Mail from the fellow Zodiacs

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On the way home, Capricorn got seperated from Gem and Aries due to Ariana's friends.
"Come on Amos!" Ariana yelled. "Come with us!"
"Listen, whatever you're playing at, I am not interested. So get lost." Capricorn fumed.
One of Ariana's friends narrowed her eyes at him.
"Do you know who Ariana is?"
"No, and I don't care who she is." Capricorn screamed. He pointed at Ariana. "She's a stalker, and that's all she is. Nobody special."
Another one of Ariana's friends tried talking to him, but Ariana shushed them.
"I know you like me." Ariana said softly.
"No, I don't." Capricorn sneered. "I've just met you."
"You smiled at me!"
"That's because I thought you would be a new friend. Not a stalker." He stated. "Mr. Ziang warned me about you!"
"Excuse me-"
"GET AWAY FROM AMOS!" Somebody yelled from behind Capricorn. It was Aries, along with Gem and Aquarius.
"Are these what you'd define as more stalker's?" One of Arianas friends laughed.
"We're his relatives!" Aquarius piped up. "So get away!"
Ariana motioned to her friends to leave. They left.
"Thanks guys." Capricorn sighed. "I thought they were never going to leave!"
"No problem." Gem replied.
They walked home in silence. Aquarius went to Capricorn, Aries, and Gem's house.
"What AP's are you guys taking?" Aquarius asked, as she was taking off her shoes.
"I'm taking AP Chemistry, and AP World History." Capricorn replied.
"I'm taking-"
Suddenly, they noticed a big, bulky package in their living room. Capricorn opened it. He gasped. "Look!" He pointed at the package. It was mail from the fellow zodiacs
Hey, zodiacs,
Here's where everyone's landed! Please write onto your golden ball (attached) if you've found Aquarius. She was supposed to land in Norway with Gemini and Virgo, but there was an issue. Here is where everyone is:
Gemini and Virgo: Norway
Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius: China
Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces: Canada
Capricorn, Gem, and Aries: The United States of America
"Gemini is in Norway!" Gem gaped. "I'll never see him again!"
Far away in Norway, Gemini was thinking the same way as Gem as he read the note.
Aquarius pat Gem's shoulder. "I'm sure you'll see him again. At least I didn't land in Norway!"
Gem nodded. Capricorn wrote on the golden ball that they had Aquarius. Aries did her homework. Aquarius decided to share a room with Gem.
Late at night, Aries approached Capricorn.
"I honestly expected Gem to cry." She said.
Capricorn shook his head. "She's not the type of person to cry. That's more of Gemini. He's the weepy twin. Gem has never cried to my knowledge."
"Not even as a baby?" Aries questioned.
"Her mom told me Gem never even cried that much as a newborn baby. I remember a day when she fell while we were playing. She bruised herself, but she didn't cry." Capricorn explained. "You should go to sleep. We have school tomorrow."
"But I'm not ti-"
"Go to bed." He said sternly.
"Why do you get to stay up?!" She whined
Capricorn ignored her, and began pushing Aries out of his bedroom door.
"You're so bossy, Capricorn!"


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