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Capricorn looked up as Gemini and Aries walked in. He was bandaged all over, but John's condition was worse. John was in a coma.
"Ca- AMOS!" Gemini squealed. She rushed over to hug him.
"You're alive!" Aries exclaimed, but it quickly turned into a frown. "What happened yesterday? You got out of your room somehow."
Gemini let go of the hug.
Capricorn raised an eyebrow. "How do you know that?"
"They told us."
"I don't know why I was leaving my room," Capricorn replied. He crossed his arms across his chest. "And if I did, I wouldn't tell you anyway."
"Do you know when you're going to be discharged?" Asked Gemini.
He shook his head.
"Not anytime soon, that's for sure." He sighed. "I wish I could get out of here."
"Do you want us to stay here?" Aries asked. "We could stay here—"
John groaned.
The three zodiacs gasped.
"John?" Capricorn touched his shoulder lightly.
"Is he awake?" Gemini asked.
"No duh!" Aries hissed. "Now, be quiet!"
The three of them watched John in silence. He slowly opened his eyes, and turned around.
"Who are you?" He pointed at the gap between Aries and Gemini.
Capricorn snorted. "There are two people, idiot."
He turned to look at Capricorn. "I wasn't talking to you." He pointed back at the gap between Gemini and Aries. "Who are you?"
Aries finally spoke up. "I'm Jennifer, and she's Gemma."
He raised an eyebrow. "And why are you here?"
"We're visiting Capricorn."
Capricorn sighed. "John, I'm related to them. You can stop interrogating them now."
John looked at Capricorn in surprise. "You're here too?"
Capricorn let out a bitter laugh. "You looked at me probably a few minutes ago."
John blinked a few more times.
John had finally completely come back to reality. "Oh! Amos! It's you! I'm so sorry!"
Gemini rolled her eyes. "It took you that long."
John looked back at Gemini and Aries. "Could you please leave the room for a few minutes? I'd like to talk with Capricorn."
The two zodiacs left the room. John looked back at Capricorn, and when he finally heard the click of the door closing, he began to talk, starting with an apology.
"Listen, Amos, but I'm really sorry. It was all my idea, to dare you into going into that cave. I had—"
Capricorn cut John off at that moment. "It's okay. I know it was a dare. My two cousins- you saw them- showed me a video that said you were going to do that. I didn't believe it."
John was taken aback by Capricorn's response.
"Well then," Capricorn clasped his hands together, "I've just remembered something. Ari- Jennifer, Gemma! You can come back in."
Gemini and Aries re-entered the room. Aries raised an eyebrow. "We were just about to leave."
Capricorn searched his pockets, and then checked the drawer next to his bed. He rummaged through the drawer until he came across his keys, and threw them to Aries.
Aries stared at the three keys for a second and then looked up at Capricorn.
"They're my car, dorm and mailbox keys. Check my mailbox for me everyday. Something is going to come soon."
Aries passed them to Gemini, and Gemini put them in her bag. "We'll be off then."
Aries and Gemini left just as the nurse came in.
"We'll be running some more tests on you."
Capricorn sighed as he let them. He wondered when he would get to leave.

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