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It had been a year since Capricorn had gone to Paris to study at Sorbonne University. Gemini and Aries decided to go to Sorbonne as well. Aquarius went to the University of Miami.

Capricorn was in class, Aries and Gemini ARE in Paris too, but a different college.
Capricorn POV
"Understand?" Ms. Hopkins asked.
My head jolted up. I zoned out this whole lesson!
Ms. Hopkins didn't even wait for a reply. She handed out worksheets with problems for us to solve.
Question 1...
I stared down at the paper, as if the whole worksheet were in a foreign language I didn't understand. I mean, sometimes I have trouble understanding French.
The bell rang. Thank god!
"Hand it in tomorrow!" Ms. Hopkins yelled. "And don't forget about the trip tommorrow!"

Aries POV
I bet I've proven them wrong!
For me, school ends earlier. Why?
Because I got to choose a few classes on my schedule, which end earlier!
I checked my watch. 2:50.
I should go to the nearest KFC and bring some food. I'll bring a bucket of chicken for Capricorn.
Gemini's POV
I sighed. I checked my watch. 2:51. Just twenty more minutes of school left to go. Capricorn has an hour.
"Class, open your laptops and go to!"
Kahoots! Yes! This was the only thing fun about science class!
"Join my Kahoot using this class code." Ms. Joan's displayed a code on the board.
I typed that code in, and joined the class Kahoot. About half of our class was on. We were required to put our real names.
Suddenly, the Kahoot started exploding with people!
Tons of bots were entering our class Kahoot every second, along with students entering troll names to upset our teacher. My favorites being,  THEREAREONLY2GENDERS, and BANSTRAWSWORLDWIDE.
It seemed to be a planned troll. I joined in entering the troll names. Before long, Ms. Joan's closed our class Kahoot, fuming.
The bell rang. I checked my watch. 3:12.
The school day was finally over.
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