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Gemini and Aries banged on Capricorns dorm room door.
"OPEN UP!" Gemini screamed.
They continued banging until Capricorn opened his door.
"I'm trying to do work!" Capricorn said angrily. "What's so important that you have to bang and yell at my door?!"
Gemini and Aries rushed into his room. Gemini slammed the door behind them.
Capricorn raised an eyebrow, confused.
"Don't go on the trip tomorrow!" Aries yelled.
"Why?" Capricorn asked.
"Because you'll get suspended!" Gemini explained.
"And how do you know that?"
Gemini played the video to Capricorn.
"That's fake." He said. "No way. He's in my history class."
"What does him being in your history class have to do with anything?" Aries asked. "You barely know him."
Capricorn sighed. "He's not that type of guy. Get out of my dorm room."
He tried pushing the two out. Aries accepted it, while Gemini put up a fight.
"You better not go on that trip!" Gemini screamed. "You'll die!"
Capricorn snorted. "As if. Even if it's true, I'm not going to die."
Capricorn pushed Gemini out of the room successfully. He closed the door with a loud bang.
Gemini sighed. "Let's hope that he'll be safe."
"Yeah." Aries agreed. Slowly, a smile began to crease across her face. "Especially since you like him."
Aries made a mad run for the exit and of boys dorms. Gemini chased after her.

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