Suspicion & The Golden Ball

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As soon as Aries had exited her room that next day to attend her classes, that sinking feeling in her stomach returned again.
Gemini had probably told those girls what happened.
But to her surprise she heard nothing on Capricorn. No new updates. No nothing. Aries was surprised and glad, and she was smiling to herself.
"Jennifer! What's with you looking insane?" A voice yelled from afar. Aries looked up.
It was Gemini. Aries's day just got better! Gemini remembered to call her by her human name.
Aries was beaming. "What happened last night? Did those girls come to your dorm?"
Gemini looked towards Aries with a weird face. "What do you mean?"
"Girls came to my dorm asking about Capricorn. I refused to tell them anything. They said they were going to your dorm!"
"What do you mean?"
Aries's face went blank. "Their names were Riley, Beth, Sharon, Alexandra, and Laura."
"Those girls? They never went to the school. What are you talking about?"
Aries's face went pale.
Gemini grabbed Aries's wrist and pulled her into the nearest bathroom.
"Listen," Gemini whispered, "what were their names?"
"Riley, Beth, Alexandra, and S-sharon." Aries replied, stuttering when saying Sharon.
"They came in a group?" Gemini questioned.
Aries nodded.
Gemini's eyes went wide with panic. "You didn't tell them anything, right?"
Aries nodded. She could sense Gemini's panic. "Why? What's wrong?"
"They came in the middle of year because the French Police were suspecting someone with a fake passport here. They knew it was a foreign student. They didn't really focus on us, but now that Capricorn's injured, they've found it suspicious. We have fake passports. We are foreign. We are not from Earth." Gemini's voice was full of panic when she said her last sentence. By that point, Gemini was gripping Aries's shoulders like she had to hold onto it or she'd die. She was shaking, full of fear. "Do you see what this means?"
Aries slowly nodded. "Does Capricorn know?"
Gemini shook her head no.
Aries whipped out her phone and dialed Capricorn's number. The bell rang for classes, but they didn't leave.
Aries pressed her phone to her ear.
"Please leave your message for—"
Aries's eyes widened. "He's not picking up. It went straight to voicemail."
"Put your phone away. We're late for class." Gemini said shaking. "We need to calm down, and call him after classes."
Gemini and Aries exited the bathroom, walking to their classes.
"Aries! Over here!" Gemini waved.
Aries ran to Gemini. She knew what she had to do, and dialed Capricorn's number once more.
Aries's eyes lit up. Capricorn picked up his call.
"Capricorn! We called you in the morning. Why didn't you pick up?" Aries asked.
"I couldn't."
Gemini and Aries frowned.
"What do you mean?  Gemini asked, shaking.
"They were taking tests on my body to make sure I was fine." He replied coolly.
Aries took a deep breath, calming herself. She was relieved it wasn't the police. "Listen, go to a private place where you can talk where nobody can hear you."
"Don't question it!" Gemini snapped.
Capricorn sighed. You could hear people talking in the background, and then their voices fading.
"What?" Capricorn asked. You could tell he was irritated, even though his face couldn't be seen.
"The police are starting to suspect us." Gemini said.
"What do you mean?" Capricorn was clearly confused.
"They're suspecting we have fake passports because we're foreign exchange students. Undercover cops tried investigating through Aries. Ever since that incident with John, they know something is up." Aries said at once.
Silence reigned.
"Check my mailbox." Capricorn said. "If no packages are in there, check my room. If you have to go in my room, lock the door."
"Oh, right!" Gemini exclaimed. "We never checked your mailbox!"
"Capricorn, we'll call you back shortly." Aries said. She ended the call.
Aries and Gemini raced to the mail area.
Tammy Rass..
Tommy Ravana..
Alicia Rann..
Daniel Richards..
Amos Rivera!
Aries took out Capricorn's mailbox keys, and pulled his mailbox open. There was a package there!
Aries dialed his number, and ran to the boys dorms with Gemini. They entered his dorm room, and locked the door. By that time, Capricorn picked up his phone.
"It's us!" Aries exclaimed. She looked towards Gemini. "We got a package. Gemini is opening
It right now."
"It's open!"
Aries looked to it. It was a golden ball like the one they received before. A note was attached to it.
Hey zodiacs!
The zodiac realm has been restored. There is a way into it in Italy. Specifically, Genoa.
Get there by March 17th (Two days).
Zodiac Locations
Gem, Capricorn, Aries: France
Aquarius: United States of America
Taurus and Sagittarius: Russia
Cancer: Canada
Gemini: The United Kingdom
Leo, Virgo, Pisces: Australia
Libra: New Zealand
If there are any difficulties getting to Italy, please write it on the ball. It will be visible to everyone.
"Hello?!?" Capricorn snapped. "Where are you?!"
"Sorry! I was reading a letter that came along with the golden ball." Aries replied.
"What did it say? The letter." Capricorn asked.
Gemini butted in. "It said where everyone was, and that we need to get to Genoa in Italy by March 17th. It also said if were having any:
difficulties, we need to write it on the ball."
"Write our problems on it. Leo can help!" Capricorn exclaimed. Aries grabbed a sharpie marker and began writing:
The French police are suspecting us to have fake ID's. We may get arrested. Now, we are struggling to leave France. We are in Nice.We need help!
Gemini, Capricorn, and Aries.
The ink of the sharpie marker faded, even though it was a permanent marker. New text appeared:
Your message has been sent.
"It's sent!" Aries exclaimed.
Aries and Gemini heard voices in the background.
"Come to the hospital." Capricorn said finally after silence, and he ended the call.
Aries and Gemini began to go to the hospital.
All of this seems too easy, Aries thought to herself. There must be something wrong.
Aries's gut feeling told her something would go wrong.

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