Harry Styles Imagines by mmithstyles
Harry Styles Imaginesby mmithstyles
Harry Styles Imagines x
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On The Run ~Criminal Harry Styles~ by DoubleEmA
On The Run ~Criminal Harry Styles~by 1D is lyfe
"How long have you been in here?! How much have you heard?!" He yelled as his eyes turned black. "I-I didn't hear anything I swear! I just came to get my...
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The Northridge Ripper | Harry Styles by glitter-bug
The Northridge Ripper | Harry Romy
*** VERY DARK Harry Styles Fanfiction! *** This story depicts violence, sexual situations, and a very dominant alpha male Harry. You have been warned! *** Violet never b...
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DIRTY MOVIES by thirteen13blue
HARRY STYLES AU Becoming a pornstar wasn't what Harry Styles thought of when he dropped out of college. He also didn't think he would meet a reverend's daughter that ha...
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Promiscuous by Starsandstripes10
Promiscuousby Starsandstripes10
'Promiscuous - pruh-mis-kyoo-uh-s - adjective characterised or involving indiscriminate mingling or association, especially having sexual relations(...)' one thing Laura...
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Remember Me- h.s. by irwinssocks
Remember Me- irwinssocks
"I'm not afraid of you." "You don't know what you're getting yourself into..."
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Wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me (h.s.) by MeMarcel
Wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me ( s & c
"Oh baby, you're the holy river so let me be your sweet sinner. " - Copyright © 2015 by MeMarcel. All rights reserved.
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Monster // Harry Styles by HemmoAdorable
Monster // Harry Stylesby HemmoAdorable
*CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A MASSIVE UPDATE* SLOW UPDATES - ONLY UPDATE IN WEDNESDAYS ___________________________________ Intrigued by the darkness he hid, she wanted to kno...
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Stay [h.s.] by filipinafairy
Stay [h.s.]by aj
Do you believe in second chances? • Don't read in dark/night mode [short story] © FilipinaFairy, 2018. All rights reserved.
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HEARTLESS (re-writing) by divinelyxchaotic
HEARTLESS (re-writing)by H
One promise bonded the existence of two very dissimilar worlds into one. While one focuses on fulfilling his duties and keeping the other one alive, also, determ...
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KING//H.S by xtwobirdsblack
KING//H.Sby you tell me.
"No matter how fast you can run, No matter how well you can hide, And no matter how far you will ever get away from me, I will always have full control over you. I...
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