The Trip

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Today was the big day of the trip.
Once the class was in the middle of the forest, they stopped walking.
"Alright, class!" Their teacher chirped. "Split up, and find some interesting rocks, plants, etcetera. Come back here in two hours."
The class split up into groups. John and his friends were tailing Capricorn and his friend Tim.
"Hey, Amos!" John yelled. Capricorn turned around.
"What?" Capricorn yelled back, while the two were walking closer to each other.
"You see that hole in the mountain? The one shaped like a square?" John pointed. Capricorn nodded. "Go in there. I want you to explore there and take some rock samples."
"Why can't you do it yourself?" Capricorn asked.
"I..." John looked dumbfounded for a second. After a while, it seemed as if a light bulb went off in his head. "I'll come in five minutes."
Capricorn nodded.
Capricorn spoke briefly to Tim, and began walking up the hill to get rock samples.
He came across a sign.
Authorized personnel only.
Trespassers will be arrested on sight.
Capricorn stared the sign momentarily.
The sign seems to be fake due to its quality.
The signs quality truly was bad. It seemed as if a five year old had made the design.
He disregarded the signs warnings and went on.
He entered the square shaped thing in the mountain. Once he entered, a rock sealed him inside.
John was watching this through a pair of binoculars faraway.
Panic entered John's mind once he saw Capricorn get sealed inside.
"Guys!" He said, panic audible in his voice. "Amos got stuck inside!"
Laughter exploded around him.
"Don't worry," His friend Lara said, "He'll get out soon."
John took of his binoculars. His face was red from anger. "This isn't funny!"
"Then why did you plan it?" Another one of his friends asked.
"I never expected it to get so bad!" John blurted. "But this is serious. The rock moved on its own!"
All of his friends shrugged it off.
"He'll get out soon." Lara repeated. "I'm leaving."
The others agreed with Lara and left with her.
Jon sighed. It was up to him to save Capricorn.
Capricorn was exploring, moving around aimlessly. He had no cell service. His phone wasn't working. And he didn't know where he was.
Capricorn had just given up- until he saw some man-made figures.
He was now rapt with attention. If there were man-made figures, that meant there was a way out! He just had to walk a more.
Something caught his eye. It looked like it came from the zodiac realm. He rushed towards it.
The thirteenth star
He tilted his head. There was no thirteenth sign. It was just the twelve signs.
He began counting them on his fingers.
"Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius," Capricorn murmured. "and me. Twelve."
There is no thirteenth star.
Capricorn edged closer to the shard.
There is no thirteenth star...
He was close enough to touch it. He held his hand out.
Capricorn touched it.
He felt as if a strange force took over his body.
Capricorn fainted.
Just as Capricorn fainted, John had reached the square.
Capricorn's body appeared right in front of John. He screamed. He was just about to step on it.
"Amos?" John whispered. "Amos?" John said it louder.
"AMOS!" John screamed.
He sighed.
He bent down and touched Capricorn's arm.
That strange force took over John's body too.
And he too fainted.

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