No pain no game

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Louis' POV

I gripped the bed sheets tighter, squeezing my eyes closed and gritting my teeth through the pain. Harry thrust in and out fast and hard. Despite my pleads for him to stop he carried on.
"Enjoy it!" He ordered.
Tears rolled down my cheeks an I shook my head
"Please! Please stop! It's hurting, your hurting me" I whimpered
I thought I was going to pass out, I squeezed my eyes so tight it went white.
"Enjoy it!" He ordered smacking me hard. I whimpered in pain.
"I'll keep doing that until you enjoy it" he growled and carried on snaking me harder and harder. I get as it my body was on fire, and the stinging was unbearable, I wish I would pass out.
"Say it" he ordered
"Say.... What?" I said between pain filled gasps
"My name" he thrust hard. I let out a yelp and clawed at the bed.
"Harry" I whispered
"I can't hear you!" He moved faster
"Harry!" I shouted
"Again!" He ordered
"Harry! Harry! Harry!" I kept shouting his name over and over. I don't know how long for I just kept saying it until i was there alone. Harry had stopped. I lay there for god knows how long, crying. Silent pained tears. I was a hot sticky mess alone in a mans house who I was terrified of. I covered my face ad wept more. I don't think I can even move.
I gave out a yelp as I tried to sit up. The house was unarguably quiet.
I scanned for my trousers, they were a few inches away. I stretched out my leg, to amounts of pain and pulled them towards me. Once thy were in my had I scrambled to find my phone. In success I quickly started dialling. I didn't know who it was until they answered I was just dialling the first person I knew for help.
"Hello" they answered
"Niall! Thank you so much for answering" i rushed my words in relief.
"What's wrong?" He asked straight away
"Niall I can't explain I just need your help"
"Ok what can I do?"
I told him the address and were the spare key was.
"Got it I'm on my way now, your not hurt are you!?"
I paused
"Just come quickly" I answered
I heard a mumbled "shit" and could hear him running before he hung up.
I sat listening, making sure Harry was defiantly not in the apartment, I prayed he wouldn't come back soon.
A key sounded in the lock. I held breath and my heart raced.
"Louis?" Niall called. I breathe out.
"Here! I'm in here!" I called. Then I remembered i was naked
"Wait!" I shouted
"I'm not wearing any cloths" I mumbled
"What the hell why-" Niall stopped, after a moment of silence I think it clicked with him.
"No" he said under his breath "I don't care!" And he strode in. He stopped in his tracks, his hand rising I his mouth.
"I know I'm not a master piece to look at..." I said
Niall shook his head
"What?" I asked looking confused
"Your... Your body.." He stuttered
"I know I said it- " he cut me off
"It's... It's... Bruised and scratched all ... All over"
I starred at him then looked down.

My chest was red and scratched. My Arms were bruised as were my legs. My hide were badly scratched as well. I raised a had to my face, it stung at the slightest touch.
" just get me out of here" I chocked, my eyes filling with tears. Niall nodded and put an arm around me and helped me up. I winced and gasped.
"I'm sorry!" Niall gasped
"It's fine, it's not you. Help me get dressed"

After a lot of pain and struggles we made it out the house.
"You gonna leave a note?"
I shook my head
"I'm gonna go back when I can walk" I said
"No! No you are not!" Niall said outraged
"I have to Niall!"
"After that! How can you even look at him!" Niall said in disgust. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know my feeling towards Harry now, I haven't seen him yet. So I shrugged and limped my way Nialls car. Before getting in I turned to him placing a had on his shoulder.
"Thank you so much. I owe you one" I said meaning every word. Niall nodded and helped me sit down.


Nialls house was bigger than I thought. A big stair case wound upwards to the right of the doorway. To the left was a door. Through there was the lounge which linked into the kitchen. The kitchen also linked back out to the main corridor. Opposite the kitchen was the dinning room.

Niall led me into the lounge and let me take a seat.
"You can stay as long as you like" he assured me. I smiled and was truly grateful but I shook my head
"Look Niall I am so very thankful for what you have done. I don't know what I wouldn't have done if you didn't come, but I'm just going to be a burden on you. I can hardly walk!"
"Nonsense you will stay!"
And that was the end of that.

"But I will have to go back" I said looking down
"We can come to that when it comes but now-"
He stopped as my phone began to ring. I pulled it out my pocket and horror filled my face.
"What who is it?" Niall asked concerned
I just stared at my phone.
"It's him isn't it? Don't answer it Lou!" He told me but I had too. I was scared not to. My finger pressed the accept button and I placed the phone to my ear. My hands were clammy and Niall was just starring at me as if I was insane. Heart pounding fast I said

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