The Rumor

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Capricorn, Gemini, and Aries met up at the nearest park. Capricorn waved towards the two. They ran to Capricorn, and started walking to their dorms.
"Prove you wrong yet?" Aries asked smugly.
"Prove what?" Capricorn asked.
"That my schedule is better than yours because I get released earlier!" She said haughtily.
Capricorn and Gemini looked at Aries as if she were insane.
"Are you stupid?" Gemini finally blurted out after a minute of silence. "We actually thought of what might happen in the future."
Aries looked confused.
Capricorn sighed. "If we get stuck here, how are we supposed to live? Life on Earth practically depends on how good your education is. You need a steady income to afford a house, pay the bills, get food. An education is required for survival. We chose more, longer classes so we can be more educated."
"I thought this was all temporary."
"You know, I wasn't listening when we met up, but I at least asked Leo about the situation. It seems like you zoned out through out the all thing. Or, you just have a bad mem—"
"I brought KFC for you guys!" Aries quickly changed the subject.
"KFC!?" Gemini squealed excitedly. "Did you buy me wings?"
Aries nodded.
Gemini took her chicken wings from Aries. "Thanks!"
Aries turned towards Capricorn. "Want some?" Aries held one out towards Capricorn.
Capricorn shook his head. "Not today. I should really get to my dorm, now that we're back on campus."
He ran towards the boys dorms.
"Anyway," Gemini asked casually, as they were walking towards the girls dorms, "what did you do in class?"
"Everything we usually do. We just heard that the students in Capricorn's year are going on a trip—"
Gemini looked shocked. She almost tripped on a twig.
"You okay?" Aries asked out of concern. She held out her hand.
Gemini took it.
"We can't let Capricorn go on that trip!" She blurted. Gemini looked fearful. "Or he might get expelled!"
Aries looked confused. "What do you mean?"
Gemini pulled out her phone. "Look at this video my classmate showed me. He sent it to my phone."
She pressed play.
"Hey stop! I'm recording—"
Laughter came around the man in the video.
"Anyway, I'm John. These are my friends." He gestured towards the ten people behind him. "And we go to Sorbonne University in France."
"We're pranking our classmate, Amos tomorrow!" One of Johns friends said smugly.
"We're going to make him go into the restricted area of the trip tomorrow-"
"And get him suspended!" John finished.
The video ended there. It seemed as if Gemini only had a portion of it.
Aries mouth hung open.
"We have to tell Capricorn!" Aries finally said.
"Yeah!" Gemini agreed.
And they sped towards the boys dorms.

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