyes. "We can go faster than the police cars!"
"And where will we get this extremely fast car?" Aries questioned.
Gemini groaned. "I'm not moving from this spot until you agree for us to use a car as transportation."
The three of them stood in silence, staring at each other.
"Fine," Capricorn broke the silence. "Let's use a car."
Aries went to key a car, and the car alarm went off. Everyone around stared at Aries. A few people seemed to be calling the police.
"Go faster!" Gemini hissed.
Aries opened the car doors, and the three of them went inside. Capricorn began to drive.
"I haven't even put on my seatbelt!" Gemini complained.
"Then put it on while I'm driving."
"Capricorn, why didn't you ask us about what we think on the plan?" Aries sighed.
"I told you guys the plan!" Capricorn snapped. "I always expect you to comment on it! But you never do!"
"Then you should say, 'What do you guys think?'" Gemini argued.
"Exactly," Aries agreed.
"Maybe if you didn't like the plan, you should've told me what I should change whenever I tell you it!" Capricorn yelled.
"You'll always argue!" Gemini screamed.
"How do you know I'll always argue? You've never even tried to change one of my plans."
After that, nobody talked back to Capricorn. The three of them were silent. The only thing you could hear were sirens wailing.
Capricorn groaned. "Update everyone on the situation. Try to get the cops off the road."
Gemini started writing on the golden ball.
Cops are after us, and Capricorn's being a prick. We'll be at the border pretty soon.
Gemini put the golden ball back into her bag. Aries was throwing everything useless she could find at the police car. Nothing was working.
"Capricorn, can't you just drive them off the road?" Gemini asked.
"No!" Capricorn yelled. He was shocked. "What made you think that I could?"
"I was just wondering."
"How about we fight the cops off?" Aries suggested.
The three of them had just got onto a highway.
"No. They've probably already called for backup." Capricorn sighed. "Gemini, your idea to drive them off the road was absurd."
"Thank you." Gemini said sarcastically.
Capricorn turned the car around.
"HEY! WHERE ARE WE GOING!?" Aries yelled. She jumped out of her seat and tried grabbing the steering wheel.
"ARIES! ARE YOU INSANE?!" Gemini held Aries back.
Capricorn sighed. "I'm driving them off the road.
"Yes!" Gemini whispered.
"You know we heard that, right?" Aries rolled her eyes. "But anyways, what makes you think that's a good idea? You just said it was absurd."
"All we need is perfect timing."
Capricorn passed the police car. The police car started turning around. Capricorn backed the car up, and started pushing the police car off the highway. The police car stopped turning around and started pushing Capricorn's car.
"Aries, Gemini! Throw things at the driver!"
Lucky for Aries and Gemini, the police cars windows were down. Aries threw a pen at the driver. The cars were so close together, Gemini was able to hit the driver with her bag. The driver got distracted, and Capricorn was able to throw the police car off the highway. Capricorn turned the car around, and began driving back to the border.
"We did it!" Aries high-fived Gemini.
"Yeah! We did it!" Gemini sang.
Capricorn smiled. "Save that energy for later when another cop comes after us."
"Great way to ruin the mood."
Capricorn began speeding.
"HEY! WHY ARE YOU SPEEDING?!" Aries yelled.
"So we get to the border faster." Capricorn laughed. "Calm down Aries, nobody will be able to tell."
The three of them just got off the highway. They were getting closer to the border.
"What are you going to do if we do get pulled over?" Gemini asked.
"I'll just continue speeding, but faster." Capricorn explained.
"When will we arrive?" Aries asked.
"Fifteen minutes. Gemini, write that on the golden ball." Capricorn ordered.
Gemini began writing on the ball.
"How will we get to the portal once we reach the border?" Aries questioned.
"I'm not sure." Capricorn said. "They might have some advanced technology that will get us there in a second, or we'll have to go by car. Or plane."
Gemini put the ball back in her bag.
"They said they're already at the border." Gemini said.
"Finally!" Aries exclaimed. "We're going home! We're about to leave this nightmare!"
"Aries, could you shut up?" Capricorn hissed.
"Great way to ruin the mood, Capricorn." Gemini rolled her eyes.
"Why?" Aries asked.
"I'm trying to focus on driving. We still have five minutes to go."
"You could at least celebrate with us!" Gemini argued.
Capricorn ignored her.
"Fine. Ignore us." Gemini said, angrily.
"How do you feel about reuniting with your brother after all these years?" Aries asked.
Gemini smiled. "Ecstatic! It's been years since I've actually seen him, or talk to him!"
"I just want to—"
The car stopped.
"HEY!? WHY DID YOU STOP THE CAR!?" Aries screamed.
"We're here, stupid." Capricorn exited the car.
Gemini and Aries followed suit. Sagittarius, Cancer, and Virgo were there.
"What's up, my man?!" Cancer exclaimed. He clapped Capricorn's back.
"Virgo!" Aries squealed.
"Aries!" Virgo squealed. They hugged.
There was nobody for Gemini there. Sagittarius was like an army general. If she approached Sagittarius, she'd leave without the others.
"Come on, Gemini." Gemini was wrapped into a hug. It was Capricorn. "We need to go. Then, you'll be able to see your brother!"
Gemini hugged Capricorn back.
"Hello?! You two!" Sagittarius snapped. She waved a hand in their faces. "You two can do all your lovey-dovey stuff later!"
Capricorn and Gemini pushed each other away, both blushing.
"So, how are we leaving?" Capricorn asked Sagittarius.
"I have a teleporter, but in order for it to teleport all of us, we need to hold hands." Sagittarius explained. "In which, I'm sure you won't mind holding hands with Gemini."
"Oh, shut up!" Capricorn snapped.
The six zodiacs made a circle and began holding hands. Sagittarius activated the teleporter, and they all closed their eyes.
They opened their eyes, and they were in Italy, in front of the other six zodiacs.

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