On the Move

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The three of them were in silence. Aries was trying to fit in the back row of the car, Gemini was looking for medical supplies, and Capricorn was driving.
"I found medical supplies!" Gemini exclaimed.
Capricorn and Aries's faces lit up.
"Great, just let me find a place to park." Capricorn replied.
Capricorn parked at an empty parking space near a KFC.
Gemini opened the medical kit. She set them in a place where the three of them could all reach it.
"So," Aries said while applying a bandaid to the place where she got shot, "what's the plan?"
"We should go back to the university and get my car." Capricorn replied. He was already done patching himself up. His bleeding stopped over an hour ago, so he was in a much better condition than Aries and Gemini.
"WHAT?!" Gemini screamed. "BUT THEN THEY'LL FIND US!"
"Keep it down!" Aries hissed.
"But then we'll have to keep stealing cars which isn't easy!" Capricorn hissed.
"Then just keep the door unlocked!"
"Yeah and let someone STEAL the car." Aries crossed her arms.
"I still don't agree to this!" Gemini protested.
"We're going anyway." Capricorn started the car back up, and started driving to the university.

"Capricorn, can we stop here?" Gemini pointed towards a nearby McDonald's.
"But what if someone recognizes us?" Aries asks.
"They will after twenty-four hours. We're safe for now." Capricorn explained. He started going into the drive-thru. "Aren't you guys hungry?"
The three of them had to wait. Two other cars were in front of them.
"Oh, right!" Capricorn pulled out his wallet, and took out his credit card. He handed it to Gemini. "Go to an ATM, and get a few thousand dollars."
Gemini exited the car promptly. She turned back. "Order me a double cheeseburger, a kiddie cone, and iced tea."
"Sure." Capricorn replied. He took out his wallet, and began to sift through it.
Only a few hundred in here..
"Why did you ask her to get thousands?" Aries questioned. "That's going to land you in debt."
"You realize it's basically the end of the world, right?" Capricorn gave Aries a look.
One car had left, and after the car in front of left, it'd be their turn.
"What do you want to order?" Capricorn asked Aries.
She shrugged. "I don't know what's on the menu."
"View the menu online."
Capricorn passed his phone to Aries with the menu's page on. She looked through the menu.
"Order me a Bacon Smokehouse Burger, and a Chocolate Shake." Aries handed Capricorn's phone back.
By then it was their turn to order.
"Hi, welcome to McDonald's." The employee said cheerfully. "What would you like to order?"
"I'd like to order a Vanilla Cappuccino, a Chicken Sandwich, and a Chocolate Shake." Capricorn said. "A Bacon Smokehouse Burger, a kiddie cone—"
"I'm sorry sir, but the ice cream machine isn't working." The employee said. "Is there something else you'd like instead?"
Capricorn sighed. The ice cream machine was never working.
"Two chocolate chip cookies then, please." Aries said from the back of the car.
The employee blinked. She hadn't noticed Aries. "Is there anything else?"
"Yeah," Capricorn spoke up. "Iced tea, and a double cheeseburger. That's it."
"That'll be €68.99." The employee said.
"Aren't you going to give us the food first?" Capricorn questioned.
"It's such a big order. I just want to make sure you aren't going to run off with your food after you receive it." The employee explained.
Capricorn took out his wallet, and handed her the €68.99.
The employee walked away to get their order.
"Now that I'm thinking about it, where is Gemini?" Capricorn wondered.
Aries looked at her watch. "It's been ten minutes."
Capricorn raised an eyebrow. "What time is it?"
"15:23 (3:23PM). She went at 15:13 (3:13PM)."
"It shouldn't take that long to get money from an ATM." Capricorn pulled his phone out and quickly texted Gemini.
Hey, where are you?
"If she doesn't reply to my text, then you go check it out." Capricorn planned. "I'll stay here to receive the food. If you don't come back after I get the food, then I'll come."
"Why do I have to go?!" Aries blurted.
"You can't drive."
Capricorn's phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out. It was a text from Gemini.
Don't worry, I'm coming back. Did u get the food??????
I ordered. The food isn't here yet. Come back quickly.
Capricorn slipped his phone back into his pocket.
"Was that Gemini?" Aries asked.
"Yeah. She's coming back." Capricorn replied.
"Here's your food, sir." The employee said. She finally came back.
"Thank you." Capricorn put down their drinks on Gemini's seat. He passed the actual food to Aries.
"She should be here any—"
A knock was heard on the car door.
Aries and Capricorn whipped their heads towards the door, only to find that it was Gemini.
Capricorn opened the door for her. "You scared us!"
"Sorry," Gemini replied, while sitting down, "The police from the hospital saw me and recognized me."
"What?!" Capricorn exclaimed. "We have to go!"
Aries passed Gemini's food to Gemini while Capricorn started driving the car to the university. It was going to be a long ride.

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