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John and Capricorn were rushed to the nearest hospital. The nearest hospital was extremely far from the university, so it took Gemini and Aries two hours to get there.
"Hi there!" Aries said to the woman at the reception desk. "I'd like to see Amos—"
"Oh yes, him! He's in room 314, in the ER. Just entered today, right?"
Aries nodded. The woman took out a slip of paper and began writing on it.
"Patient name... Amos.." She muttered. "314, in the ER. What's your names?"
"I'm Jennifer Rivera." Aries replied. She pointed at Gem. "She's Gemma Rivera."
"Sisters, yes?"
Aries nodded.
"Well then here you go," The receptionist handed Aries the paper. "If you get lost, just ask a staff member where it is."
"Thank you!"
They took the stairs instead of the elevator. The elevator wasn't working.
"Aries, are you sure you're on the right floor?" Gem asked.
"Yes!" Aries snapped
"I was just making sure.." Gem muttered.
They kept walking in the hall. They weren't able to find Capricorn's room.
"Okay, we are officially lost." Aries sighed. "Let's ask a staff—"
"HEY!" A security guard yelled at them. "What are you doing?! This floor is staff member only!"
"W-we're lost!" Gem stammered.
"Where are you going?" He looked towards Aries and Gemini's hands. "And where's your paper of permission?"
"Right here!" Aries began sifting through her bag frantically. She couldn't find it. What she pulled out was a tissue. "It's not this!" She shoved the tissue back in.
The guard raised an eyebrow.
"Check your own bag," Aries hissed. "I don't want to get arrested, and I'm sure you don't either."
Gemini searched through her bag. The slip was nowhere to be found.
"I don't have it." Gemini whispered.
Aries sighed. "We lost it."
"Then you'll be coming with me," The guard motioned to them.
The only thing they could do was follow.
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