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"Is it true what they say?" She breathed straddling on top of me. This was a nightly occurrence usually and I tended to forget a lot of girl's names. There were a lot of girls passing in and out of this place and it was hard to keep all their names straight.

"Is what true?" I took her nicely defined face into my hands and pressed my lips against hers. She had beautiful olive skin and long brown hair to compliment it. I was getting lost in her lips as she laid on top of me.

Rolling her over until I was on top of her she became breathless against my touch. "Are you as good as everyone says you are?"

"That's for you to judge." I smiled indulging into what she would think are passionate kisses. The truth was however, I had never shared a truly passionate kiss with anyone. This girl was no different from all the others I have fooled around with.

Hearing her giggles I slipped my tongue into her mouth and escalated the tension. Heat conducting between the both of us I felt her fiddle with my belt buckle. Taking the hint that she wanted to go all the way it took me no time to tug off her black lace panties that had hugged her perfectly. Hands trailing down her nicely toned legs I felt goosebumps rise from my touch.

Just as she pulled down my jeans A sound came from the living room. "Ignore it." She breathed about to reach into my pants as I kept my lips on hers.

Again there was a knock at the door, substantially louder this time. Letting go of the kiss I turned my head to look out my bedroom door, seeing a clear view of the front door. Trying to pull me back into her she began to pepper kisses down my neck to refocus my attention on her. Just as she went to slip her hands in my pants once more the knock on the door returned.

"I'll be right back." I told her getting up off of her and pulling my jeans back up over my waist, not bothering to find a shirt. With messy make out hair and jeans that were sloppily pulled on I reached for the door handle. Opening it up I furrowed my brow to see no one was present. Looking all around and down at my feet was when my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

Nearly frozen I sat with a dropped jaw unable to move at all. "What the hell?" I whispered only loud enough for me to hear.

"Harry, come back to bed!" My girl of the night called from behind. I didn't pay mind to her but rather began to sweat immensely.

Right beneath my feet sat a black and blue car seat. A pair of blue eyes staring back at me while I stood in the hallway lighting of the apartment complex. Kicking around in the seat I only assumed it was a boy by the blue colored carrier and blue socks that were peeking thorough his grey and white blanket.

"Harry?!" The girl said her voice coming closer from up behind me. Hand touching my shoulder I heard her gasp out when she looked at what I was looking at. A silence played out for a few seconds before she spoke again. "Look, it looks like your hands are full at the moment so... I'm going to go."

"Wait no!" I took her hand and spun her back around to face me. She was clad in my t-shirt that looked I must admit, really sexy on her. "You can't leave me with a baby! It's not even my baby!"

"This wasn't the night that I planned. Maybe sometime we could try this again." She said loosening my grip and walking towards my bedroom to gather her clothes and things.

"Wait, Nicki! I need your help! What do I do?!" Anxiety flushed inside me instantly once I heard she was leaving.

"First of all, it's Ariel. And second, why would I give you my help if you can't even remember my name?" Ariel scoffed rolling her eyes while she threw off my t-shirt and struggled to slip on her dress.

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