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I was woken up by an annoying knocking. Hoping it would go away i laid on the sofa trying to sleep, it didn't stop. Huffing i got up and opened the door.

"what n-" My eyes adjusted and i saw a young girl, around my height. Her hair was brown and wavy, her top was loose and covered her shorts making it look like she wasn't wearing any bottoms form a certain angle. "oh sorry i thought" i didn't know what i thought actually.

"oh no, sorry am i to early?" her voice wasn't to high and fake like most girls i had come to meet. I scratched my head, late for wha-

before my thoughts finished, i was pushed fairly hard out the way by a topless, just woken up, Harry.


he turned to me

"watch out mate" he smirked and turned back to the girl

"hey" he said, his voice all flirty and trying to be cool. Having just woken up it had a ruff, sort of hoarse tone to it. My eyes trailed down from his head, down his back, past the dimple in the bottom of his spine-

"right well i'm going to go" i said quickly, turning red. i ran over to the sofa grabbed my jacket, slid my shoes on and rushed out the door past the girl.

"where to?" called Harry

"i dunno!" why did i say that!?

It was when i was half way down the street leading away form Harry's apartment that i realised i had no idea where i was going. I found my phone in my jacket pocket, it read 10:43. I slept in a bit.

I clicked on Stan in my contact and waited while the calling sound rang in my ear.

"hello?" came his voice from the other end of the phone

"hey, what you up to?" i said, still waking up

"waking up" he sounded slightly annoyed

"sorry, i was just, woken up and decided to get out the house"

"oh ok, wanna come over?"

"yeah cool see you there"

"yeah OK bye"

he hung up. I let the dull tone ring though my ear before taking the phone away and stuffing it in my pocket. I trudge along the path, although it wasn't that early, it was damn cold.

My finger pressed against the door bell, hearing the bell sound though the house and footsteps then hurrying towards the door, i stepped back.

"hi" i was greeted by a smile, that's always nice.


"come in"

i walked in, wiping my feet on the mat before taking the off anyway.

"want a drink?" Stan asked, leading me into the kitchen

"urr, yes please, water will do"

he nodded and filled me a glass with water.

"who's the job" he asked, leaning against the counter.

"good" i said after swallowing. He looked at me raising his eyebrows

"well he's not fat and ugly and gross" i said

"so he's OK"

I laughed, spraying water everywhere. I quickly covered my mouth apologetically.


i blushed.

"you like him!" Stan said, getting exited all of a sudden. I placed my glass on the side.

"what!" i said, half laughing "that is the most stupidest thing i have ever-" Stan's hand covered my mouth.

"no lying now" He waved his figure in front of me like i was a two year old, i frowned, then looked down, ashamed in a way.

"its fine" Stan said, he paused then added "as long as he's hot"

we both laughed and when we calmed he then said

"wait so he knows?"

i didn't need to ask 'know what?' because i knew he meant does he know I'm gay. I nodded


i gave an awkward face the told his the story, his eyes widened before he fell about laughing. I hit him in a friendly way to shut him up. He clutched his arm, jokingly.

"come on lets go out to the park" He said. I nodded. He then looked at me up and down.

"what?" i said looking down, it was then when i realized what I was wearing. pretty short shorts and a loose top, covered by my jacket.

"i just woke up!"

"you came here like this! Man its like you screaming GAY!" he did and impression of an extremely camp man.

"can i borrow some of your trousers?" i asked sheepishly. He nodded and went up stairs to fetch some.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, making me jump.

"hello?" I asked, answering the phone

"where are you!?" His voice was Harsh and angry.

"woah! I'm just with a friend" i said back, defensively.

"come back" he sounded as if he teeth were gritted.

"why whats wrong?"

"nothing just come back!" his voice got angrier and angrier

"Harry calm it! your with someone" i said, worrying what he has been doing. I got rid of all his stashes, and drinks.

"fine, where does he live?" His voice went suddenly low and cold.

"what no Har-"

"here you go" Stan said coming back down. I quickly hung up.

"Hope they fit, they are my smallest pair" He looked up from the trousers and stopped, my face was spread with a worried expression

"what wro-"

"i have to go" i cut him off

"what ? where? what happened?" Stan asked, worrying too now.

"i don't know!" i started panicking, i don't know what happened to that girl, or harry or anything! shit i should never had left him! I collected all my things together and ran out the door.

"so sorry! i'll call you!" i called, practically sprinting down the road.

I fell through the door, panting like a dog a bending over leaning my hands on my knees to catch my breath.

"ok ok i'm here what happened?" i said through breaths.

"oh good"

i looked up and saw Harry lounging on the sofa.

"what are you- i thought somethin was wrong!" i yelled. He shrugged.

"i was out with a friend! can i honestly not leave you for a second!"

"guess not" he smirked.

"what happened to the girl?" i asked, standing up straight, but not moving from the door.

"she had to go" he said, looking down. i scoffed and turned to leave


i turned quickly

"what!!" i said, anger filling me up.

"you can't leave" he said, calmly. It was threatening in a way.

"why not?" i asked, starting to tremble. Something was wrong, he normally hated me being around. His eyes, his face, his smile, all seemed......off.

"i dunno" he said. I walked closer, his eyes moving up as i got closer, following my face. They glistened emerald green. I tilted my head.

" i got rid of everything" i said, meaning it to be to myself.

"who says i took anything" He smiled at me, a tiny giggle escaping him. Standing up he grabbed my shirt, i stumbled back.

"woah!" i said in shock of what was happening and also becasue he pushed me down onto the opposite sofa.

His body pressed against mine as he climbed on-top of me. His breath clashed with mine, making it feel very hot and humid.

"wh-wh" i stutterd. Why am i stuttering?

"shhh" He pressed his finger to my lips, then traced it down to the hem of my shirt.

"Harry?" i breathed, a sensation of tingles running along my body.

Harry suddenly stopped. He blinked a couple of times and shook his head. The sparkle in his eyes died down. He seemed to come back to reality. He starred ta me, confused.

"Harry?" i asked, confused as he was.

"no, what-" He rubbed his head, then quickly jumped off me. I sat up, brushing myself off. He wouldn't look at me.


"Shut up!" He snapped, i shut up.

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