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2018 version

Capricorn was packing his bag for his trip to Paris.  Soon enough, he was done packing.
"Guys, start the car!" Capricorn yelled from his room. "We'll be driving to the airport soon!"
A few minutes later, Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn were in their car.
"We'll miss you, Capricorn." Aquarius sighed.
"Especially Gemini." Aries added. They snickered.
Capricorn raised an eyebrow.
After a while they got to the airport.
"I'll miss you guys," Capricorn said as they got out of the car.
"Me too." Aries said. They hugged.
"Flight 5 is leaving, board the plane immediately."
"Well guys, that's my flight." Capricorn said. "Bye! Call you everyday!"
"Bye!" They all waved.
And Capricorn boarded his plane to Paris.

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