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Aries and Gemini arrived at the hospital. They brought the golden ball with them. While on the drive there, Capricorn told them he was going to be discharged today.
Right when Aries and Gemini entered, the receptionist saw them.
"I know." She picked up a pass handed it to Aries.
Gemini raised an eyebrow. How did she know?
They went straight to Capricorn's room. When they entered, John was gone. Capricorn was with a nurse. He seemed to be fully recovered.
"These two are the ones picking you up?" The nurse asked. Capricorn nodded.
"Let me see your pass," The nurse held out her hand to take the pass that Gemini and Aries received. Aries handed it to her. She read the pass, and handed it back.
"Okay. All I need is that you three need to sign that you left the hospital." The nurse set a paper down on a table, and pointed to certain areas of it. "Gemma and Jennifer sign here, and Amos signs down here."
The nurse placed a pen down. The three of them signed.
"Thank you, you're free to go."
Capricorn stood up from the bed he was sitting on, and went to change his clothes. Aries and Gemini exited his room and waited for him. After a few minutes of waiting, he came.
"Where was John?" Gemini inquired. The three of the started walking to exit the hospital.
"He left before me." Capricorn replied.
"We should start—" Aries stopped. So did Gemini and Aries.
The police had appeared in front of them swiftly.
Gemini, Aries, and Capricorn were already frozen. A woman pushed her way to front of the cops.
"You three are being arrested for fake identification. We suggest that you do not try to run, or your penalty will be extended."
Capricorn turned to look behind him.
It was a free empty space to run. A perfect opportunity to escape.
He grabbed Aries and Gemini by the hand and made a run for it.
"What are you doing?!" Aries screeched.
"Running!" Capricorn yelled. "We'll find a way out!"
Capricorn made a sharp turn to the left. Luckily, there was an elevator.
Capricorn turned his head. It was a police officer. He pulled Aries and Gemini into the elevator with him, and spammed the button to the third floor.
The elevators doors were closing, and the officer was running to the elevator for them. The officer only touched the door, and the elevator started moving down.
The three of them were panting, especially Capricorn.
"What's," Aries said, panting. "The plan?"
"Why would you press the button for the third floor?!" Gemini was fuming. "The exit is on the first floor!"
"We're going to exit from the emergency exit." Capricorn replied. "There's a stairway connected to the emergency exit on the third floor."
"What floor are we on?" Aries asked.
Capricorn looked up at the indicator. "Floor nine. We started from floor eleven."
The elevator stopped at floor seven.
Red lights began to flash in the elevator.
The three of them began to panic. The door opened. They ran out, and the elevator door closed.
They looked around, and a stairway was nowhere to be seen.
"This way!" Capricorn gestured to the right.
The three ran across the hall at the right until they came to an abrupt end.
Gemini, Aries, and Capricorn looked around. There seemed to be no good way out.
Gemini suddenly spotted an emergency door.
"This way!" Gemini pointed to the door across from them. The three of them ran to the door.
Capricorn pushes the door open, and they ran down the third floor. The moment Capricorn was about to open the door for the third floor, an officer appeared. "FREEZE!" He held his gun out.
The three ran up to the fourth floor, but five more officers emerged from that door.
Six officers were after us, and more were surely to come.
The three of them finally came up to the fifth floor safely, with the six officers closely behind them. One fired at them.
The bullet hit Aries's shoulder.
"Agh!" Aries held her shoulder. The three of them stepped back and hit a dead end. "You're cornered now," An officer said.
Five more officers came from behind them.
Gemini sighed. This was the end of her life to her.
Tears began forming in Aries's eyes. The rest of the zodiacs would be found out. They'd all die.
I tried my best.
Capricorn just stared back at them, expressionless. He was shocked.
An officer started walking to the front with handcuffs.
A gust of wind blew from behind the three.
Capricorn looked behind him. An open window. The outside world. Below the window? A fire escape.
The window was too small to fit them. Capricorn gave up hope.
"Oi," An officer fired at the window to get Capricorn's attention. It broke. "Look straight."
Gemini was in the process of being cuffed. She was resisting.
Capricorn nudged Aries's foot. Once he had caught her attention, he whispered in Aries's ear.
"Tell Gemini to look behind her."
Gemini was finally cuffed and Aries was about to cuffed.
"Look behind—"
"Hey," The officer said.
Gemini had already received the message, and proceeded to do what was asked.
Gemini saw an escape. Her life to reform!
Gemini struggled with doing so, but proceeded to get out the window.
Aries followed suit, with the officer distracted with Gemini.
Capricorn was the last one. An officer grabbed him halfway out the window.
Aries tugged on Capricorn's foot, and stumbled back immediately due to her injury. Gemini had already experienced a rough landing.
Capricorn landed with a thud. His head started bleeding. He put his hand to his head.
"Come in guys!" He gestured to the way down. If they weren't caught, they'd be able to get to the parking lot. And if luck was on their side, steal a car and drive away.
Aries helped Gemini up, and then the three began to run.
Officers were shooting down from the window they exited from.
They had to make one final jump to get down to the parking lot.
Once again, Gemini had struggled with it.
They ran to the nearest car.
"Aries, do your work!" Capricorn screamed.
Aries began to key the car, but not easily. Her shoulder was injured.
Gemini leaned against the car, while Capricorn was on watch.
All three of them were losing blood every second.
The police officers burst out the back door.
"Work faster!" Capricorn hissed.
Aries's heart was about to jump out of her chest.
Aries unlocked the car door.
Capricorn immediately went into the drivers seat, with Gemini next to him. There was no space for Aries, as she only had time to unlock the front row.
"Come!" Gemini screamed.
Capricorn worked hard to pull Aries into the car. The police were getting closer to the car.
Aries finally fit in the middle, but not easily.
Capricorn started the car and drove away.
"STOP!" A police officer yelled.
They drove away as fast as they could. Soon, the officers couldn't see them anymore.

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